7 Cyber Risks Systweak VPN Can Help You Avoid


Using the internet is not safe. We all know it already, but sadly, every user must learn it hard. Scams, data theft, privacy invasion, etc., are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the cyber risks involved. And that is not it. When you use the internet without any precautions, chances of financial threats are also there. To avoid such problems, netizens have devised multiple solutions, one of which is using a VPN. 

A virtual private network allows users to stay under that radar anonymously surfing the internet. Systweak VPN is one of the most popular choices among users when opting for a VPN client. That is because of its amazing server coverage, along with bulletproof security measures in place. 

While almost 33% of internet users online are using a VPN, many internet users still do not find it helpful. If you are one of the non-believers who have doubts about the capabilities of a VPN client, then this post is undoubtedly for you!

Keep reading as we explore more about VPNs and identify 7 cyber risks that Systweak VPN can help you avoid!

What is a VPN? How Does it Work?

Before we begin with the risks and effectiveness of a VPN in dealing with them, let us first identify what exactly a VPN is and how it works. 

A virtual private network, commonly known as VPN, is a pseudo network that creates a layer of disguise over your original network. You have a dedicated IP address when connected to the internet. This protocol address holds all the information about you. It is your online address that can be used to identify, locate, and interact with you. 

This IP address is assigned to you by the server you are connected to. If you have a stable internet connection, your IP address hardly changes. Which means you are permanently reachable at the IP you have shared online. 

Having a permanent IP address makes you vulnerable to multiple data theft and privacy issues, as you and your location can be easily identified by tracing the IP. This is where VPNs come into play. 

encrypted connection

A VPN helps you connect to a different server with a different IP address, which means your location and IP are spoofed. This means whenever someone tries to trace you or access information with the help of your IP, they are redirected to a server that multiple users are using. 

All in all, using a VPN creates a layer of security and ensures that no one directly identifies you and the vital information you leave online. 

7 Online Risks You Can Avoid By Using a VPN

As shared above, there are multiple risks involved when you are online. Even right now, when you are reading this blog, you are not safe if you are not on VPN. 

What are these risks, and how can a VPN client like Systweak VPN help you avoid them? Let’s find out!

Risk #1 – Hacking & Eavesdropping

Of course, you know about hacking and eavesdropping. Hackers, after genuine user data and information, often try to hack into other people’s systems. The easiest way for them to hack you is to identify what tech you use. And thankfully for them, your IP address has every bit of the information they need. 

Hackers trying to hack into other peoples systems

When you use a VPN, your IP address and any other information are perfectly disguised. The anonymity is too real that the hacker might not be able to identify you as the target, as they will not realize it is you. Smart, isn’t it?

Risk #2 – Losing Data While Using a Public Network

We have all encountered situations where we had to send urgent mail or browse the internet to pass the time while sitting in a coffee shop or public place. Almost every public center has open Wi-Fi networks available that are free to access. However, connecting to them directly can be a poor choice as all your data will be exposed to other users on the same network.

Using a Public Network

With the help of a VPN client, as soon as you connect to the public network, you disappear as you are using a completely different server situated remotely. That means you are practically invisible even if 50 other users are on the same network, leaving no trace behind!

Risk #3 – DDoS Attacks in Online Activities like Gaming & Hackathons

DDoS attacks are your biggest enemies if you participate in hackathons often or love playing online games. Usually, when participating in a server-based competition, you must have enough room in the server you are using so that it does not affect your online performance. Some unavoidable occurrences are slow speeds, delays in the network, and lagging while laying. Well, did you know that sometimes, these things are planned to slow you down? 

DDoS Attacks in online activity

Denial of Service attacks refers to flooding a server with useless bot activities that it slows down or crash. Thanks to a VPN server, you can avoid all of it and get a higher quality and lower ping to finish the game at a better level. 

Risk #4 – Data Interception While Using Online Banking

Your financial information, such as your credit card details, banking information, account numbers, pins, etc., is all up for grabs if you are not taking proper care online. Hackers and interceptors are waiting for you to log in on banking and e-commerce websites so they can pry at your data to use later for their benefit.

Using Online Banking

Staying under the radar, using such service anonymously, and keeping your information intact are the only few ways to avoid getting scammed. Good for you. Systweak VPN helps achieve all three objectives. You can easily avoid catching attention by using a server that no one can trace, making you completely anonymous online.  

Risk #5 – ISP Spying on Your Internet Activity

While a hacker will need to put some effort into gaining access to your online activity, your internet service provider already has it. You cannot avoid it as you are using the server ISP assigned. All the minute details, such as what website you have visited, how much bandwidth you have used, where you have spent most of your data, etc., are readily available to your ISP. This information allows your ISP to throttle your connection to leverage bandwidth size and speed. 

ISP Spying

You do not have to worry about these factors when you use a VPN. For instance, if you are downloading a huge file and your ISP knows it, he may slow down your connection to maintain his bandwidth usage among other users. However, when downloading the same file using a VPN, your ISP has no idea who is using the bandwidth and hence has no option. 

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Risk #6 – Third Party Websites Acquiring Your Personal Data

Third-party websites and cookies, often considered harmless acquire all your personal data thanks to your low-protected IP address. This personal data is later used to target you for showing ads. Some believe that it is fine considering the recommendations do help. However, it can become bothersome for many users. 

data breach

Using a VPN helps avoid such situations where third parties can acquire your data and use it to target you with advertising campaigns. Many websites turn the collected data into datasets and sell it to the highest bidder. This increases the risk of getting targeted as no one knows the credibility of the buyer getting your data. A simple click on Connect VPN is all you need to avoid it. 

Risk #7 – Other Online Misdemeanors

Online scams are rising exponentially. Hence, it is always better to be on your toes than regretting later. Using a VPN can help you avoid almost every data theft and misdemeanor, as it makes you invisible online. 

systweak vpn

A single working solution to all these risks can be found in Systweak VPN. With its amazing military-grade encryption, dedicated kill switch, and top-of-the-line servers, the VPN client is the best you can get now. 

Download the latest version of Systweak VPN and sign up today to secure your every movement online. Hope the shared information helps you understand the importance of using a VPN and, more importantly, makes you aware of the risks you may encounter online. 

That’ll be all for this post. Let us know your thoughts on the utility of VPN in the comments section. Feel free to add something if you believe we missed out. Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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