How to Enable Exploit Protection on Your Windows

How to Enable Protection on Your Windows

Keeping your PC safe is one of the most challenging things to do. Today, anything which is not from a reliable source can be dangerous. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft, in terms of security, has massively improved Windows, but a few vulnerabilities can still cause severe damage. Hence, having Exploit Protection enabled is a must!

But what is Exploit Protection? Is it enabled by default or not? This post will answer these questions and explain how to implement Exploit Protection.

What is Exploit Protection, and How Does it Work?

Every Windows PC has many vulnerabilities that make it prone to security breaches and threats. To mitigate these, Windows Exploit Protection and a few precautions are required. 

Fact – PC’s security is at risk if it stays connected to the internet all day. 

Moreover, these vulnerabilities allow cyber attacker to make their way into the PC and play around.

Common Security Risk

  1. Insecure internet connection.
  2. Loopholes in PC security.
  3. Network Vulnerability. 
  4. Outdated Operating System.
  5. Process Vulnerabilities.

How To Stay Protected from Zero Day Attacks

Exploit Protection is a shield for your PC and helps mitigate the risk caused due to vulnerabilities. Simply put, Windows security Exploit Protection ensures that the weak points of your PC are not targeted, and the user gets notified of any breach it might encounter. 

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2 Ways to Enable Exploit Protection on Windows

The latest versions of Windows come with essential Exploit Protection. However, to ensure it is working, it must be enabled. Also, you can customize it as per your usage. Here we explain two ways in which Exploit Protection can turn on.

Method 1 – Using the Windows Security App

  1. Open Start Menu and Search for Windows Security Application.  Search for Windows Security Application
  2. Open it and navigate to App & browser control.  choose App & browser control
  3. Look for Exploit Protection settings under Exploit protection and click on it!  Select Exploit Protection settings
  4. You will see two sections here – System settings and Programme settings.  see two sections in exploit protection
  5. Using these settings, you can configure Exploit Protection settings. To protect the application, navigate to program settings > Add programme to customize.  choose program settings
  6. This way, you can configure Exploit Protection for added applications.  configure Exploit Protection
  7. If you want you can edit these settings and configure them as per your requirement. The default values are loaded automatically.
  8. Once done configuring the program settings, switch to system settings. Any application unavailable in the program settings will be taken care of by the system settings configuration and can be customized. select system settings
  9. The dropdown has three options to configure your system settings. – On by Default, Off by Default, Use Default.  three options in system settings
  10. You can either make the changes and turn it off, which is not recommended, or keep it on the default settings. However, Use default (On) option makes customizing the system and program settings easy. 

Using these simple steps, you can enable Exploit Protection. However, there are times when you are unable to turn it on and get the “This setting is managed by your Admin” error. 

Usually, the error results from modifications made to system settings without admin rights or a bug in the Windows Security Application. You will need a few fixes in both cases to make the setting work. Until then, are you ready to risk your data and PC security? If not, we have a solution for you try T9 antivirus, which comes with Exploit Protection, malware protection, real-time scanning, and other advanced security shields.

Also, as you can see, setting up Exploit Protection is quite time-consuming, and technical knowledge is required. This makes enabling Exploit Protection difficult. Due to this also, finding an easy way out to stay protected is also asked for. Below we explain how you can keep your PC shielded without getting into technicalities. 

Method 2 – Use T9 Antivirus

The most straightforward and less time-consuming method you can implement is a dedicated antivirus program that offers Exploit Protection for your PC. T9 antivirus software is the perfect example. Here’s how it works – 

  1. Download and install T9 Antivirus on your PC.   
  2. Run the application.  install T9 Antivirus
  3. On the left panel of your home screen, you can find a shield icon option. Click on it to access all the shields.  
  4. Here, you can find the Exploit Protection shield. Enable it to stay protected from zero-day attacks.  Find Exploit Protection shield
  5. Since T9 is a reliable protection program, it enables the configurations by default. This means you do not have to worry about the same. 

With the help of T9 antivirus, setting up Exploit Protection is easier. You can rely on it for Web Protection as well.  It hardly takes 5 minutes to turn it on, and the best part is that you do not have to configure it manually to make it work!

Do Not Let Anyone Exploit Your Privacy!

Privacy and security should be the top priority of any internet user. Like anything exposed to danger, your PC also has a few vulnerabilities that should be taken care of, and Exploit Protection does precisely that. 

If you feel intimidated by the number of settings and steps you need to finish to enable Exploit Protection on your computer, use the T9 antivirus, as it is safe and secure!

That brings us to the end of this post; I hope you find it helpful! Don’t forget to download the T9 antivirus and take care of your PC’s protection! Good Luck!

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