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For every person who connects to the Internet, data security and protecting identity is important. Protecting your PC from viruses and malicious software is an excellent way to achieve that. For this, you must be sure you use an antivirus that gets frequent updates. What if I say there is an antivirus that gets updated automatically?

I know it sounds interesting and fortunately, we have one such tool, and it is called T9 Antivirus. This powerful antivirus for Windows automatically checks for database updates and downloads definition updates regularly. Also, it comes with real-time protection, malware protection, exploit protection, and web protection. All this helps to stay protected from both old and latest threats.

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Why is it important to update antivirus software regularly?

Certain people have this question: why is it necessary to update antivirus software? Some believe that the task is done by installing an antivirus program. This isn’t true because antivirus software is designed to keep a check on the files you download and move to the system, and without the updated database, checking for threats is impossible. Therefore, keeping antivirus updated is important.

In addition, certain people have computers that aren’t always connected to the Internet. They probably think they are safe and get away without updating their antivirus software. Again, my dear friends, this is not the right way because you never know in what form and how the virus might enter your system. This again makes updating antivirus software important.

Also, viruses aren’t easily detected. To deal with them, a well-designed and updated security tool is needed.

Why update Antivirus?

Let’s face it – updates are often painful because most people skip doing that. Also, they need an internet connection, and in the worst cases, they demand you restart the system. But this is nothing compared to the security they offer for your data. Updates are available for reasons to protect you from the latest threats.

Also, updating doesn’t mean downloading a whole new software package. Most updates only consist of the latest database definition, and the process is very quick. Furthermore, not much bandwidth is used for this process.

If the security tool you use doesn’t automatically check for database updates, do that manually once a day or two before using the system. Alternatively, you can use T9 Antivirus, the best security software with an automatic database update option.

Also, to help save time, this tool allows you to schedule scanning. If you are in doubt and think there might be a virus, don’t wait for signs to show up. Immediately use your antivirus software to scan and clean threats (if any are detected.)

How often should I do an antivirus scan?

Most security software gives real-time protection against threats, but regular system scans cannot be overlooked. If you find it difficult to remember, you can schedule the scan to run once a week.

You can also customize the scanning area and set the tool to run when the system is idle. For in-depth scanning, use Deep Scan; for scanning critical areas, go with Quick Scan, and to scan areas of your choice, set up a custom scan. This way, you can keep the system and data protected from threats.

Which Antivirus to use?

As stated, T9 Antivirus is the best security tool for Windows users. Developed by Tweaking Technologies, this antivirus utility offers the following features:-

  • Real-time protection
  • Malware protection
  • Exploit protection
  • Web protection
  • Scan startup items for infections
  • PC Optimizer
  • Shredder
  • Scheduler
  • Regular database updates

Moreover, it comes with excellent technical support. For any queries, you can contact them at support. Furthermore, the tool comes with a money-back guarantee.

Here’s how to use the amazing security tool – T9 Antivirus.

1. Download and install T9 Antivirus.

2. Run the best security tool offered by Tweaking Technologies.
3. Click the Scan Types option from the left pane to select the scanning mode.


Choose any as per your preference.

T9 Antivirus_Quick Scan

4. Wait for the scanning process to complete.

T9_Deep Scan

5. T9 antivirus will quarantine detected threats.

T9_Quarantine_Deep Scan

6. Once done, you will get the summary of the action performed.

T9_Antivirus_scan finished

7. Restart the PC to apply changes.

Keep PC Protected With T9 Antivirus

We hope you got the answer to why to update the antivirus, how to update the antivirus on a laptop, and whether it is safe to update the antivirus. Do remember keeping antivirus updates is for our good. Just to save a few KB of data, don’t skip it. Also, if you think you don’t go online often or don’t download stuff hence you are safe, you are wrong. The only way to stay safe is to be vigilant and to use an updated antivirus.

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