How To Perform Automatic PC Cleaning


It is normal for the PC to run slowly. Using the best PC optimizer tool, you can speed up a slow and sluggish PC and free space. We will explain how to perform automatic PC cleaning and speed up PC performance.

Before we get into details, we suggest you keep a backup of your important files. However, if you don’t know how to take a backup, you can use Advanced System Optimizer’s Backup Manager.

This feature of the PC optimization tool comes in handy when you want to backup files, take incremental backups, and do a lot more. Moreover, Advanced System Optimizer helps clean junk files, find and remove duplicate files, update outdated drivers, quarantine malware infections, and more.

Below we will learn all about this best PC cleaner tool and how to use it to auto-clean junk files and schedule automatic cleaning.

How To Use Advanced System Optimizer, The Best PC Optimizer & Boost PC Performance?

As we use the PC over time, junk files, unnecessary documents, and applications gather on it, cluttering it and making it slow and short on storage space. The best way to tidy up the PC and eliminate this unwanted data is to use a PC optimization tool.

Why does PC Slow Down?

 Different factors lead to computer slowdown. This includes the following:

  • System junk.
  • Virus and malware.
  • Duplicate files.
  • Too many applications are installed on the PC.
  • Multiple potentially unwanted software running in the background.
  • Fragmented disk.
  • Invalid registry entries.
  • Fragmented Windows registry.

Now that we know what contributes to slowing down PC. Let’s learn how to use the top PC cleaning and tune-up utility to speed up the PC.

Follow these steps to speed up and clean your PC.

  • Download and install Advanced System Optimizer.
  • Launch the PC optimization tool.
  • The welcome screen of the PC cleaning tool allows you to run a one-click scan. Once you select the scan type – Quick Scan, Deep Scan or Custom Scan you will be able to optimize the PC, clean junk files, deal with invalid registry entries, update outdated drivers, clear malware infection, defrag Windows registry, optimize disk, remove privacy traces, and do more in just a click.

Quick Scan – doesn’t allow defragging the hard disk and cleaning malware infections.

Deep Scan – allows scanning all 7 areas to optimize PC.

Custom Scan – allow users to customize and select the areas to scan.

  • To run the scan, click Start Smart PC Care.
  • Wait for the scan to finish.

smart pc care

  • When done, click Optimize button.

smart pc care optimize

Doing so will optimize and clean the PC in a single click.

However, if you want to run an individual scan to find and remove junk files, malware, duplicate files or update drivers, you can do so. Follow these steps to learn how to do that.

How To Auto Clean Junk Files?

To find and remove junk files, easily follow these steps:

  • Run Advanced System Optimizer.
  • Click Disk Cleaner & Optimizer > select System Cleaner from the right pane.

disk cleaner and optimizer

  • To run the scan, click Start Scan Now and wait for the scan to finish.

scan system

  • Once the scanning is done, you will get the number of unwanted files detected and the space you will recover. Moreover, you can get more information about the errors by clicking View Details.

get unwanted files

  • Once you have analyzed the results, click Clean System to remove the junk files & recover space.

In addition, if you want to run the System Cleaner at the specified interval, you can schedule the scan.

How To Schedule Junk Cleaning?

Assuming the System Cleaner window is open, follow the steps below:

  • Click the Schedule tab.
  • Select the schedule type, i.e., when you want to run the scan – Every Day, Once, or Every Week.
  • Select the Date & Time and the Day to run the run.
  • To fix the issues after scanning, click Fix the problems automatically. Also, you can decide whether you want to shut down the PC after fixing issues or not.
  • When all the settings are done, click Apply to save them.

This will run the System Cleaner at a scheduled time.

Likewise, you can individually run scanning for other modules.

How To Setup Automatic PC Cleaning?

 To set up automatic PC optimization and cleaning, follow these steps:

  • Launch Advanced System Optimizer from the official website.
  • Click Regular Maintenance > Scheduler.

regular maintenance

  • Select the module for which you want to set up the schedule. If you’re going to run one-click PC optimization, click Smart PC Care > select the areas you want to scan.
  • However, if you want run Smart PC care automatically at a scheduled time, click the box next to “Schedule automatic Smart PC care” (Recommended)
  • Click Apply to save the settings.

This is how you can automatically run the PC optimization tool to clean junk files, declutter it and free up disk space occupied by unwanted files.

Wrap Up

These were the steps to perform auto cleaning on a PC. You can also clean malware infections using Advanced System Optimizer’s System Protector. With the help of Driver Updater, you can update outdated drivers.

Using Duplicate File Remover, you can find and remove duplicates. Furthermore, you can manage startup items, uninstall unwanted software, backup files, optimize disk, optimize registry, and do much more. We hope you found the information worth it. If you have any questions or feedback, leave them in the comments section.

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