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The market is flooded with third-party security and protection software. There are so many options available that choosing the right one gets complicated. Instead of benefiting the user, this confuses them. Hence, to sort things out, in this post, we will review a robust security and protection software, the T9 Antivirus, and try to understand if it is also just another antivirus or if it offers enough to invest.

Many programs claim to protect your PC, but they only work in the offline mode. In the wide spectrum of available programs, some are capable of handling just a single type of conflict, while some are highly versatile and provide you with 360 PC protection. 

So, where does the T9 Antivirus fall in the spectrum? Let’s find out!

T9 Antivirus – An Overview

Developed by Tweaking Technologies, the T9 Antivirus is a powerful malware and virus protection tool for Windows that offers a wide array of features to protect your PC. 

The tool is available for all Windows users as it is compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32-bit and 64-bit). The idea behind the application seems simple: a single protection software with multiple features that manage all offline, online, internal, and external threats on the operating system.

Different scanning modes, real-time protection, exploit protection, etc., make the tool a head-turner for users looking for an antivirus solution. More on the features later 

Requirements and specifications of the tool

Publisher Tweaking Technologies
Website www.t9apps.com 
Latest Version 1.0.1001.3317
Setup Size 37.5 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space 500MB
Required RAM 512 MB
Processor Intel Dual Core & Above
Compatibility Architecture Both 32 & 64 Bit
Supported OS Windows 11,10,8.1,8,7
Subscription Yes
Free Version Available with limited functionalities
License Type Single User
Price $39.95
Training No Training Required
Money-Back Guarantee Yes, 60-days
Support Email, FAQ, and Video tutorial

The specifications give an idea of whether your PC is supported or not. It goes in favor of the tool that the spec sheet of the tool is simple as it makes it available for a wider audience since protection is the most basic yet crucial feature for any PC. Kudos to T9 Antivirus for supporting even low-end PCs. 

T9 Antivirus Functionalities – Putting It to the test!

After getting accustomed to the shockingly simpler requirements of the tool, we decided to test it based on the functionalities it claims to offer. After all, it is important to check whether the highlighted features are useful or just a set of gimmicks.

The tool boasts four crucial features that can be found in the user interface and are listed below –

t9 antivirus - start scan

  1. Real-Time Protection
  2. Web Protection
  3. Multiple Scanning Modes
  4. Stop All Ads

Now, let’s take a close look at each of these features and check how functional they are in terms of usability, ease of access, and, most importantly, effectiveness. For this test’s sake, we tried every module available on the tool. 

The PC used for testing has the following configuration – 

  • Ryzen 5 – 4000 Series Processor
  • 8 GB DDR 4 RAM
  • Windows 11 Licensed Version – 22H2.

We have used the latest licensed version of the tool. This is just to give you an idea of the performance you may get based on your PC configuration compared to what we have used. 

#Feature 1 – Real-time Protection

Real-time protection refers to a software’s capabilities of detecting an anomaly the moment it appears. This means when you accidentally click on the malware, you are not supposed to, and the software notifies you; only then can you understand whether it is working.

It is considered a gimmick in most cases, considering there is no direct way to configure this feature in the majority of the tools. However, that is not the case with the T9 Antivirus. It has a dedicated set of options for real-time protection, which gives a reassuring feeling that it is ON and running.

Real-time Protection

Sure, you may think, how does a single toggle mean the feature is working? You are correct that you cannot, but having a way to interact with something that you can only find out when your PC is attacked is definitely a leap in the experience. And it goes in the favor of the tool. 

The toggles offer direct access to 4 major protection modes of the tool – 

  1. Malware Protection – Helps you detect all types of malware attacks and removes the file instantly on your PC.
  2. Exploit Protection – The highlighted feature of the T9 antivirus allows you to remove any exploit points from your PC, be it a malicious Trojan file or an online address that may not be good for your data.
  3. Web Protection – Generally, when surfing the web, there is a lot of give and take of data. This give and take makes your PC vulnerable. You can stay free of concerns thanks to Web Protection’s real-time protection.
  4. Firewall Protection – The key feature that helps any antivirus software protect a system. It is a great advantage always to have your firewall active.

Regarding testing, we intentionally inserted a harmless virus using a flash drive, and the tool was prompt enough to neutralize and highlight it.

threat removed

The reaction was almost instant, which is a good sign, considering that is what Real-Time Protection is about. 

#Feature 2 – Multiple Scanning Modes

There are multiple scan modes in the tool that are intended for multiple use cases. These scan modes are –

Multiple Scanning Modes

  • Quick Scan – Created to scan crucial areas of the system promptly. This is the go-to scan mode that most users use.
  • Deep Scan – The scan engine works intensively to fetch threats from across the PC, checking every single file and location on the system.
  • Custom Scan – Gives you the freedom to check if a specific folder is infected. It is very handy when you are doubtful of a folder on your computer. 

The distinction between the modes is understandable as these are also common among other tools. However, what matters here is how effective they are. We took our time and ran all three scans on the PC to identify two things – the efficiency and time each scan takes. 

Here’s what we found – 

Quick Scan – 

The time taken for a Quick Scan is quite a spectacle, considering most of the antivirus tools take longer. There are no issues here.

Quick Scan

Deep Scan – 

The Deep Scan, on the other hand, took longer than expected, considering the PC used was not at all filled with files and data. However, much time went into updating the database for potential threats.

Custom Scan – 

Now, the results of this scan depend on how many files you scan in a go. For the sake of this test, we chose a folder with three downloaded application files that were about 676 MBs in size; you can find the results for the same. It was pretty swift with the same.

