How To Download and Install SMBus Controller Driver for Windows


Developed by Intel in the mid-1990s, SM Bus is an inexpensive communication device for motherboards. In short, it provides a two-wire interface between the system and power-related components for communications.

Also, SM Bus monitors voltage and temperature and can send a certain number of error messages when a problem occurs. This makes SM Bus an integral part of the system.

With that being said, you need to pay attention if you see a question mark or a yellow warning sign next to the SM Bus Controller in the Device Manager. This might be a sign of an outdated driver.

SMBus Controller driver


Important : Windows does not provide native driver support for the chipset included on the system board.

This post will discuss how to update SM Bus controllers for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.

What Is an SM Bus Controller?

SM Bus Controller, aka System Management Bus, is a low-level hardware device designed with integrated circuits or chipsets located on the Motherboard. It’s a two-wire interface that makes communication between the system and other power-related components effortless.

It is mainly responsible for measuring the temperature and voltage of the Motherboard. If you ever find a yellow question mark next to the SM Bus Controller (in Device Manager), your Operating System does not recognize the hardware. Hence, you need to troubleshoot the problem by updating its associated driver. 

The Easiest Way to Download and Update SM Bus controller driver

Updating drivers manually requires time, patience, and computer skills. Due to this, most people fear updating drivers. However, this problem can be easily dealt with Advanced Driver Updater software. The powerful driver updater in no time detects outdated drivers and updates them easily. You don’t have to provide any information. The tool automatically lists outdated drivers and allows you to update the ones you want. To try it, click the button below to download it.

5 Best Ways to Update SM Bus Controller in Windows PC

Method 1 – Manually updating SM Bus controller Windows 10

To avoid any problems caused due to outdated SM Bus drivers, Intel keeps updating them. You must visit Intel’s official website to get the latest driver update.

1. Once there, click Download Center

SMBus Download Center
2. Select your product or use the search bar to look for Intel drivers and software.
3. Once the correct driver for your system is downloaded, double-click the setup file and follow on-screen instructions to install the driver.
4. Restart the system to apply changes.

You will not see the yellow warning sign next to SM Bus Controller in the Device Manager.

However, if you cannot find a driver on Intel’s website, we have an easy way. Try using Advanced Driver Updater.

Method 2 – Automatically updating SM Bus Controller driver Windows 7 64-bit (Recommended)

If you cannot find the SMBus Controller driver for Windows 7,8,10,11 or find it difficult to install driver updates manually, don’t worry. Use Advanced Driver Updater to identify outdated drivers and update them in a few clicks.

Advanced Driver Updater scans to identify outdated, problematic, and corrupt drivers, showing the latest and most compatible driver updates. Moreover, you don’t need to know the exact operating system and device details to use this product. Also, the risk of downloading incorrect driver updates is eliminated.

Also, before updating drivers for security reasons, Advanced Driver Updater takes a backup of old drivers. This helps restore the driver (if anything goes wrong).

Using its Free or Pro version in a few clicks, you can update SM Bus Controller driver Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10.

To use it, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install Advanced Driver Updater
  • Run the best driver updating tool for Windows.
  • Click Start Scan Now to perform the scan and detect problematic drivers.

Advanced Driver Updater

  • View the scan results and click Update All to update all outdated drivers. However, if you are using the trial version, click the Update driver option next to the device that reads SM Bus Controller. This will automatically download the correct and latest driver update.

update all out dated driver

The trial version allows updating one driver at a time. This means you will have to update all outdated drivers one by one.

  • Wait for the process to finish.
  • Restart the system to apply changes; any problem you faced due to SM Bus Controller should now be fixed.

Method  3- Uninstall SMBus Controller

If updating the driver doesn’t work for you, try uninstalling the driver. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Right-click Start menu > select Device Manager.
  • Go to Other devices > right-click SM Bus Controller > Uninstall device > Uninstall.
  • Reboot the PC.

Method 4 – Roll Back Driver

Sometimes even after updating the driver, you might face an issue due to a bug. To fix it, let us try reverting the driver to the stage when it used to work perfectly.

  • Launch Device Manager > Other devices.
  • Right-click SM Bus Controller > Properties.
  • Click the Drivers tab > Roll Back Driver.

If the option is greyed out, you are using an outdated driver. Try updating it if not updated. Alternatively, you can try performing Clean Boot.

Method 5 – Perform a Clean Boot

A third-party app will likely create a problem if none of the above solutions have worked. Therefore, we suggest performing a Clean Boot. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run window.
  • Type Msconfig > press Enter key.
  • Click General tab > Selective Startup > check mark all three options Load system services, Load startup items, and Use original boot configuration.
  • Click the Services tab > checkmark the box next to Hide All Microsoft Services > Disable all.
  • Click Apply > Ok > restart PC and see if this helps.

Update – SM Bus Controller driver Windows PC

You can easily update the driver on your Windows machine using these steps. The manual method is time-consuming and requires patience, but the automatic method is easy, quick, and effective.

Moreover, Advanced Driver Updater comes with a 60- day money-back guarantee and doesn’t involve the risk of downloading incorrect drivers.

Also, it comes with an exclusion list and an option to schedule driver scanning. All this helps automate the process and keep drivers updated without recalling that a driver update is required.

If you face any problems using the product can contact support by sending an email to The trained technical team will help resolve all the queries.

FAQ's- Download SMBus Controller Driver

What chipsets are SMBus controllers integrated into?

SMBus controllers are mostly integrated into Intel chipsets.

How to download the SMBus controller driver for Windows 7?

The easiest way to download the SMBus controller driver is to use Advanced Driver Updater. This driver updating tool immediately detects outdated drivers and helps update them.

How do I get an SMBus controller driver?

You can get the SMBus control driver directly from website or Advanced Driver Updater, the best driver updating to automatically update drivers.

How do I identify my SMBus Controller driver?

Press Windows X select Device Manager double-click Others Devices you will see the SMBus Controller driver.

Is the SMBus controller driver important?

Yes, it is important as it helps monitor the motherboard's voltage and temperature.

What chipset brand do I have, Windows 10?

To know the chipset brand you have in the Windows search bar, type My Computer right-click on it choose Properties click on the Hardware tab Device Manager. Open the category that reads IDE ATA ATAPI controllers. You will be able to see the chipset brand.

Wrap Up

We hope you find the information helpful and can update the sm bus controller driver on your Windows. Do share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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