How to Recover Deleted Pictures From A Compact Flash Drive


Although Compact Flash cards are not as widely used as other flash memory cards, some users are eager to learn how to perform photo recovery from CF cards. Therefore, if you have mistakenly deleted photos from your CF card, this post details the best CF card recovery options for Windows.

However, you can use Photos Recovery to recover deleted and lost pictures from SD cards, CF cards, and other storage media if you are short on time. To get the tool, click the download button below:

 What Is CompactFlash Card (CF Card)?

Before SD cards became the dominant flash memory, Compact Flash (CF), created by ScanDisk, was a very successful early format. They had numerous significant benefits over other storage media available. For example, they provided far more longevity than competing hard drive options.

However, CF cards had significant drawbacks in that they were physically bigger than other memory card formats available. Some high-end cameras, such as the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, still accept CF cards, while other consumer electronics, such as smartphones, action cameras, and smart home gadgets, rely mainly on SD cards.

How to Recover Deleted Files from CF Card Using Photos Recovery

The proper recovery tool takes relatively little effort to recover data from any CompactFlash card on Windows. Let’s take a deeper look at how to recover photos from CF cards using the Photos Recovery tool.

Step 1: Install Systweak Photos Recovery on your PC by clicking the download button below:

Step 2: Run the software to restore permanently deleted images from the Compact Flash card.
Step 3: Click the gear icon > select Settings.

photos recovery
Step 4: From the left pane, click Filter Options > double click Photo Formats to unhide option > select the box next to RAW photos.

raw photos
Step 5: To scan RAW photos, you need to install an additional component click Yes to proceed > click Apply to save settings.

select photo recovery method
Step 6: Exit the settings window.
Step 7: Attach the CF card and click the Removable Drive option.

pr drives
Step 8: Select the scanning type; we suggest going with Deep Scan as it performs in-depth scanning.
Step 9: Click START SCAN to begin the scanning process.
Step 10: Wait for Photos Recovery to finish scanning the CF card.

Note: If Quick Scan doesn’t show any results, Photos Recovery will show a message asking you to switch to Deep Scan. Click Yes to run a Deep Scan.

recover photos

Step 11: Preview scan results > select the images you want to recover.

recover in drive
Step 7: To restore the images, click the RECOVER button. Select a different location to save the photos.

Note: Saving data on the same drive overwrites data and reduces the chances of data recovery.

select driver forphots

Step 13: Wait for the photos to be recovered and process to complete.

That’s it. With the help of these simple steps, you can use Systweak Photos Recovery to restore your deleted images from the Compact Flash card.

Your Best Bet: Photos Recovery

Systweak Photos Recovery program performs an excellent for recovering your photographs from your CF card. If you don’t have a backup, you should stop using the Compact Flash card. The sooner you cease using the drive, the more probable you will retrieve your deleted photos.

We hope this knowledge has given you a better understanding of how Photos Recovery works. Please leave your feedback in the comments area.


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