How Does An Antivirus Protect You Against Hackers


With cyberattacks on the rise, considering whether antivirus software can protect from hackers is a genuine question. However, there isn’t a clear-cut answer, yet if we know how antivirus software works, we can get the solution for whether it can protect against hackers. Hence, this post explains the best antivirus tool – T9, and how it protects PCs against cyber criminals.

An unprotected device allows identity thieves and hackers to access and steal sensitive data. Moreover, viruses, malware, adware, and spyware can slow down PCs, destroy files, and make users victims of data breaches, DDoS, or other attacks. Using a good antivirus tool can protect your privacy and PC from hackers.

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Tip : No single security method is 100% foolproof. To keep yourself and your data protected, a combination of different software like VPN (Systweak VPN), Password Managers (TweakPass), and Identity Theft Protection (Advanced Identity Protector) is necessary.

What information can hackers steal?

As the number of internet-connected devices grows, personal information available online increases. Let’s have a look at the type of information that’s out there and why hackers might be interested:

1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – From your name, home address, email address, medical records, educational records, date of birth, social security number, employment records to tax number, credit card details, bank account information, purchases you make online, holidays you are planning, etc. all of this information is accessible on the internet.

2. Browsing data – Your ISP, browser extensions, and plugins also save data in cookies before you realize it is all delivered to the hackers.

3. Webcam & Microphone – You might think you use a microphone or camera for meetings, but are you sure no one else is listening to you?

You may not realize that hackers are watching you; they monitor all your activities and steal all your data. Even public Wi-Fi that you use is a honey trap to lure you and steal data. Unprotected hotspots give hackers a free pass to break into your device and spread malware. Updated antivirus and VPN must be used to stay protected.

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Does Systweak Antivirus stop hackers?

No security tool can 100% guarantee complete protection from hackers. However, T9 Antivirus, developed by Tweaking Technologies, does protect you from hackers and the latest and prevailing threats in some way. The security tool offers different shields that stop hackers from infiltrating the computer. Moreover, the robust built-in firewall blocks threats before they enter the system.

T9 antivirus features

Running an antivirus is essential for digital security and to immunize the PC against unauthorized access. The antivirus tool identifies threats like malware and viruses. Also, it stops hackers from taking advantage of vulnerabilities and downloading suspicious files. Moreover, T9 Antivirus software, through its (Web Protection shield) online virus scanner, informs the user about the malicious site.

How Does The T9 Antivirus Work?

Designed to protect PCs from malicious programs, apps, files, websites, and more, T9 antivirus detects, neutralizes, and quarantines the malware. The antivirus tool comes with Real-time Protection, Malware Protection, Exploit Protection, USB Stick Protection, and a Firewall that helps identify and remove malware and viruses in runtime. Moreover, it scans startup items for threats and helps remove them.

T9_Home Screen

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To detect threats accurately, it uses signature analysis and behavior-based detection techniques.

To begin with, T9 Antivirus detects threats in real time; if the user is about to access or download an infected file, the security tool flags it and blocks it from being downloaded. Once the threat is identified, it is removed, preventing hackers from compromising the information or system. Also, the tool runs a scan in the background to detect harmful files or sites.

The signature analysis compares potential threats with the database definition of detected malware.

The shortfall of this method is that it doesn’t detect threats that aren’t added to the database. Therefore, to overcome this, the antivirus does behavior-based detection.

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What to Look for in Antivirus Protection

Besides the detection rate of an antivirus tool, other important factors are worth considering. They are:

  • Scanning capabilities: Real-Time scanning and on-demand scanning should be a part of the antivirus tool. Also, it should offer a scheduler to run scanning at a specified time.
  • Firewall: An antivirus application that comes with built-in firewalls that monitor network traffic is better than one that has none. The firewall blocks unauthorized access.
  • Privacy policy: If an antivirus application offers security and keeps track of data, then using it is better than not having protection. Therefore, check the privacy policy to know what the tool is accessing in the background.

Additional Ways to Stop Hackers From Accessing Your Information

  • Keep firewalls enabled and boost network protection to keep devices and networks protected.
  • Use a VPN to encrypt your web traffic and hide your IP address.
  • Keep the system up-to-date to patch digital security software.
  • Avoid opening emails received from an unknown sender.
  • Use a password manager like TweakPass to secure usernames and passwords in an encrypted vault.
  • Activate two-factor authentication

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Stay Protected Against Hackers with T9 Antivirus

Antivirus software is crucial to protecting the system and data, but they do not guarantee 100% protection. T9 Antivirus, to some extent, protects devices and data from malware, spyware, adware, and other threats. Therefore, for all-around protection, one needs to be careful of the actions performed and use different tools like VPN, identity protection, password manager, etc. This will help stay protected against threats and other digital security. We hope to protect the device against hackers; you will give T9 Antivirus a try. Share your feedback, suggestions, and any queries in the section below.

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