How To Recover Permanently Deleted Wedding Photos


Filled with faded and blurred snapshots, our life is a scrapbook of our memories. As much as we would like to remember things and cling to happy memories, with time, they get washed away. To avoid this and to keep a remembrance of these memories, we capture moments in the form of photographs. This helps relieve and share those happy moments. But sometimes due to our small mistakes like accidentally deleting photos, a hard disk failure, a malware attack, or not keeping a backup, we might lose the digital image captures.

Getting what I am referring to? I am talking about those deleted or lost photos that meant the world to you and are now gone. Luckily, there’s a way to recover permanently deleted photos, and in this post, we will learn how to restore permanently deleted wedding photos from a PC, and SD card.

Why we Lose Wedding and other Photos

Photos are a part of both sad and happy memories. And if we talk about weddings, they are unforgettable, full of fun, experience, chaos, spilling drinks, and are a lifetime event. They are the beginning of a new phase in life. But just because they mean so much, and a hefty amount is spent it doesn’t mean we cannot lose them.

A single click, hard disk failure, malware attack, or formatting drive without taking a backup are certain reasons to misplace, lose, or remove favorite images.

No money can compensate for these hundreds and perhaps thousands of deleted photos. Certainly, the above situation is escapable, but certain scenarios like corrupt HDD, SD card, system malfunctioning, malware attack, and so on aren’t.

The good news is, by using an image recovery tool like Photos Recovery, you can deal with photo loss scenarios.

What is Photos Recovery?

Developed by Systweak Photos Recovery is an easy-to-use image recovery software. Using it, anyone can recover permanently deleted photos. The tool offers two comprehensive scanning modes – Quick Scan and Deep Scan, using either recovery of permanently deleted wedding photos is possible.

quick scan

Moreover, the tool allows restoring deleted images from corrupted HDD, USB flash drive, formatted HDD, and USB flash drive. The trial version of Photos Recovery scans the selected storage drive and makes the user aware of the images that can be recovered. What’s more, Photos Recovery comes with a 60 days Money Back Guarantee.

money back guarantee

How To Recover Deleted Wedding Images Using Photos Recovery

Below we will explain how to recover photos from an SD card and HDD.

Tip : As soon as you get to know that important data or image is deleted, stop using the storage media. Doing so helps recover more photographs as the read-and-write operation will not be performed. The more you read or write data from and to the HDD or SD card, the lower the chance of picture recovery.

sd card

To retrieve permanently deleted photos from a digital camera or phone, remove the SD card from the device and insert it into the PC via a memory card reader. Then run Photos Recovery and let it scan the attached device.

If your SD card has been formatted, then you can use Photos Recovery. The tool helps recover images from it too.

Now that you know what Photos Recovery is capable of letting us learn how to restore permanently deleted photos.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos?

1. Download and install Photos Recovery on your PC. The tool is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

2. If it is a memory card, or USB flash driver, connect it to the system.

After attaching the device, if you are prompted to repair the device, decline it

3. Launch Photos Recovery. If you want to see if the tool works, try using the scan-only trial version. Once you are satisfied with the results (can locate lost images you want to retrieve), pay for the tool.
4. To start the scan process, select the drive you wish to scan. If it is a hard disk, click the Hard Drive tab and select the partition. However, if it is a removable drive, click Removable Driver and select the device.

Note : If the external drive is not properly attached, the option will be greyed out.

Photos Recovery

5. After selecting the driver, choose the quick or deep scan type.

Quick Scan – As the name suggests, it is quicker and searches for photos that were permanently deleted using Shift+Delete, while Deep Scan helps restore images lost due to formatting the hard drive, etc. It performs a systematic sector-wise scan and thus takes more time.

6. Thereafter, click Start Scan and start the scanning process.

Photos Recovery scan process
7. Wait until Photos Recovery finishes scanning.
8. Previewscan results.

scan deleted phots
9. Look for the wedding photos or other images you want to recover. However, if you know the filename, you can use the Search File Name feature.

scan file name
10. Once you locate deleted images, select them and click Recover.
11. Select the destination where you want to restore images. Make sure it isn’t the same (the one you are scanning from), as this will reduce the chances of recovery, and click Select Folder.

recovery folder
12. Wait for Photos Recovery to finish the process.
13. When done, you will get a summary of the action performed.

recover pics

Tip : Photos Recovery also helps restore RAW format images. To scan the system for RAW photos (clicking using digital cameras like Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon D800, Canon EOS 1 Dx, etc., follow the below steps:

1. Launch Photos Recovery
2. Click the gear icon present at the top bar

3. This will open a new window. Here click Filter Options present in the left pane and select the box next to RAW Photos (Digital camera files)

scan method
4. Click Apply to save changes and then scan the system. Photos Recovery will now scan the selected device for RAW Photo formats also.
5. These simple steps can easily recover permanently deleted wedding photos and other lost images.

Stop Worrying About How to Restore Permanently Deleted Photos

Backups are the best way never to lose any image again; ideally, we all should keep a backup of important data. But if you have forgotten to update the backup or don’t have one, use Photos Recovery to restore permanently deleted photos.

This best image recovery tool, without any hassle or taking too much time, will help get lost or deleted data back. Also, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the recovery tool. Designed for both beginner and advanced users, Photos Recovery is suitable for all types of users.

Photos Recovery, the best image recovery tool, ensures you get back the lost images. To see how the tool works, you can use its trial version. Once satisfied with the results can switch to the paid version. We hope you found the information helpful and will try Photos Recovery.

Do share your feedback or suggestions (if any) in the comments below.

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