Custom Scan

A special shoutout to the UX designers of the tool as they were able to integrate the time taken and number of files scanned to maintain transparency with the user (and make our job easier while reviewing the tool!)

The performance of the scanning modes is quite effective and quick. The only thing that may bother a user here is the tool’s tendency to check for updates in the database of malware and viruses to compare the files. However, that is also a nifty feature, considering the database is updated regularly.

#Feature 3 – Ad Blocker (StopAll ADS)

Another interesting feature that the T9 antivirus has to offer is an Ad Blocker for your browser. It is an extension integrated with the tool that shows you the status of whether it is enabled. It also allows you to enable it via the tool, which is quite handy. It is great that the developers thought of it. Think about it: one of the most eminent sources of malware and adware is the ads.

Ad Blocker

Sure, one may find multiple extensions to enable in the browser, but why do the effort of finding and researching about the add-on when the tool makes it available for you?

The tool can be instantly enabled on your browser by clicking the Install Extension Now button, which adds to the ease of access.

stop all ads extension

It may come across as a gimmick as it does not directly contribute to the antivirus security of the PC. However, it surely makes the right practice, so we would give it to the T9 antivirus. 

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Additional Features of T9 Antivirus – The Tool Box!

Besides the functionalities mentioned above, security, and protection features, the tool also features a few handy tools under the Tool Box that may help you better run your PC.

These features include –

T9 Antivirus- Startup Manager

Startup Manager: The Startup Manager is more of an efficiency-oriented tool that helps speed up your PC by identifying startup programs that may be slowing it down.

Startup Manager
The overall user interface for the tool is fine. It is easy to remove the programs that may be causing a delay in the boot-up of your PC, making it a time-consuming process. After we tried removing a few entries, we found an improvement in the boot time, which is a win, making the tool useful!

Software Updater: Another interesting tool you get with the T9 Antivirus is the Software Updater. A simple function that allows you to scan your PC for outdated applications installed on your PC and update them for you.

Software Updater
The way it works is –

Step 1 – Click on the Start Scan to initiate the process.
Step 2 – The scan fetches all the outdated software on your PC.

update all option - t9 antivirus
Step 3 – Click on Update All, and the tool will start fetching updates for you quickly.

To be honest, it seems unhelpful as most of the applications ask for updates themselves. However, outdated applications are an issue on Windows, so that may be the reason. All in all, it depends on whether the user wants to use it.

PC Optimizer: Several users look for an antivirus program when they are not satisfied with the speed with which the system is performing. The PC optimizer tool tagged in the T9 Antivirus aims to resolve those issues for you.

PC Optimizer - Start Scan
It removes the junk from your PC to make it more optimized and efficient. Unlike the Software Updater, it is a thoughtful integration, as removing junk files can help keep unnecessary files away from the PC. This meets the objective of keeping the system clean.

This also works similarly; you can click on Start Scan, and it will search for junk files on your PC.

PC Optimizer in t9 Antivirus - Clean Now
Once the results are out, click on Clean Now, and the files will be removed.

Files Shredder: Now, this one may not be something you are looking for, but since it comes bundled, you can use it if you want to delete a file permanently.

Files Shredder
It is a good tool on its own. However, integrating it with an antivirus is a brave step that the developer of T9 Antivirus took.

Other than these features, if you already use the TweakPass and Systweak VPN, you can control them or switch to them directly from the toolbox for a seamless experience.

Pros & Cons of Using T9 Antivirus – Is There a Deal Breaker?

Going through the list of features and tools and analyzing the functionalities gave us better insights into the T9 Antivirus. During our tests, we came across multiple pros and cons of the tool. Check them out in the given table, as they will play a crucial role in your decision-making. 

Pros  Cons 
1. All-in-one security program that offers both offline and online protection.  1. Longer database update time in the deep scan can be time-consuming. 
2. Updated database to help you stay protected with even the latest malware and viruses. 2. Too many features & in-built modules for an Antivirus 
3. Regular updates to keep the software definition up to date.
4. Added Exploit Protection, which is usually unavailable in other market competitors. 
5. The tool is super easy to use and offers enough transparency for a user to see what’s happening with the system.
6. No added bloatware with the tool, which is a great thing, considering tools that offer free trials often come with bundled applications.

The pros overshadow the cons, meaning it is a tool worth trying. 

T9 Antivirus – It’s Definitely “Not Your Usual Antivirus”!

After testing everything to our satisfaction, we give the T9 Antivirus a solid 4.9/5 and highly recommend you download the tool today! 

After trying all the modules of the T9 Antivirus, we are sure that it is not just another antivirus program. There are hardly any other products that you can compare with it, considering its price point and the features that it brings along. The best part is that it is straightforward to install and use. Here’s what you need to do – 

Step 1 – Download the T9 Antivirus Program on your PC using the link below. 

Step 2 – Run the installer and click Next until the installation begins.

T9 Antivirus Program welcome wizard

Step 3 – Once the installation ends, you can immediately use the tool and all the features.

t9 antivirus - start scan

Using an antivirus appears to be overrated, considering the internal security program for Windows. Undoubtedly, Windows Security has enough ammo to handle minor virus breaches. However, relying solely on the internal program is not the best decision. 

Several users make the mistake of skipping on a full-fledged antivirus and going for either freeware or leaving it all alone. 

We recommend you not play with your PC’s security and integrity and use the T9 Antivirus, as it has stood the test of time in handling all the issues you may encounter. 

That’s all for this review. Catch you in the next one! Good luck,

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