How to Stop Spyware From Accessing Your PC


Prying eyes follow everywhere you go. To learn how to prevent spyware from accessing your PC, read the post till the end.

Spyware, as the name explains, is a nasty virus that captures your confidential information like passwords, credit card numbers, usernames,  and more. Furthermore, to collect data, it records keystrokes, video, and audio through your webcam. If this doesn’t ring a bell, let me tell you spyware uses CPU processing power, which results in slow system performance. On top of that, spyware is good at staying hidden. This makes removing it tricky and even more difficult.

However, if you know the signs of the spyware infection, things become easy.

How does the system get infected by spyware?

  • Phishing and spoofing
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Trojan
  • Freeware

Signs Your PC Has a Spyware?

  • Unexpected and sudden decline in PC’s performance.
  • Settings change without user consent
  • Random pop-up messages from different applications
  • Sudden system shutdown

While these signs tell your system is infected by spyware, they also tell it might be under malware attack. To know the reason, use a malware scanning tool like T9 Antivirus.

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How can you prevent Spyware from accessing your PC?

1. Download and install T9 Antivirus.

2. Run T9 Antivirus, the best security tool to detect spyware.
3. Click the Scan Types option from the left pane and select the scanning mode.

T9 Antivirus_Quick Scan
The tool offers three scanning modes –

  • Quick Scan– scans critical system areas for infections
  • Deep Scan– scans folders, subfolders, and all the parts for threats. It is time-consuming.
  • Custom Scan– gives users an option to select areas to scan that take a much longer time than Quick Scan. If you run a security tool for the first time, we suggest using the Deep Scan option.

Note : Deep Scan is in-depth, and it should be used at least once a month when the system is in an idle state.

4. Depending on the stored data, Deep Scan will take time. Wait for the process to finish.

T9_Deep Scan
5. T9 Antivirus will quarantine threats as it detects them.

T9_Quarantine_Deep Scan

7. Once the scan is finished, you will get a threat result summary of the action performed.

T9_Antivirus_scan finished
8. Restart the system to apply changes, and that’s it.

Once the system is spyware-free, you will surely experience a speed boost.

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Additional Tip –

Manual Steps to Remove Spyware – Windows 10

When you suspect that your system is infected by spyware, to prevent spyware from sending information, go offline (disconnect from the internet).

1. Restart the system in Safe mode. To do so, click the Windows menu > press and hold the Shift key > Restart.

Restart System
2. Select Troubleshoot from the menu that appears.

Choose troubleshoot
3. Select Advanced Options.

troubleshoot advanced options
4. Click Startup Settings > click Restart the system.

advanced options startup settings
5. To boot in Safe Mode, press the number 4

windows startup setting
This will boot the system into Safe Mode, and you will see the words “Safe Mode” displayed in all four corners of your desktop.

Safe Mode word shows
7. When in Safe Mode, in the Windows search bar, type Disk Cleanup, open the app, and remove temporary files.

disk cleanup

temporary file
8. Next, press the Windows key + I > Apps.

windows setting Apps Tab
9. Sort the apps by date and uninstall the ones you don’t recognize.

apps and features
10. When done, reboot the system and run T9 Antivirus to scan the system for infections. This will help stop spyware from accessing the PC.

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Say Goodbye To Spyware

With the help of these simple steps, you can easily prevent spyware from accessing your PC. If you find manual steps difficult and too much work, use T9 Antivirus, the best security tool to help clean all types of infections on your system.

T9 Antivirus is an amazing tool that offers real-time protection, exploit protection, malware protection, and even scans startup items for malware. The tool is perfect for securing the PC from all types of threats. We recommend using it to stay protected from spyware and stop spyware from accessing your PC. We hope you find the information helpful and will try the tool. Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

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