Best Way to Download & Update Your XP-Pen Drivers


XP-Pen is the best solution to live both interests when you love traveling and drawing. This budget-friendly option allows you to draw anywhere, anytime, without a canvas. To use it, you need the corresponding driver. If they are outdated, you face issues with the excellent XP-Pen, and the device stops working. Hence, updating XP-Pen drivers is suggested.

This tutorial will explain how to download and update drivers for your XP-Pen products.

Reasons for XP-Pen Not Working

1. Outdated or corrupt tables driver.

2. Hardware issues like a damaged pen.

3. Interefence caused by third-party software running on your PC.

4.  XP-Pen is not properly charged, or the configurations are not properly done.

5. Windows Ink Workspace creating interference.

Why do we need a driver for a drawing tablet?

Drivers let your tablet interact with your PC. Without them, the drawing tablet fails to work. Therefore you need a driver to use the drawing tablet.

How To Download & Update XP-Pen Drivers

When your XP-Pen stops working or you face issues with the graphics tablets, to get it working, updating  XP-Pen drivers is the best option. Still, most users fail to remember this and panic when the device stops working. If you are also stuck in a similar situation, here are the best ways to update the XP-Pen driver and get the XP-Pen not working again.

You can update XP-Pen drivers in two ways manual and automatic. You need time, patience, and technical knowledge. However, the automatic way doesn’t require any such things.

Hassle-Free Way to Download and Update Drivers

Outdated and missing drivers can cause several problems. Therefore, get ready to use the powerful driver updating tool Advanced Driver Updater to keep drivers updated. The best tool to update drivers takes just a few clicks and 2-3 minutes to download and update drivers.

Option 1: Manually Update XP-Pen Driver

To manually download and update your XP-Pen drivers, follow these steps:

XP-Pen Driver

  • Search for the corresponding drivers for the model number of your device.
  • Download the setup file and double-click on it to install the update.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to update the latest driver.
  • Restart the PC and check the device. It should be working fine after the XP-Pen software download and update.

Option 2: Automatically Download and Update the XP-Pen driver using Advanced Driver Updater.

If the above method makes you anxious, with no issues, you can use Advanced Driver Updater, the automatic way to update any device driver.

Advanced Driver Updater detects system details and outdated drivers. It lists compatible updates allowing you to update the driver you want. Use the Update driver link (trial user) or Update All button (for paid users) and update to the latest version of the driver.

Here’s how to use Advanced Driver Updater:

  • Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.
  • Run the tool and click Start Scan Now. Advanced Driver Updater will start looking for outdated drivers.

advanced driver updater

  • Click Update All to update all outdated drivers. However, if you are not a paid user, you will not be able to use this button. In that case, click the Update driver link next to the driver you want to update.

update outdated driver

  • Restart the PC to save changes, and then try to use the XP-Pen device. It should be working.

The registered version of Advanced Driver Updater comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and priority technical support. For any assistance, you can send an email to

FAQ- XP-Pen Drivers

How do I download a drawing driver for my tablet?

Connect the tablet to your PC using the USB you received with your drawing tablet. Run setup.exe or install.exe. Follow the on-screen instructions and restart the PC. To download the driver for XP-Pen, visit Search for the model number of your drawing tablet and download the driver setup file. Double-click on it to run and follow the on-screen instructions. Restart the PC to apply changes.

Does a drawing tablet need a driver?

You need a driver to detect different pressures your pen puts on the tablet. If a driver is missing, you'll end up with similar strokes.

Why is my pressure sensitivity not working XP-Pen?

The possible reason for the pen pressure not working is missing or outdated drivers. To fix it, update your drawing pen driver. The easiest way is to use a driver updating tool like Advanced Driver Updater. Hopefully, through the troubleshooting guide, we could help with the download and update of the XP-Pen driver and fix the issues you were facing. If you have tried any other fix, please share it with us and also leave your feedback for the post.


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