How to Prevent Halo Infinite from Crashing on Windows PC


Halo Infinite is a user-friendly first-person shooter game with some amazing graphics. The hype for the game has stood its course, and it is popular among gamers. Moreover, the game offers an amazing gaming experience from Xbox Game Studios. However, there have been several reports of the game crashing on Windows PC.

If you have also experienced an unexpected error in the game and don’t know what is causing the issue, you have reached the perfect article. In this one, we will be discussing ways to prevent Halo Infinite from crashing on your PC. We will also look at things you can do if the game keeps crashing.

By the end of this blog, the Halo Infinite crashing will be resolved. So what are we waiting for? Let’s jump right into the solutions!

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Halo Infinite from Crashing on Windows

Method 1 – Check for Damaged Game Files

The affected game files are the most significant issue that causes a game to crash. The copy you are using of Infinite Halo may have some local files causing the crash. The best way to find it out lies in Steam itself. You can check the integrity of the files to ensure that none of the local directory files are causing the error.

Checking the integrity of gaming files is simple. All you have to do is –

  • Open Steam, navigate to the library, and select Halo Infinite.

halo infinite

  • Right-Click on Infinite Halo and Select Properties.
  • You can find multiple options in the left panel in the Properties Window.

local files

  • Choose Local Files from the available options.
  • In Local files, you will find an option that says, “Verify integrity of game files.”

local file setting

  • Click on the options and let it run the process.

local file option

This will initiate a scan for the integrity of the local game files you use on your PC. If there was a faulty file, replace it via Steam only.  Knowing that these files are not causing the crash is a great relief, as now you can move on to other techniques.

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Method 2 – Toggle Full Screen Optimization OFF

Full-Screen optimization is an inbuilt Windows 10 feature that allows you to run full-screen applications smoothly. It has been recently reported that a lot of game crashes, including Halo Infinite crashing, were fixed with full-screen optimization off. If you are also running the game on Windows 10, turning it off might help.

Here’s how to turn full-screen optimization off on your Windows 10 PC –

  • Open the directory where your game is installed.
  • In the directory, find the application file for Halo Infinite.
  • Right-Click on it and open its properties.
  • In Properties, click on the Compatibility tab.

compatibility troubleshoot

  • Mark the disabled full-screen optimizations and apply changes.
  • The next thing you need to do is open DPI settings. Click on Change high DPI settings.

program dpi

  • If the Override option is already enabled (marked), leave it or check it.

Click on OK, save the changes and restart the game. You will indeed find a difference in your gameplay. If the game still crashes, move on to the following technique.

Method 3 – Perform a Clean Boot

As a number of services run in the background on a PC, you need to understand what might be causing interference with the game. The best way to achieve it is to perform a Clean Boot. Here’s how to perform a clean boot.

  • Press Windows + R to bring up the Run search box.
  • In the Run Search box, type MSConfig to open the system configuration.

system configuration

  • Hide all the Windows services by checking on the box “Hide all Microsoft Services.”
  • This will leave you with all the other services that you are using. Disabling them can help you stop any particular service that might be causing the crash.
  • Click on Disable all, click on OK and then restart your PC.

hide all service

This restart will give you an edge in running the game from scratch. You can use a clean boot to ensure that no running services are causing the game to crash. Halo Infinite is a resource-hungry game; thus, having all the resources directed toward it might resolve the issue.

Method 4 – Check for Internal Conflict

PCs today are using high-level security shields, including the native Windows Firewall. If the antivirus program that you are using is causing a conflict that does not allow the game to run, it will keep crashing. If you use a third-party antivirus or have the firewall exclude the game as chances are that your security mechanism conflicts with the game.

The best way to handle this issue is by allowing the game to run as an excep

tion. Adding Halo Infinite as an exception can assist in resolving the crash. Follow the given instructions to do so –

  • Open the Start menu and search for Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Look for Allow an app through the Windows firewall. The option can be found in the left panel of the firewall.
  • Click on it. You will find a program list with all the installed applications.

windows defender firewall

  • Click on Change Settings to start editing the list. Scroll through the list to find Halo Infinite.
  • If you cannot find the application installed, you can manually browse to the file you want to add as an exception.

allow apps

  • Click on Browse and find the application to add.

Once you are done adding the files to the exception. Save the changes and restart your PC. Rerun the game, only on this side. There should be no crashes.

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Method 5 – Update Your Graphics Driver

The crashing of high-end games is often the result of outdated graphics drivers on a PC. The GPU is one of the most important resources used by any game to run smoothly. Especially a title like Halo Infinite requires high graphics as it is a graphic-oriented game.

The only issue with updating the drivers is knowing when to update. Ideally, these updates are done along with Windows updates. So if you have any pending Windows updates, it is advised that you install them first.

There are two ways you can install the updates for your drivers. One is the manual way which involves you searching for the driver files for hours, ensuring the quality of the file, and manually installing it using the Device Manager. All in all, it is a lengthy process. The other way is to use Advanced Driver Updater, a tool for updating your drivers.

Download Advanced Driver Updater From Button below.

Since the latter approach seems easy and effective, let’s discuss it in further detail. To update drivers using Advanced Driver Updater,  just follow the given steps –

Advanced driver updater scan process

  • Click on Start Scan now to initiate the search for outdated drivers on your PC.
  • The scan will take a few minutes to analyze the existing drivers.

advanced driver updater scan process

  • Once the scan is complete, it will give you the option to update them all.

update all outdated driver

Once you have updated the drivers, you are advised to restart the PC for it to take proper effect. This will fix the issue, and your Halo Infinite will not crash on Windows PC. Keep in mind that it works only, and only the faulty drivers were causing the issue.


With that, we have concluded this blog. As you can see, we have discussed five ways you can use to prevent Halo Infinite from crashing on Windows PC. If you are aware of the exact issue, use the solution corresponding to it. If not, try each of them, and you will surely get a permanent solution to your error.

I hope the information shared is helpful to you. Good Luck!


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