How To Recover Deleted Photos After A Malware Attack


Read the post below to learn how to recover photos deleted or lost due to a malware attack.

If you are short on time, get Systweak Photos Recovery and restore pictures lost or deleted due to any reason. To download this excellent image recovery tool, click the download button below.

No one ever wants to be a victim of a malware attack. Yet, if you are struck by one and have lost your family, wedding, vacation, or any other pictures, you are at the right place. Here we will explain the 3 best ways to recover deleted photos. In addition to this, we will also give an overview of the signs and causes of virus infection.

What is a Malware?

Malware is an umbrella term used for any type of malicious software designed to harm or exploit the device. Usually, cybercriminals use it to extract data and make money. The best way to stay protected from malware and other nasty threats is to use an updated antivirus like Systweak Antivirus. Moreover, you can read our earlier post in which we have explained how to protect your device from malware attacks.

This is how we can stay protected from malware, but if we are victims of malware attacks and have lost data, then? Worry not!

Luckily, data recovery apps help restore photos lost or deleted due to malware attacks. In this post, alongside giving step-by-step instructions on using the Photos Recovery app, we will also explain specific manual steps to recover deleted photos.

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3 Best Ways to Recover Deleted Photos After a Malware Attack

Method 1 – Recovering Hidden Images Through CMD

It’s not that a virus attack permanently deletes pictures or files from the hard drive, USB, SD card, etc., Sometimes the threat actors write the code so that the data stays on the PC but becomes inaccessible. To unhide hidden data, use the ‘attrib’ command in Command Prompt (CMD) to unhide hidden data.

To use the command and unhide files using Command Prompt, follow these steps:

1. Make a note of the drive letter from where you want to recover hidden files.
2. In the search bar, enter Command Prompt > right-click Run as administrator.
3. Type attrib command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d F:\*.* and press Enter.

‘F’ is the drive letter from which your files are missing.


4. Wait for the process to finish and let Windows start recovering the hidden files.
5. After that, go to the drive, USB, or SD card from where the images were lost to see if you can see them.

If not, it seems there weren’t any hidden files. In this case, let’s move to the following method.

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Method 2. Restore Deleted Photos using System Restore

When a virus attack infects the Windows PC, you can recover lost or deleted files using the System Restore point.

A system restores point helps restore your computer to a previous version or date when it was free from virus.

To recover photos lost due to malware attack using System Restore, follow these steps:

1. In the search bar, type Restore.
2. Click System Protection tab > System Restore > Next.

system properties

system restore
3. Select the restore point from the options listed. Click Next and follow the prompts.

restore time

To know what all programs will be affected after performing System Restore, click Scan for affected programs.

scanning program

system restore detail

4. Confirm the restore point and click Finish.

confirm system restore
5. Your PC will now restart, and you will get the message ‘System Restore completed successfully.’

Now check the drive to see if you have recovered the lost or deleted photos. If not, you will have to use the third-party tool to restore images.

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Method 3. Restore Deleted Photos From the Infected Drive Using Systweak Photos Recovery

When the above solutions did not work, use Systweak Photos Recovery which helps restore deleted or lost photos from corrupt and virus-infected drivers. The image recovery tool performs comprehensive scanning of the drive and helps recover deleted or lost media files. With the help of the tool in just a few mouse clicks, you can easily recover wiped photos, audio clips, and videos.

Here’s how to use the Photos Recovery tool:

Step 1: Download and install Systweak Photos Recovery software.

Step 2: Launch the image recovery tool and select the drive you wish to scan. Before clicking the START SCAN button, choose from the two scanning modes. To recover media files Systweak Photos Recovery offers Quick Scan and Deep Scan. If you want to perform a quick scan, you can use Quick Scan. However, for in-depth scanning, we suggest using Deep Scan.

pr scan

Note: If you want to scan an SD card or attached storage device, click the Removable Drive tab.

pr scan drive

Step 3: After you click the START SCAN button, wait for the scan to finish. Depending on the size of your storage disk and the amount delete data, the process will take time.

pr scan process

Note: If you perform Quick Scan and no deleted files are found, Photos Recovery will ask permission to move to Deep Scan. We recommend clicking YES.

pr scan no file found

Step 4: You will not get a list of photos and videos that can be retrieved. You preview the search results and select the media files you want to restore.

pr deleted file found
Step 5: After selecting the images or videos to recover, hit the RECOVER button and choose a different location to save data.

Note: Saving data on the same drive overwrites data and reduces the chances of data recovery.

recover deleted file

Step 6: Wait for the recovery process to finish. When done, you will get a success message. To check the restored data, go to the location where you saved the images to check the restored data.

This is how using Systweak Photos Recovery; you can get back your precious memories.

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The Final Word

Time and again, we tell our readers to maintain a backup of essential data. Still, due to our busy schedules, many of us miss on that and end up losing data. In such cases, a recovery tool like Photos Recovery comes for rescue. Using it, you can restore data if not overwritten from any storage device and then take a backup of it.

The excellent tool is easy to use and is the most reliable and efficient method for recovering lost memories. To avoid losing and recovering most of the data, stop using the disk as soon as you realize you have deleted video,  music, or image files. Once the data is overwritten, restoring deleted files is minimized. With Systweak Photos, Recovery software quickly recover photos lost due to malware attack on Windows PC.

We hope you like the information we have shared. Please share your feedback, suggestions, or questions, if any, in the comments section. For any product-related queries, you can send an email to

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