Best Way to Optimize Memory and Manage System Cache


Although Windows is an easy-to-use operating system, there are still things about the operating system that the users have kept hidden. Two such elements are memory optimization and system cache management.

Memory optimization is a method to improve computer memory by identifying memory leaks, and corruption, and cleaning up RAM. Likewise, the system cache is a set of temporary files used by the operating system or a program. These files, over time, get accumulated and slow down the PC. Therefore, when an unusual Windows behavior is noticed or runs low on storage space, one of the first things you can do is optimize memory and manage the system cache. We suggest using Advanced System Optimizer – a PC optimization suite that helps optimize memory and manage system cache to perform the task automatically.

How To Optimize Memory and Manage System Cache

How To Use Advanced System Optimizer To Optimize Memory and Manage System Cache?

Advanced System Optimizer is a user-friendly program that all types of users can use with a straightforward interface. The PC optimization tool helps optimize memory, & precise junk data, temporary files, duplicates, and other potentially unwanted data. To use the best PC cleanup tool for Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install Advanced System Optimizer.

Step 2: Launch the software to optimize memory on a Windows PC.

Advanced system optimizer
Step 3: From the left panel of the main screen, click the Windows Optimizers tab >  select Memory Optimizer.

memory optimizer option
Step 4: You’ll now see a new app window that will open that will display your memory and cache usage. Click on the Optimize Now button to release unnecessary occupied memory and improve your computer’s performance.

Click on Optimize Now
Step 5: To change the default memory optimization setting, click on the Manual Settings tab in the left panel. Drag the slider to free the desired amount of memory >  click Save Settings.

memory optimization setting
Step 6: Once the settings are done, click the Auto Optimization option. Check the box next to Enable Auto Optimization > Save Settings.

Automatic optimization setting
Step 7: Finally, click the Optimize Now button to optimize memory and manage the system’s cache.

optimize memory
Step 8: Restart the PC.

You can free up memory and optimize RAM using Advanced System Optimizer’s Memory Optimizer. In addition, you can perform other operations using Advanced System Optimizer, the PC tweaking tool for Windows.

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The Final Word On Optimizing Memory and Managing System Cache

Advanced System Optimizer is an all-in-one PC optimization program for Windows that consists of multiple modules to address different issues. The modules are designed to clean the PC and boost performance. The Memory Optimizer module helps manage the system cache. We hope you liked the information we shared. Please share your feedback in the comments section.

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