How To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card


Effective Way to Retrieve Photos Lost From SD Card

Often when in a hurry and looking for a way to make space on Android devices, DSLRs, or other devices that use SD cards, we end up deleting images from it, right? Once the action is performed, only then we realize neither we have a backup or a printout of those images. Losing such precious photos due to an act of haste is frustrating. In addition to this, if the pictures get deleted due to a virus attack the same thing happens.

Fortunately, we have a solution to recover images from SD cards. Using Photos Recovery, the best images recovery tool you can get back lost images. But can it recover photos from a corrupt SD card, pictures permanently deleted, and so on?

Yes, the good news is using Photos Recovery you can easily recover images from an SD card.

Reasons why photos get deleted from SD card

  • Human error – accidentally deleting the pictures.
  • Formatting SD card without taking a backup.
  • Virus attack
  • Trying to save images on an SD card even when it is running out of space.
  • Corrupt SD card

What to do to when you delete an image and want to recover it?

Due to any reason, if your photos have gone missing from the memory card, we suggest you take the following actions.

Stop using the SD card – we suggest this as once the data is overwritten retrieving deleted images is not easy.

Use a recovery tool to get back lost images or pictures. For this, you can try using Photos Recovery.

Now that we know the reasons and what not to do, let us learn how to recover deleted photos from SD cards.

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How To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card Free?

If you have backup images then, there’s nothing to worry about. However, if you missed taking one, you need a professional image recovery tool that can detect the SD card and help restore lost images.

Why use Photos Recovery to Recover Photos from SD card

  • Retrieve images from formatted, corrupt, and inaccessible SD card
  • Two scanning modes to recover almost all deleted photos
  • Allows saving recovered images on any storage device.

Prerequisite to use the tool

  • A windows system
  • USB card reader to connect SD card.
  • An extra drive to save recovered images

The Best Tool to Recover Images From SD Card

Photos Recovery as the name implies this tool is designed to retrieve deleted or lost pictures. Using this powerful tool, you can easily recover deleted photos from your SD card. To use it follow the steps below:

Before following the steps make sure you have connected the SD card to the system via the SD card connected. Once that is done, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Photos Recovery

2. Run the best recovery tool to scan the SD card and get back lost or deleted images

If you see the Removable Drive tab greyed out reconnect the SD card.

3. Click the Removable Drive tab

Removable Drive_Photos Recovery
4. Select the SD card you wish to scan for deleted or lost files.

If the pictures you are looking for were deleted some time back, we suggest performing a Deep Scan. As it is more thorough the chances of recovering almost all deleted pictures is more.

Deep Scan_Photos Recovery

5. Wait for the scan to finish.
Deep Scan
6. Preview scan results

Preview scan results_Photos Recovery
7. Select the images you want to restore and hit Recover.
8. Choose the destination folder, make sure it is not the same as the one you are scanning. Doing so will overwrite the data.
9. Again, click Recover.
10. Wait for the process to finish.

Restore deleted photo
11. You will now get a summary of the action performed.
Photos Recovery_Summary
12. Head to the destination where you saved the recovered photos.

That’s all using these simple steps you can easily recover images from the SD card.

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Wrap Up

The most common reason for losing photos, or any files for that matter is human error. But with the help of a professional image recovery tool  – Photos Recovery you can get back lost images. Using it you can recover deleted photos from an SD card, hard drive, USB.

We hope you found the information helpful and were able to recover deleted photos. Do share your feedback about the product in the comments sections. Also, for any product-related queries, send an email to


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