Are Windows Defender Security Warning Alerts Fake? – It May be a Virus!


Have you ever encountered a weird pop-up stating that your Windows Defender security is at risk? For some, the prompt is panicking as they do not want to lose their data, while others realize it is nothing more than a fake notification designed to trap you. 

The Windows Defender security warning alerts you encounter while browsing the internet or using a third-party application (that works via the internet) can be malware targeting your PC data

These are 100% fake and have no credibility. The idea behind sending such notifications is to cause havoc in users’ minds making them click on notifications and entrap them. Almost the majority of Phishing attacks similarly take place. 

Is there a way to remove these fake notifications? Well, there are many ways to do so. In this blog, let us discuss some of them and fight against these attacks!

Shall we begin then?

Why does Windows Defender Security Warning keep Appearing? What Am I Dealing With?

First, it is important to understand what we are dealing with here. Unlike any other scam or spam, the Windows Defender security warning notifications are designed to get a response from the user. 

These highly curated malware attacks redirect you to a website to get your personal information, force you to download third-party software or have a dedicated contact number that you need to call, and you’ll be scammed. 

When you visit an untrustworthy website or one with zero credibility, such malware notifications can take over. If you are receiving these notifications, chances are – 

  • The website you have visited is compromised.
  • You have accidentally allowed notifications from adware.
  • One of the installed third-party applications is causing the notifications. 
  • There is probably a virus-induced in the PC.

In all the cases, one clear thing is that these notifications are a scam and must be removed instantly!

How to Remove Fake Windows Defender Security Warning Alerts?

To remove these malware-based notifications, you must first try to find the root cause of it. As mentioned, these fake alerts may arise from your browser if you have visited a malicious website or might be coming from your PC after malware has been installed. 

There are ways to handle these alerts once and for all. Let’s check them out one at a time. 

Method #1 – Stop Notifications on Browser

If the Windows Defender Security warning notification appears when you are using the internet on a browser, you should first disable them. To disable these notifications on Chrome, simply follow the steps  – 

Step 1 – In Chrome, open the three-dotted options to explore settings and other options.
Step 2 – From there, go to settings.go to settings

Step 3 – In settings, you have a search bar available. Use it to find notification settings.

find notification settings

Step 4 – From the results, go to notification settings. Choose not to allow notifications from the available options.

Choose not to allow notifications

Step 5 – Keep in mind that the above setting helps avoid notifications from newer websites. Scroll down and make sure you do not have a questionable website allowed to send you notifications already.

allowed to send you notifications

Once you have removed all the websites from the notification panel, wait some time. If the notification stops, maybe the issue was with your browser only. However, if it appears again, chances are that the PC has adware installed. In such a situation, move on to the next fix.  

Note : You can also use a similar step progression to handle notifications on other browsers. We have chosen Chrome as the basic browser, but the steps to search the notification settings also remain identical on other browsers.

Method #2 – Remove the Latest Third-Party Applications Installed

If the pop-up ads have started bothering you, or these Windows Defender fake alerts have arisen after you have installed a third-party application on your PC, we recommend you remove it and check whether it was the root cause. 

Some third-party applications simply sell the rights to send notifications as advertisements and are not bothered by the type of notifications a user receives. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not using one-such application. 

Pop-up ads like can be disturbing but are harmless. These prompts, on the other hand, are not. To remove the last installed application, simply – 

Step 1 – Press Windows + R on your keyboard to open the Run command window.
Step 2 – In the Run search, use the command control appwiz.cpl to open the Programs & Features.

Type appwiz.cpl in control panel

Step 3 – In the opened Window, you may find all the applications installed on your PC. Click on the Installed On tab to sort the applications based on their installation. all installed applications

Step 4 – This sorting will help you identify the application causing the fake alert notifications to appear.
Step 5 – Select the application and uninstall it right away!

Method #3 – Use an Antivirus Program for Real Time Assistance

If the issue persists, chances are that no website or program is causing the fake Windows Defender security warning alerts, but there is malware inside the system. These hidden programs slow down your computer while stealing your personal information. 

In such a situation, using a dedicated antivirus program that scans and filters out such malicious programs is best. We recommend T9 Antivirus software as it is a 360 security suite for your computer. 

It has real-time firewalls, multiple scanning modes, online security, and whatnot. The best part is that it is easily available and accessible. 

Here’s how to get your hands on it – 

Step 1 – Download the T9 Antivirus from the link below.

Step 2 – Install the application on your PC.
Step 3 – Allow permissions, and from the home screen, start your first-ever PC scan.

scan using t9 antivirus

Step 4 – This scan will look for infected files, programs, and hidden files so that all the malware is removed.
Step 5 – Once the scan is over, restart your PC so that any changes made by the antivirus can come into effect. 

When the PC is restarted, you will realize that the fake Windows Defender alerts have been eliminated. 

And with that, we have reached the end of this post. Sometimes, limiting how the internet is used is necessary as it may lead to malicious programs entering your PC. Windows Defender Security alerts are a common issue that many users face. 

Thanks to T9 Antivirus, you can get rid of it in just a few minutes. Download the application and help yourself stay away from getting trapped.


That’ll be all for this one. Thanks for reading. Good luck! 

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