Ways to Recover Data Lost During Cut and Paste {Working}


When you cut and paste a file on your computer, it is removed from the original destination and stored in the system memory, allowing the user to paste it. While this is the easiest process, and everyone follows it to move a file from one folder to another, the chances of losing the file are there when the process is interrupted. 

For instance, during the cut-and-paste process, if the PC shuts down due to a power outage or crashes for any reason, the file is lost. Also, if you forgot that you had a few files to paste, and instead of them, you again selected some other files and copied them when you paste, the last cut files will be pasted, and you think the files before these are gone.  

Well, is it true? No, it isn’t because the files might not be at their original location, but they are still saved on system memory. Fortunately, there are ways that you can use to recover data lost during cut and paste, and in this post, we are going to take a look at some of them.

We have only curated a list of working methods; check it out!

Working Ways to Recover Data Lost During Cut and Paste

Fix 1 – Restore Previous Version of the Folder

If you have cut a few files from a folder and have lost them without pasting, you can restore the folder to its previous version and get all the files back in it. 

Step 1 – Navigate to the folder where you lost the file.
Step 2 – Right-click on the folder after selecting it to open the context menu.

Restore previous versions option

Step 3 – Find the Restore previous versions option and click on it.
Step 4 – It will open the device’s properties and take you directly to the previous versions tab.
Step 5 – Restore the version and refresh your folder to find the lost file.

The only catch is that not all folders have the restore option available. Not to mention, the previous version is unknown to a user. 

For instance, if you had recently added the files that you lost in cut-paste, there are chances that the previous version does not have that file. Hence, it only works with those folders that have had files from the very beginning. 

Fix 2 – Restore Files Via Files History

If you have file history settings turned ON on your computer, you can easily recover lost files using this method. 

Step 1 – Press Win+S to bring up the search and look up Files History.

search for file history

Step 2 – Press Enter to open the File History settings in the Control Panel.
Step 3 – From the left panel, click on Restore personal files.choose Restore Personal Files option Step 4 – Once the Window opens, you can navigate to the folder in the recovery window.

choose location to restore file
Step 5 – Select the file you want to restore and click the green restore button. 

Your file is now restored. Simply navigate to the folder on your computer and check if the exact file is available now or not. Since it is a Windows tool for restoration, it only accesses the Windows folders and drives to save the files. Hence, you may only use this tool when you want to restore a file from the Windows Drive of your PC. Files from Libraries, Desktop, Contacts, and favorites can be easily restored using this method. 

Fix 3 – Use a third-party Data Recovery Tool

Till now, both these methods have some limitations that make them ineffective in the majority of the use cases. Hence, to give you a perfect solution, we recommend you use the Advanced File Recovery tool. 

It is a one-of-a-kind tool that makes it super easy to recover lost files. Data recovery is never easy if you go by the traditional means. It is a long, time-consuming process that a few users know well enough to perform. 

Thanks to the Advanced File Recovery tool, even an average user can get the files back. All you have to do is –

Step 1 – Install the application using the link below.

Step 2 – Run the application and select the drive from where you want to restore the files.

Step 3 – Choose the type of file that you lost. In case there are multiple file types, you can select and scan all data.

select data type which you want to recover- Advanced File Recovery

Step 4 – Click on Start Scan to Initiate the process.

scanning files to recover- Advanced File Recovery

Step 5 – Once the tool finds the files, click on them to get a preview so you know you are restoring the correct file.
Step 6 – Select the file and click on restore.
Step 7 – Choose the folder where you want to restore the files. 

This is a perfect method to help you get your hands on the files that you have lost. The tool does it perfectly. Sure, the tools offered by Windows to restore data are also effective, but the constraints under which they work are too complicated. Hence, download the Advanced File Recovery tool and make the most of it!

In case you are looking for another method, you can also use your Onedrive backup to restore your files. However, that is a long shot, considering not everyone has a backup turned ON, and those who have it ON do not backup the entire PC but only the libraries. 

Hope these methods help you recover data lost during cut and paste. We highly recommend you choose Fix 3 for a straightforward recovery. In case you have any questions in mind, please drop them in the comments section below. Thanks for reading, good luck!

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