How to Fix Computer Shuts Down When Playing Games On Windows


While trying to run a game on your computer, are you experiencing unnecessary shutdowns? There’s no need to panic! Thousands of users try to run a heavy game on their PC and go through a crash or a hard reboot. The issue seems unusual to many users as a game crashing is common, but a PC shutting down is unusual.

So why does it happen? Was there an issue in the game, or is something wrong with your PC? Well, that is what we are going to debunk in this blog. We will also be learning about why this issue occurs and how you can fix it. Make sure you read this post in its entirety as, by the end of this blog, you will also learn about a tool that will eradicate such issues forever from your PC.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Reasons for Computer Shutting Down When Playing Games

The issue seems bizarre, but it is common. Windows forums across the internet will learn it is a common issue when playing heavy games. Problems like game crashing and games needing help to load still need to be solved.

According to hundreds of users who have been able to resolve the issue, the error usually is a result of multiple factors like –

  • System Overheating
  • Driver Issues
  • Power Supply Issues
  • Hardware Shortcomings
  • Virus Attacks

The list of issues seems familiar to those who have experienced game crashes previously. These issues often occur because the users need to learn how to optimize a PC for gaming.  Though these are common issues, the results can be fatal if the PC is affected severely by any of the errors.

Fixed Computer Shuts Down When Playing Games on Windows

Now that you know the core reasons behind your PC shutting down let us look at ways you can fix the issue. It is quite understandable that all the fixes we have in our list target particular issues from the list. This will make navigating easier as knowing the problem leads to the solution quickly.

Fix 1  – Resolve Overheating Issues

Resolve Overheating Issues

While using your PC, if you ever realize that your PC is emitting extreme heat and continuously outdoing itself, stop using it, as it is overheating. A PC overheats due to two main reasons –

  • It is trying to finish a task too heavy for the available resources.
  • Dust and other hardware anomalies are causing the error.

Running a heavy and resource-hungry game is a clear example of the first category of issues. Therefore, before running a game, it is best to learn about the PC’s minimum requirements for running the game. This will help avoid overheating and frequent crash issues.

Why do PC overheats?

When the PC cannot finish the given task, it might start acting up. This causes the heat to reach the threshold, resulting in an abrupt crash or, in this case, shutdown.

If later is the case with your PC, cleaning away the dust from the cabinet surroundings, cleaning the heat-dissipating system of your PC, and ensuring there is nothing wrong with the thermal pasting might do the job for you.

Opening your PC cabinets or Laptops on your own is not recommended. Try to clean them under the supervision of an expert, or let a professional do it for you.

Fix 2 – Check the Power Supply Unit

Check the Power Supply Unit

When the PC shutting down issue frequently occurs, checking the PSU is suggested. There’s a possibility that your PC’s power supply is not performing well and dying out as soon as you need more power.

The easiest way to check the power supply unit is by using a multimeter. Log on to your PC’s power supply’s official website and look for the maximum power supply ratings. Then, use a multimeter to check whether the power supply works per the defined norms.

You can also check the issue by replacing the power supply unit and trying to run the game. Since the power supply unit is a closed enclosure, it can be easily replaced with minimum tools. If you have another PC, feel free to try it out!

Fix 3 – Check for Driver Updates

Keeping device drivers updated on your PC is essential. These help keep your PC refreshed and ensure that any program you try to run works in sync with your PC’s capabilities. For instance, while running a game, you may require a graphic driver that runs well with your game’s visuals, network adapter drivers for online connectivity, sound drivers for game audio, etc. The drivers can be a solid reason for your games crashing and your PC shutting down.

To avoid such issues, you must keep your PC drivers updated. Unlike in older times, updating drivers and keeping them updated is no longer challenging. You can install the updates using Advanced Driver Updater without going to the PC’s Device Manager.

What is Advanced Driver Updater?

It is a tool designed specifically to scan your PC for outdated drivers. It fetches the best possible driver updates from a trusted source and instantly installs them on your PC. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you!

  • Download the driver updating tool. It hardly takes 5 minutes.
  • You can find the scan now button on the welcome screen of the application. It scans your PC for drivers that are not working well or require updates.

Advanced driver updater scan process

  • All outdated drivers will be listed with their information once the scan is over. Click on Update All, and your updates will begin!

update all outdated driver

  • Wait for the process to finish, and you are done!

This way, you can get rid of all the outdated drivers. So that headache is gone too!


These fixes should do the trick for you. Other than these, running a system scan is also a great way to learn whether your PC is under a virus attack. Knowing the minimum requirements for the game you are playing is a must, as it will help deal with hardware shortcomings.

This brings us to the end of this blog, and I hope you find the information helpful. Good luck! And don’t forget to drop a line in the comments section about what worked best for you!


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