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Accidentally, lost or deleted audio files from a USB flash drive? Use Photos Recovery to recover lost audio files from Flash Disk.

If you think you can trust a USB flash disk over a hard disk to save data, you are wrong. Nothing, not even a flash disk from a reputable company like Scan Disk, HP, etc., is immune to data loss. Reasons like virus attack, inaccurately disconnecting the flash drive, accidentally deleting or formatting the disk are some common causes for losing data. Anybody can encounter a data loss situation, and this situation cannot be avoided as there’s no single reason responsible for losing data. However, if you are stuck in a data loss situation, luckily, there’s a solution to rescue data and recover it. We recommend using Photos Recovery – a media file recovery tool that allows getting back deleted audio files, photos, and videos.

This post will explain how to use Photos Recovery – the advanced tool to recover MP3 from flash disks.

Systweak Photo Recovery: The Best USB Data Recovery Tool to Restore Delete Audio Files

Though you can find several data recovery software in the market, here we suggest trying Photos Recovery. It is a powerful recovery tool that helps deal with flash disk audio loss situations.

Category Details
Supported Device Hard disk, & USB flash disk
Supported File Types All media files types: photos, audio, and videos
Supported File System FAT(FAT12,FAT16,FAT32), exFAT, & NTFS,

You can restore deleted audio files lost due to a corrupted flash disk, accidentally formatting a disk, or any other reason using Photos Recovery software.

Download Photo Recovery for Windows

Recovery Rate Deleted Mp3 files 99.8%

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What to do when you have lost MP3 files Stored on USB Drive

1. Instantly stop using the USB driver from which the audio files are lost or deleted.

Why use Photos Recovery Tool?

The simplest and effective way to get back deleted music files from a USB drive is to use dedicated recovery software. Photos Recovery is an excellent and powerful tool that offers different scanning options to restore the maximum amount of deleted audio files. Using Deep Scan, you can thoroughly scan the system and recover deleted MP3 files.

Benefit – Photos Recovery

Quick and effective tool to recover lost data from USB

Fastest Way to recover Photos/Video and deleted Audio files

Different scanning modes to get back almost all lost and deleted files

Recovery individual MP3 files or an entire folder with subfolders

View scan results in List or Tree view

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Steps On How To Recover Deleted MP3 from your Flash Disk?

Systweak Photos Recovery is a professional and advanced recovery program that helps undelete audio files from the flash drive. Here’s how to use Photos Recovery to recover the deleted MP3 files.

Step 1: Download and install Systweak Photos Recovery software from the button below.

Step 2: Connect to the USB flash drive that you wish to scan for deleted audio files.

USB flash drive
Step 3: Launch Photos Recovery and register the product (If you have the key.)or use the FREE version.
Step 4: Click the Removable Drive tab and select the connected flash drive.

Removable Drive tab

Note: After launching the Photos Recovery tool, you will get the following message if you connect the USB drive. From here, you can click Start Scan to scan the connected removable drive.

Click Start Scan

Step 5: Select from the scanning type.

Quick Scan – looks for deleted audio files permanently deleted using Shift+Delete.

Deep Scan – In-depth scanning to restore lost or deleted MP3 files.

Deep Scan performs a systematic sector-wise scan, helping recover the maximum number of deleted files.

Step 6: Click Start Scan to start the scanning process and look for deleted audio files.
Step 7: Wait for the process to finish and review scan results.
Step 8: Select the audio files to recover deleted MP3 files.
Step 9: Next, choose the location to restore audio files > click Recover.

select folder

Make sure it is not the same location from which you are recovering the deleted MP3 files.

Step 10: Wait for the process to finish. The selected audio files will be saved on the selected location.

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Wrap Up – Recover Deleted Audio Files – Windows 11, 10

With the help of these steps and using Systweak Photo Recovery Software, you can quickly restore deleted audio files from your PC. This excellent USB data recovery tool also supports scanning hard disks for deleted photos, videos, and audio files. Moreover, you can scan encrypted disks (locked by BitLocker) to scan for deleted media. I like this tool because it saves me from data loss situations where I don’t have a backup. We hope you enjoyed the post and will give the tool a try. Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

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