Top Features to Look for in Duplicate Photo Finder Software


Duplicate photos, a lot of you might have read several articles on how the same images appear and how they damage a PC’s overall performance. Also, you might have understood that a dedicated duplicate photo finder tool is required to fix the issue.

But how to select the perfect tool? Features are the first thing that appeals to you whenever you want to invest in something. The same goes for the duplicate photo finder tool.

This blog enlists the top features you should look for while choosing a duplicate photo finder. Alongside we will explain the use and importance of these features.

So, if you are looking forward to investing in a duplicate photo finder tool, read the entire blog.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

What is a Duplicate Photo Finder Tool? A Quick Overview

Before we start with the list of features, it is important to understand what we are looking for. With so many duplicate pictures spread across the PC, USB stick, and cloud storage, finding and deleting them becomes daunting. A duplicate photo finder tool, by comparing the available pictures, simplifies the process and does cleaning and deleting duplicate photos easy.

How Does a Duplicate Photo Finder Tool Find Duplicates?

Now that you know what a duplicate photo finder does, you might be thinking about how it does it all. Well, the answer to that depends on the type of tool you use. Usually, the duplicate photo finder works on an algorithm that helps it compare the image files based on multiple factors. This comparison helps group images and bring out all the duplicates.

The working of any tool depends majorly on the list of features it has to offer. Let us quickly start with the list of top features you should look for in duplicate photo finder software.

Choosing a Duplicate Photo Finder: Top Features to Look For!

Neither the money you are willing to spend on a tool nor the developer matters when buying software. It boils down to features as it helps find a perfectly balanced tool that does the job and makes up for the money you spend on it. Check out the top features that make a tool worth your time!

Thorough Scanning

An efficient scanning engine is the first thing you want from a duplicate photo finder. It should be able to differentiate between similar and duplicate photos accurately. Moreover, it should offer a thorough scanning mechanism with multiple modes, thus making things easier to find.

duplicate photos fixer pro

For instance, the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, designed and developed by Systweak, offers deep scanning. Moreover, it helps scan SD cards, Dropbox, and Google Drive for duplicates. This makes finding duplicate and similar images easy with a single click easy. Therefore, the scanning mechanism of the tool you choose must be robust to fetch results. What matters is how good the tool is at finding duplicates.

Install Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro on Your System

Ability to Scan Different Storage Locations

Duplicate photos can make their way into any collection on your PC, smartphone external driver, or cloud storage. Therefore, when investing in a tool that can help eradicate duplicate photos, asking for extended functionality that allows removing photos from multiple storage locations does not harm.

You can find a feature that can scan dedicated folders on your PC and removable devices like smartphones and hard drives from a single tool. You can even remove duplicate files from an SD card with the help of a single duplicate photo finder tool. The feature is handy and can add value to your overall image collection.

Some of the destinations that your duplicate photo finder tool should be able to scan are –

  • Entire PC.
  • Scanning flipped and rotated images for duplicates.
  • Entire Removable Device (Pendrive, SD card, Smartphone, etc.).
  • Dedicated Folders from Removable Devices.
  • Cloud Storage – Google Drive & Dropbox.

DPF_Home screen

If you are looking for a tool, get one that can help you to scan images from all these sources. Yet again, the example that comes to mind is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro which comes with dedicated scanning modes based on data and its location.

Proper Grouping Based on Similarity

Finding duplicate photos is a complex task because many factors are weighed in. Therefore, it is not good enough if a tool cannot create a similarity between two images. This should be the ultimate mindset when choosing a tool for finding duplicate images. One such factor is the grounds for similarity.

Only one duplicate doesn’t need to be created from an image. Sometimes there are two or three copies of the same image. Your tool should be able to group those pictures rather than create two groups for 4 similar images. The comparison should be based on features and similarities, not between the two but all the images you can find.

The similarity between the two images or more should be appropriately grouped.

Dedicated Comparison Methods

There are multiple comparison methods that a duplicate photos finder tool can use. Go with a tool that is separate from a single comparison method. For instance, if your issue is with similar images, you need a tool that compares for similarities rather than finding exact matches. Likewise, if you need to search for exact matches, the software should be able to find duplicate photos.

If you don’t understand what is meant by exact matches and similar matches, you should try out the free trial version of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. It has a dedicated setting that allows you to toggle between these two comparison methods.

comparison method

You can experience the difference and make the most out of the tool. Once you use this feature, there is no going back, and the best part is you get to experience the feature using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Automark and Auto Selection of Files

Automark is another must-have feature on a duplicate photo finder tool. You might have wondered how to auto-select duplicate images from hundreds and thousands of images. Well, this feature is the solution!

When your tool searches for duplicate files, it may find hundreds of identical copies in your image collection. While it is good to have control at hand and manually select the images you want to keep, choosing from hundreds of images might take a lot of time.

duplicate photos fixer pro

The auto-mark feature presents a solution to the same problem. All you have to do is select criteria and click on the auto-mark. It automatically selects the files and makes them ready for removal. Remember that auto mark never means auto delete, which means no matter what the tool selects, the decision to delete is still in your hands!

Adjustable Scanning Criteria

The scanning criteria are crucial for your use. While scanning your PC for images, there are specific criteria that the search follows. For instance, a tool usually scans an image based on 4 factors –

  • Matching level
  • Bitmap Size
  • Time Interval
  • GPS

These 4 criteria are used to create a dedicated search for duplicate photos on your PC. Now, what if you need to search for images based on GPS location only? What if you only want to remove duplicates based on the time they were clicked? It should be an option for you with the help of a criteria adjuster. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro has a dedicated slider that gives you an idea of how the adjustable scanning criteria work –

Matching Level_DPF

With the help of these sliders shown in the image, you can adjust the set criteria for search. If the results do not match your expectations, you always have the option to load defaults. The feature comes in handy when you have duplicate images based on multiple factors, such as when & where they were clicked, etc.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Last but certainly not least is the user interface! It is more of a convenience factor that turns into a feature for new users. The interface should be straightforward. There should be a perfect balance between features’ availability and complexity. However, at the same time, a user should only be able to find most of the important features on the home screen.

A perfectly balanced user interface can help create a sense of ease while using the application, which is necessary for users who need to become more familiar with such tools. The factors that matter in a UI are –

  • The design of the tool
  • The availability of features in the interface
  • The language used to describe those features
  • Use of sliders, buttons, and highlighted toggles

If you can find a tool that offers a perfectly balanced UI without compromising its usability, that should be your ultimate choice!

Duplicate photos fixer_home


With the help of these 7 features, you can make the most out of any duplicate photos finder tool. These features make up for any issue you might encounter due to duplicate photos. Usually, what matters is the user experience and the tool’s effectiveness. These combined features create a tool that does the job smoothly and efficiently. One such tool is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is the ultimate choice for a duplicate photo finder application for your PC, considering that it offers all the above features and some advanced settings. Sure, there may be multiple tools available for you to choose from. However, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is at the top of my recommended list.


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