How To Protect Your Devices Against Malware


Terms like ransomware, adware, trojan, virus, and more are nothing new. They all fall under the umbrella term malware (short for malicious software), gaining popularity by affecting more than 200,000 victims in 150 countries (the largest cyber-attack in 2017 – WannaCry).

Malware is a computer program designed to infect systems and cause harm in different ways. Therefore, everyone must learn how to prevent malware attacks and protect your computer from malware.

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So, after understanding what malware is, the next logical question is how malware is created. Unlike in earlier times, today, professional criminals largely create malware. Therefore, to deal with them, we need a professionally designed antivirus. Luckily, we have one, and it is called T9 Antivirus.

Why T9 Antivirus?

Designed by Tweaking Technologies, this protection tool is specially designed for Windows users. This best antivirus tool protects you from malware, adware, viruses, PUP, and other nasty threats. It offers real-time malware, web, and exploit protection. Most importantly, it offers two scanning modes – Quick and Deep for comprehensive cleaning. You can choose any as per your requirements. Also, if you want, you can schedule scans and do a lot more. Below, we will explain how to use T9 Antivirus to clean malware in your computer and protect your PC from viruses.


How To Protect PCs Against Malware?

So, now we are at the main question: How to prevent malware attacks, protect your computer from malware attacks, and what are the two most effective ways to defend against malware?.

The answer is divided into two parts – Personal observation and protective tools. One of the popular ways malware gets into computers and spreads is via email, disguises as a known person, and more. Be wary of emails asking for passwords. This is the first layer of protection, but what about the serious threats?

Can we be prevented from them? Yes, using the second layer of protection which is a security tool, can be achieved. For this, we need robust antimalware software with real-time protection, scheduler, malware protection, and other security layers.

We are lucky we have T9 Antivirus, the ultimate antimalware tool that helps detect and clear viruses, malware, PUP, and other types of threats.

How do you use T9 Antivirus – Malware Protection Tool?

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To use this antimalware software and clean malware in your computer, follow these steps:

1. Download and install T9 Antivirus.

2. Run T9 Antivirus.
3. Select the scanning mode from Scan Type.

T9 Antivirus_Quick Scan

The tool offers three scanning modes –

  • Quick Scan– is faster than Deep Scan, which scans the critical system areas for infections.
  • Deep Scan– scans each part of the system deeply.
  • Custom Scan– as the explanation, is the scan mode that helps users select areas to scan. This scan takes a much longer time than Quick Scan.

You can choose any as per your preference.

4. Let the scanning process complete.

T9_Deep Scan
5. T9 Antivirus quarantine threats as they are found.

T9_Quarantine_Deep Scan
6. Once the threats are quarantined and scanning is finished, you will get a summary of the action performed.

T9_Antivirus_scan finished
7. Reboot the PC.

This is how, using T9 Antivirus, you can clean malware from your computer. Remember, a good antivirus protection tool recognizes and warns against malware threats. Moreover, it is straightforward to use.

What are the two most effective ways to defend against malware?

Robust malware protection tools like T9 Antivirus are designed to guard you against old and latest threats. Furthermore, if there’s a false positive detected (which is rare), you can restore them from quarantine. This helps reuse the software. Also, you can check what T9 Antivirus detected and removed. This gives full protection and control to the user’s hands. In addition to this, being proactive and attentive when downloading a file will help defend against malware.

These are the two most effective ways to defend against malware.

We hope you found the information helpful and will use T9 Antivirus to stay protected from these threats. Do share your feedback about the same in the comments section.

You can contact the support team at for any product-related questions and assistance.

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