Why Do We Need A Duplicate File Finder and Cleaner Tool


Maintaining a duplicate-free file system is challenging, and finding duplicate files on the PC is difficult. That said, removing these files becomes easy when you know where they exist. However, the nature of duplicate files is to stay hidden among the original ones, which makes finding and removing them complex.

In such situations, what you need is a duplicate file finder. It is a tool that helps scan your storage devices for duplicate files. This post explains the need for a duplicate files finder and cleaner and why you need it instead of cleaning duplicates manually. 

Why Do You Need a Duplicate File Finder & Cleaner Tool?

As the name explains, a duplicate file finder and cleaner tool help search, fetch and remove the existing files on your PC. But why do we need a tool for it, and why is it important to remove duplicate files? 

Well, manually identifying duplicate files can be tedious and time-consuming. Moreover, there is no single reason for creating copies of files. They can be created for the following reasons:

  1. You have saved the same file twice.
  2. You unintentionally copied a single file twice. 
  3. An application you installed has created a copy of your files.
  4. You made a few edits and saved the file with a similar name, or both original and edited files are kept. 
  5. Malware on your PC is creating duplicates.

Usually, due to these common reasons, duplicate files are created, thus affecting user experience and PC’s performance.

Besides this, choosing the correct file from the pile of similar ones when you need them the most is another common issue. The list of problems doesn’t end there. Some of the core issues you may face are –

Issues Caused Due to Duplicate Files.

  1. They take up much storage space, causing problems with storage space. Due to this, to make space for new files or applications, you have to delete some existing files.
  2. Exact copies can create havoc in your existing file system, making it difficult to find files. When there is a significant number of duplicate files, there are too many files to go through; think about it!
  3. Creating a backup requires additional storage and time because duplicate files take up unnecessary space. Therefore, you should always avoid duplicate files on your backup.
  4. Having too many files can slow down your PC. The duplicate file is another file for your processor and disk drive; thus, the PC performance lags if you have too many of them. 

Having duplicate files on your PC can cause multiple problems, which is why there is a need for a duplicate file finder and cleaner tool. 

Is It Safe to Use A Duplicate File Finder & Cleaner? How Does it Work?

So far, we have looked at the issues & what causes the creation of duplicate files. All these pointers suggest we should immediately get rid of these files. In such a scenario, a duplicate file finder tool helps clean up the mess. 

Multiple software(s) are available in the market for this purpose. As far as the working is concerned, all of them have a different way. The most trusted and preferred tool by me is Duplicate Files Fixer

It is an easy-to-use software with an intelligent algorithm designed to find, locate, and preview duplicate files. The best part is that you can customize areas to scan, the file formats, see the space that will recover, exclude files/folders, review scan results before cleaning duplicates, and much more. It comes from a reliable source, Systweak, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android.  

Read complete review

To give you a perspective, here’s how to use the tool – 

  • Download and Install the tool on your PC. You can use the link below to find the installation file.
  • Run the tool and scan your PC for Duplicate files.
  • You can scan the PC, external drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or smartphone for duplicates. Moreover, you can delete empty folders. To customize the area, click the Down arrow next to Scan Mode and choose from the list of options. In addition to this, you can even decide which file types you want to run the scan for.

For clarification, please refer to the screenshot.

DFF_Home Screen

  • After selecting the scan mode and adding files/folders, click Scan for Duplicates to start the scanning.Duplicate Files Fixer


  • Once the scan is over, you will get the option to select duplicates manually or automatically. To save time, go with the Auto mark option.DFF_scan result
  • This will auto-select the files. You can preview them and uncheck the ones you don’t want to delete.DFF_Automark

Auto Mark doesn’t select all the duplicates from the scan result. It keeps the best copy unchecked.

  • Click on Delete Marked to initiate the removal. Confirm the action and sit back while the tool automatically deletes all the unwanted duplicate files.DFF_cleaning confirmation

All these steps are super easy & they help clean up duplicate files from your selected destination. 

Duplicate Files Fixer the Saviour

One thing is clear from the discussion that the need for a duplicate file finder and cleaner tool is real. You should do it now if you have never looked up duplicate files on your PC. You will be surprised to see the number of duplicate files. Using a tool in an instant, you can get rid of them. 

We hope you find the Duplicate Files Fixer a helpful tool for personal use. That’s it from us. If you are facing any other problem and would like us to cover it with a solution, leave us a comment. 


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