How to Recover Deleted DNG Files


Are DNG Image format files missing? Looking for ways to recover deleted DNG files?

Well, if you are reading this post, you must know what the DNG file format is, isn’t it? It is a proprietary file standard developed and launched by Adobe Inc in 2004. DNG stands for Digital Negative and was developed with the purpose to create a common RAW format for digital photography. It can be used royalty-free, and the license is provided without a warranty of any type.

converting to DNG

The DNG file format is compatible with Adobe and other applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, Windows Photos, and more. This extension offers more benefits than RAW; hence these days it is widely used.

Benefits of DNG file format

Smaller in size when compared with RAW

DNG files have checksum information that helps detect and prevent file corruption

Compatible with all popular software

Instead of creating a separate XMP file, changes made are directly written on the DNG file

What Causes Loss of Photos in DNG format?

Just like any other file format, DNG files can also go missing. Before learning how you can recover lost DNG files, let us first look at the reasons for DNG image format loss.

  • Accidentally deleting data – While deleting certain files, we might end up accidentally deleting important DNG files. In such cases, if you have a backup, cool. However, if you don’t have one, you will have to use DNG file recovery software.
  • Hardware Issues – Hardware issues are unpredictable, they can happen anytime and to anyone.
  • Virus Infection – Malware attacks again are a common reason for data loss. Therefore, to avoid being a victim of virus attacks use an updated antivirus like Systweak Antivirus.

Now, we know what can cause the loss of DNG files. Let us learn whether we can recover photos in DNG format or not.

Is it possible to recover deleted DNG Files?

Like we can recover other files, DNG images can also be recovered. When any photo in DNG format is deleted or the drive is formatted, references of these files remain on the drive. This means they can be retrieved. The thing you need to remember when you get to know the file is deleted, stop using the device and the disk on which DNG or any lost file was stored. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recover deleted DNG files. Alongside, this always uses a reliable and trusted image recovery tool like Photos Recovery.

How Can I Recover Lost DNG Files?

There are three ways to recover DNG files-

1. Check Recycle Bin
2. Unhide Files/Folder
3. Use Photos Recovery, an advanced recovery tool designed to restore lost or deleted image files.

Using either of the steps, you can easily get back lost or deleted DNG photos.

In case you are short on time and are looking for the most effective method, we would recommend tying Photos Recovery.

What is Photos Recovery?

Designed by Systweak Photos Recovery as the name infers is an excelled image recovery tool. Using it, you can quickly restore all deleted image file formats. Available for all versions of Windows and Android, this tool is simply amazing.

Photos Recovery

Furthermore, using it is also simple. Anyone be it a novice or advanced user can use this DNG file recovery software.

Download it today.

3 Best Ways to Recover Deleted DNG Files

1. From Recycle Bin

As all deleted files are moved to Recycle Bin, this should be the first place you should check for deleted files.

So, before you start panicking, just check the Recycle Bin. If you are lucky, you will find deleted DNG files there.

Open Recycle Bin > try to find the DNG images > if you can locate them > right click > Restore.

Doing so will put the image back to its original location.

2. Unhide Files and Folders

No luck finding files in the Recycle Bin! Don’t worry, let us try another method. Generally, when the system is infected DNG files go invisible. To unhide the DNG image format, follow these steps:

But, before that try scanning your system and protecting it against malware with a good antivirus tool like Systweak Antivirus.

Once that is done unhide DNG files.

1. Press Windows + E to open File Explorer
2. Head to the folder where deleted DNG image format was saved
3. Click View > Options > Change folders and search options

search4. Hit the View tab > Scroll down > Advanced Settings > click the “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” option.
5. To save change click Ok > Apply.
6. Check if you can view the DNG folder and files.

If not, let us move to the last step and use the professional picture recovery tool – Photos Recovery

3. Recover DNG files using DNG file recovery software – Photos Recovery

1. Download and install Photos Recovery

2. Click the gear icon present at the top > Settings.

Photos Recovery Setting
3. Click Filter Options present in the left pane > select RAW Photos option > APPLY.

Photos Recovery raw photos
4. Next, select the drive on which the DNG photos were saved.
5. Thereafter select Deep Scan and hit START SCAN.

photos recovery
6. Wait for the scanning to finish.
7. Preview the found DNG images. Select the one you want to recover and click Recover
8. Select the location where you want to restore deleted DNG pictures. Make sure it is not the one that you are scanning.
9. Let the process finish. To confirm the recovery, go to the location and check.

This is it, using these simple steps and running a Deep Scan will help recover deleted DNG files.

Wrap Up

It doesn’t matter what made you lose the DNG files. Using Photos Recovery, the best DNG file recovery software you can easily and quickly recover deleted DNG files. It is an easy-to-use image recovery tool, and anyone can use it to retrieve DNG photos. We hope you like the information we share; do share your feedback in the comments section.

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