How to Recover Deleted Photos on Every Device


Losing images from a PC, smartphone, or USB flash drive can be overwhelming. Luckily, using the best photo recovery software, you can retrieve deleted photos on Windows & Android. This blog discusses how to use Photos Recovery to restore your lost images.

Digital photos are a big part of our memories. However, they can go missing due to unforeseen reasons, like accidentally deleting pictures, formatting SD cards, or hard drives. In such cases, we look for a tool to help restore deleted photos because some memories and moments cannot be recreated. If you are stuck in a similar situation, a powerful tool can help get back deleted photos on PC and Android. We will show you how to use the tool and restore deleted photos.

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Recover Deleted Photos From Every Device

How to Get Back Deleted Photos on Windows?

Before we explain how to retrieve lost images using Photos Recovery, we will show some other ways to restore deleted images. Let’s take a closer look at the options:

Method 1 – Restoring Deleted Photos from Recycle Bin

When a file, image, video, or anything is deleted from Windows PC, Recycle Bin is the first place to look for deleted images. It is a special folder used by the operating system to store deleted files temporarily. By default, files moved to Recycle Bin stay there for 30 days unless deleted manually.

To restore deleted photos from Recycle Bin, follow these steps:

1. Go to the desktop and look for the Recycle Bin icon.
2. Double click to open it.
3. Find the image you want to restore.
4. Select it > Restore. This will put back the selected images to their original location.

select restore

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Method 2 – Recovering Deleted Images From Backup Files

Creating a regular data backup is recommended to protect data from virus attacks and unanticipated situations. If you follow this practice and keep a backup of data, recover it from there. In addition to this, if you use the Windows built-in backup and recovery tool, you can use it to restore deleted photos. To use it, follow these steps:

1. Restore the media on which you keep the data backup.
2. Select Control Panel > Backup and Restore in the Windows search bar.
3. Select from either option – Restore my files or Restore all users’ files.

Restore my files
4. Locate the lost images using either Browse for files or Browse for folders.

Browse for files and folders

Note : While browsing folders, you cannot see individual files.

5. Choose the files to retrieve and click Restore.

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Method 3 – Restoring Deleting Pictures Using Photos Recovery

Developed by Systweak, Photos Recovery is an ultimate solution to restore files that are not present in the Recycle Bin and are permanently deleted. The app is designed to recover lost media files and it offers different scanning options – Quick Scan and Deep Scan. This helps in thoroughly scanning the hard drive, Flash drive, and Android phone for deleted images.

To use the best image recovery tool, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Photos Recovery.

2. Launch the best media file recovery tool to get back permanently deleted or lost photos.
3. If the pictures are deleted from a USB card, connect it to the PC and click Removable Drive to select the USB drive for scanning.

Removable Drive

However, if the images are deleted from the Hard Disk, click the Hard Drive tab.

click hard drive tabs

4. Next, to scan the selected drive select from the given scanning modes. For better results, we suggest selecting Deep Scan.

Select deep scan
5. Now hit the START SCAN button and wait for the scanning to finish. The scan time will depend on disk size and scan mode selected. Since Deep Scan is thorough it will take a longer time.

photos recover in process
6. Once the scan is completed, preview images in the right pane. Select the ones you want to retrieve and click the RECOVER button.

click RECOVER button
7. Select the location where you want to restore selected images and click Recover. Remember not to save images on the same drive from which you are recovering deleted images.
8. That’s it, using these simple steps you can restore deleted photos from a hard disk or USB drive.

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How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on Android?

Like Windows, in Android also you can use several methods to restore deleted photos.

Method 1- Restoring Deleted Images from Google Photos

Saving photos and other data on cloud storage helps get back data in the event of data loss. Using these steps, you can restore photos directly from the Google Photo app.

Note : The steps will work only if it has been less than 60 days since the image was sent to Trash.

1. Launch Google Photos.
2. Tap Menu > Trash.
3. Look for the pictures you want to restore. Select them and tap Restore.

Select tap Restore

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Method 2 – Restoring Deleting Images Using Photos Recovery

Here are the steps to restore gallery photos from an Android device using the Photos Recovery app.

1. Download Photos Recovery App from the Google Play Store.
2. Launch the app > tap the Start Scan button to start the scanning.

Start Scan button
3. You will be asked to grant Storage Access permission (only once). Tap Allow.

Tap Allow
4. Let the scanning finish. The process will take time, depending on the number of deleted photos that can be recovered.

scan results
5. When done, you will see the number of recoverable images and folders photos have been categorized into.

number of recoverable images
6. Select the entire folder and tap on the download button to recover the entire folder. Alternatively, you can open the folder, view each photo, and select the ones you want to restore.

Photos Recovery
7. To change the recovery folder, head to the Settings option and make the changes.

Scan Filters

This is how using Photos Recovery, you can perform deleted image recovery on Android.

FAQ-Recover Deleted Photos on Every Device

How can I recover pictures from another phone?

To restore photos from another device, open the Google Photos app > sign in to your Google Account on which you have taken the backup of photos > select and restore them.

Can I recover permanently deleted photos?

Google provides no direct way to recover photos deleted from phones. However, you can restore permanently deleted pictures using an image recovery tool like Photos recovery.

Can you permanently recover deleted photos from iCloud?

You can try restoring deleted images by using the Recently Deleted option in the sidebar in iCloud Drive on

Can we recover 5 years old deleted photos?

Yes, using a photo recovery tool like Photos Recovery, if the data is not overwritten, you can restore 5 year old deleted photos.

Wrap-Up – Deleted Photo Recovery

As explained above, several ways to restore deleted or lost photos exist. Whether you lost the pictures from Android or PC, you can get them back using these steps. However, if you cannot restore them from Recycle Bin, you can use Photos Recovery, the best media recovery tool, to retrieve permanently deleted images from the PC and Android. The tool will help recover the maximum number of photos. You never know if you can restore those photos and video files you thought you would never get back.

Give Photos Recovery a try, and share your feedback in the section below.

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