How To Recover Deleted/Unsaved Powerpoint File


Have you accidentally deleted your PPT file or lost it due to a system crash or virus attack and wondering how to restore it? Don’t panic; you are at the right place. The post explains how to get back deleted or unsaved PowerPoint files.

Data loss scenarios are common, and no one can predict what might lead to losing data. But there is nothing to worry about as several methods and recovery software are available. You can use them for Powerpoint file recovery. Read the post and learn how to recover unsaved presentations.

What is a PowerPoint File Type?

PPT and PPTX are the two Microsoft Powerpoint file extensions & are used to save designs, presentations, and business proposals. Introduced in 1987, Powerpoint is famous for creating presentations with videos, text, and images.

Note : Microsoft Office version 2003 and older save Powerpoint files in PPT format. However, the latest keep it in the PPTX extension. Users using the older versions can only view the PPTX file format.

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How To Recover Deleted PowerPoint(PPT PPTX) Files?

You can find multiple recovery solutions in the market that claim to help restore PPTX and PPT files. But finding the right software from the lot can be stressful.

To save you time, we recommend Advanced Disk Recovery. This file recovery software helps restore different file types from different storage devices.

Before we learn how to use it to perform Powerpoint recovery, let’s know a few tricks that can prove beneficial in data loss situations:

  • Use different storage devices to keep backup of important files.
  • Avoid writing data or using the drive from which that data is deleted and you want to restore. Doing so can lead to file corruption and overwriting data.
  • Start the recovery process ASAP. The more time you take to recover unsaved Powerpoint files, the fewer the chances of recovery.
  • Use a trusted and reliable recovery tool like Advanced Disk Recovery. This will help in recovering a significant amount of data.

By keeping these points in mind, you can avoid further data loss and make a successful recovery of lost PPT files.

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How To Recover PPT Files Using Advanced Disk Recovery?

Although various data recovery methods are available, a third-party recovery utility is the best way to restore your PPTX files. The tool will help restore data lost due to any reason.

Advanced Disk Recovery is a professional data recovery solution that helps restore files from several storage devices. To accurately perform data recovery, the tool uses powerful algorithms. It is a trustworthy and safe option to retrieve data.

Let’s understand how to recover your PPT and PPTX files with Advanced Disk Recovery:

  • Download and Install Advanced Disk Recovery
  • Launch the data recovery application on your PC.
  • Select the area and the drive to be scanned to recover your PPT, and PPTX file. Click Start Scan Now to move further.

Advanced Disk Recovery

  • Select the scanning mode. For thorough scanning, select Deep Scan.

Advanced Disk Recovery scan type

  • Now, click Scan to start searching for lost PowerPoint files.
  • Wait for the scan to finish. Deep Scan is time-consuming, and the time it takes depends on the data stored on the selected disk.
  • Select the file you want to restore and click the Recover button. You can use search filters to find your file.
  • Choose the recovery location to save PPT PPTX files. Remember, the folder where you save the recovered data should not be the same as the one you are recovering.
  • That’s it. This is how using Advanced Disk Recovery, the straightforward tool; you can restore your deleted or lost PowerPoint files.

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Restore from a Recent Files Folder

If you are not a fan of recovery tools, you can use File History, Windows in-built backup option. But you can use it only if it is enabled. Let’s learn how to use the option.

Recovering PowerPoint Files Using Windows File History

  • In the Windows search field, type File History. Select the best search result.

restore file and file history

Remember, if File History is not enabled, you will not be able to use this option.

  • If the option is enabled, you can Restore your files using File History. Click the Restore personal files option.

select file options

  • Check the list of available backups and find the PPT or PPTX files you want to recover.
  • When the files to recover are located, click on the green recover button at the bottom.

recover files

  • This will restore the selected file to its original location.

If this is not what you want, you just want to restore unsaved PowerPoint files, no worries. We can do so using the PowerPoint Auto Recovery option.

How To Recover Unsaved PowerPoint Files?

Did you close PowerPoint before saving the file? Don’t Panic. All versions of PowerPoint from 2010

and onwards offer the Auto Recovery feature & Recover Unsaved Presentations options. Using them, you can retrieve your unsaved PowerPoint Presentations.

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To save you from losing your data, PowerPoint creates a temporary folder to save files when you work on them. If you have forgotten to save the file, you can navigate to the Auto-Recover File Location and get the file back. However, the feature only works when the AutoRecover information option is turned on.

To check if it is enabled or not and to enable it, Open PowerPoint > click File > Options > Save > Save Presentations > see if the box next to Save Auto-Recover information every –  is checked or not. If it is, you are in luck. You can restore the unsaved PPT by going to the AutoRecover location.

check document save setting

Recovering Unsaved PowePoints Files

If you’ve missed saving the presentation, you can Recover Unsaved Presentations by opening PowerPoint > click File > Info > Manage Versions > Recover Unsaved Presentations.

unsaved powerpoint recovery

Tips to Avoid PPT, PPTX File Loss

While using the recovery software and the Auto Recovery option, restoring lost or unsaved PPT and PPTX files is accessible. To avoid facing data loss situations, try following the tips given below:

  • While working, keep saving your files.
  • Keep a backup of your files. You can use different storage devices to keep multiple backups.
  • Enable AutoRecover and AutoSave
  • Run a good Antivirus

By following these points, you can keep your files safe. We hope the information provided in the blog post helps you avoid losing your data and recovering the deleted or unsaved PowerPoint files. If you have deleted the files or they are lost, use Advanced Disk Recovery to restore files. However, if you want to retrieve unsaved files, use the Recover Unsaved Presentation option.

Please let us know which method worked for you in the comments section and share your feedback. It helps us write better and understand what our readers expect from us.

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