How to Download And Update Lenovo USB Drivers


Have you had a Lenovo USB driver problem? Is your USB connection giving issues? Many Lenovo users have had the same problem with their USB while connecting it to the PC. But don’t worry about these problems, as you can fix them by updating the USB driver? In this troubleshooting guide we will share instructions on updating Lenovo USB drivers.

2 Best Ways to Download & Update Lenovo USB Drivers

Manually update your USB driver – You can download and install the driver update yourself. However, doing so requires time, patience, and technical skills.

Automatically update your USB driver — This is the quickest and easiest method. You update the drivers using Advanced Driver Updater with only a few clicks. Furthermore, neither you need technical skills nor a risk of updating incorrect drivers.

To get the tool, click the below Button.

Method 1 –  Updating USB Driver Manually

1. Visit Here.
2. Click the driver version number you want to download.

lenovo usb drivers
3. Extract the Lenovo USB driver. However, you can skip the above step if you have already downloaded the USB driver.
4. Once the Lenovo USB driver package is extracted, you will see the following files.

lenovo drives
5. Double click the setup file and follow on-screen instructions to update the USB driver.
6. Reboot the PC to apply the change and then use the USB device; you should not face any problem.

Method 2 – Automatically Download & Update Lenovo USB Drivers

If the method mentioned above confuses you, try Advanced Driver Updater. It automatically updates out-of-date drivers and displays the latest driver updates.

Note:- Using the FREE version, you can only update a single driver, while the registered version lets you update all outdated drivers.

Follow these steps to use Advanced Driver Updater:

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater

2. Run the software to detect outdated drivers and update the USB drivers.

Advanced Driver Updater
3. To scan the Lenovo PC for USB drivers, click Start Scan Now.

Advanced Driver Updater Scan
4. Wait for the driver updating tool to finish the scanning.
5. Review scan results and update outdated drivers.
6. If you are using the trial version you can update a single driver. However, paid users can use the Update All button.update all outdated driver
7. Once all outdated drivers are updated, reboot the computer and save changes.

Wrap Up:

We hope you can update the USB driver on your Windows PC using the above steps. The best and easiest way to update drivers is Advanced Driver Updater, among the two options listed above. This driver updating tool helps automatically update drivers without spending too much time or gaining technical knowledge.

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