How to Protect Your Computer From Hackers and Viruses


Hackers cybercriminals are constantly trying to harm your PC and spread malware. Protect your computer by running Advanced System Protector, the best antivirus tool for Windows.

We spend a significant amount of our time online and on computing devices. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or a Chromebook – our valuable data is stored on these devices, and nasty people are always looking for ways to steal it. What would it be like if I said there are certain ways to protect your computer and the data stored on it?

Yes, you read it right your keep your PC monitored and protected by learning some tips and running the best antivirus software. This will not only enhance computer security but will keep you under the radar, enhancing computer security.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to dive in and learn different ways of protecting your computer.


  • Your data, money, and identity can be easily stolen.
  • Running antivirus software, creating strong passwords, and using firewalls improve computer security.
  • Keep system and software constantly updated.
  • Regularly back up important files.
  • To deal with ever-evolving cyber threats educating employees and individuals is essential.

Tips to Protect Your Computer Hackers & Virus

1. Learn Good Cybersecurity Habits

When we are young to stay safe, our parents teach us certain things like – don’t talk to strangers, while crossing the road look at both sides and more. Sadly, nothing of such is taught to stay safe online. So, to improve Windows security, it is essential to keep yourself educated and follow good cyber security habits.

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2. Use Strong Passwords

Passwords are our best defense against data breaches, yet most of us keep the same password for multiple accounts. Not only this, to easily remember passwords, we use either our birthdate, pets name, or anniversary date. This is the biggest mistake as hackers can easily guess it and crack your account. Therefore, to stay protected from being hacked, the best thing you can do is use a trusted and reliable password manager.

3. Install And Run An Updated Antivirus Software

Computer virus and malware lurk around to detect vulnerabilities and infect the system. To deal with these threats running an antivirus program that offers different levels of protection is a must. Therefore, to stay protected against virus, malware, spyware, and other malicious threats designed to steal information making your computer inoperable, using Advanced System Protector is recommended.  To use this best antivirus, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Advanced System Protector.

2. Run the security tool to protect the system against online and offline threats.
3. Next, if you are scanning the system for the first time, we suggest running Deep Scan.

scan now

Note: Advanced System Protector provides three different scanning modes. Quick, Deep and Custom, you can use any to scan the system. To select from them, click Custom Scan > select the scan type and hit Start Scan


click custom scan

4. Wait for the scanning to finish.
5. Review scan results to clean the detected threats; click Clean Infections.

Click Clean Infections
6. Advanced System Protector, before cleaning, will create a restore point from a security point of view.

clearing items
7. Once the threats are quarantined, you’ll get the successful message.

items cleaned successfully
8. Restart the PC apply changes.

Additional Information:-

Advanced System Protector even helps scan startup items, protects online browsing by blocking unwanted ads, and even has an in-built firewall. To use these additional protections, click the Protection option from the left pane and select the option you wish.

Select protection

Startup Manager – lists down all the programs that run at the startup

Startup Manager

Web Protection – Install StopAll Ads ad Blocker extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to stay protected against adware and other malicious threats.

Web Protection

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5. Use Two-Factor Authentication

Another way to keep yourself protected from nasty threats is to use two-factor authentication. It adds an additional layer of protection to your passwords and prevents hackers from accessing your account. To trespass, they will need to have access to your phone because only then they can enter the security code required to access your account.

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6. Scan Your System Daily

As malware, virus, and other malicious threats are evolving to stay protected and stop hackers from infiltrating your system performing a daily scan using antivirus software is suggested. For this, you can again use Advanced System Protector as the tool allows scheduling scanning. To use it, follow these steps:

1. Launch Advanced System Protector

2. Click Custom Scan present below the Scan Now button

Scan Now button
3. This will open the Settings window. Click the Schedule tab and select the scan type > date and time to run the scan. Click Apply to save changes.

setting tab click apply

Doing so will help run Advanced System Protector run automatically and scan the system at a scheduled time.

7. Take Regular Backups

You never know when the malware can strike and take over your system. To stay ready for such unforeseen situations create a periodic backup schedule. This will ensure your important data is backed up and you don’t lose it. You can backup data on cloud service or can use an external hard drive.

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8. Keep System and Installed Software Updated

From the security point of view regularly updating Windows and installed software is suggested. This helps dodge anomalies and bugs present in the system. To simplify this task you can use Systweak Software Updater.

9. Avoid Opening and Downloading Attachments from Unknown Sender

Hackers don’t leave any stone unturned to steal data. To steal data they hide viruses in the email attachment. Therefore, never open or read emails received from unknown sources.

10. Be Watchful of Social Engineering Attacks

Using hi-tech methods and the information you share online it is easy for hackers to break into the system. Therefore to stay protected always be wary of social engineering attacks. Never share any financial information with anyone over the phone call, email, or with anyone you don’t trust. Also don’t click on links received in SMS or over the email that might be asked to enter credit card or financial information.

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Your Data Is Important

If you don’t keep yourself updated you are weakening computer and Windows security. Therefore, to stay protected keep the above information in mind and use an updated antivirus tool. For this, you can give Advanced System Protector a try. This best and ultimate security tool helps clean all malicious infections. Also, it helps schedule scanning and keeps the system protected. We hope you will give it a try, share your information in the comments section.

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