Best (Free/Paid) Data Recovery Software for Windows


Recover Lost and Deleted Data from your Windows PC with the help of these Best Data Recovery Tools.

If you have lost data due to human error, power outage, bad sectors on a hard disk, software failure, or any other reason, there’s still a chance to recover data.

We have curated a comprehensive list of the best data recovery software to help you quickly recover deleted files.

Before we get started, it’s essential that we say keeping a backup of the critical file is as vital as having software to recover data.

Your data is your responsibility. Every time you perform a read or write operation or download and install software on the drive from which data is deleted, you decrease the chances of data recovery as the new data will overwrite deleted data. This is why installing a data recovery utility on a separate device is suggested.

The products listed here will help retrieve data, but there is no guarantee that they will restore all the lost data.

What is Data Recovery Software?

Data recovery software is an effective and efficient way to undelete removed files. Since the process of recovering data is lengthy and complex, there are dedicated services that cater to such user requests. Professional data recovery firms and experts take days to recover your computer’s data. However, with the recovery software, it can now be done at the convenience of a click.

Sure, for recovering advanced files or severe cases, one may have to turn towards professional services, but software to restore data makes it relatively easy. These highly robust programs allow you to perform a scan that works on an algorithm designed to dig deep into your PC’s file system and recover files even from shreds.

How Do These Data Recovery Tools Work?

When you save a file, it is saved in data blocks on your disk drive, marking its status as occupied. When deleted, these data blocks are emptied, and their status is marked as available.

However, sometimes, even if the status is available, there are shreds of old data on the data block as it is not overwritten, making restoration of deleted files possible. This is how undelete programs using the intelligent algorithm help restore files.

To better understand how recovery programs work, check out our detailed research paper on the science behind data recovery.

Best Data Recovery Software to Recover Files on Windows – (Free/Paid)

Before we begin with the list of the best software to recover deleted files for Windows, here are the criteria we have kept in mind while curating it.

  • Robustness
  • Ease of Access
  • Supported Formats
  • Value for Money
  • Resources Required
  • Additional Functionality

1. Advanced Disk Recovery

Best for individually recovering data from a wide range of devices and disk partitions.

Rating – 9.5/10

Latest Version – 2.8.1233.18675

File Size – 5.42 MB

Price – $39.95

Money back guarantee – 60 day

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While Advanced Disk Recovery tool performs excellently, the only downside is its inability to scan individual files. It scans complete drives and fetches tons of deleted files that can be confusing. Overall, the user experience is smooth, and the tool uses an advanced algorithm to undelete data. Also, it can scan and recover files from dedicated partitions in the file system. Not to mention, the tool has multiple scan modes.

Advanced Disk Recovery_Home Screen

Key Features:

  • Scans all types of connected external and internal data sources.
  • Dedicated settings to change preferences as per needs
  • Recover unlimited deleted files.

Pros –

  • Customize scanning and set a time when you have deleted files to analyze and recover data quickly.
  • Two scan types for quick and in-depth data recovery.

Cons –

  • The complete disk is scanned, making it difficult for the user to identify and recover files.

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2. Disk Drill

Best for recovering data from lost paritions.

Rating – 9.2/10

Latest Version – 5.4.844

File Size – 18.6 MB

Price – $89 (Single User License)

Money back guarantee – Yes (in exceptional cases)

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Disk Drill_Windows Offer

Disk Drill_Deal

Next on our list of best data recovery software is Disk Drill by Cleverfiles. The recovery tool which was earlier only available for macOS in now available for Windows. With a wide range of feature the turnaround time offered by the tool to recover deleted files is amazing. Moreover, it comes with an integrated recoverability prediction tool that helps identify whether the file can be recovered. However, the free version allows recovering only 500 MB of data.

Disk Drill_Windows

What’s New –

Clean Up module to keep drivers clutter free.

S.M.A.R.T monitoring module updated.

Deep Scan can now recover MBS, Notes, and EML.

Disk Drill_What's New

Key Features:

  • Supports 400+ file formats.
  • REstore deleted files from USB drives, HDD or any type of storage media.
  • Preview lost files before recovery.

Pros –

  • Fast processing support yields results faster.
  • Allows restoring up to 500 MB of data in the free version

Cons –

  • No network recovery.

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3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Best for disk partition recovering and NAS server data recovery.

Rating – 8.8/10

Latest Version – 17.0

File Size – 68.36 MB

Price – $69.95 (Single User License)

Money back guarantee – 30-day

It offers some of the top-notch and latest features regarding file recovery programs. With industry-first features like the NAS server data recovery, the tool can be a good fit for official purposes. However, when it comes to personal usage, the tool may not have anything extraordinary to offer. The overall processing speed and turnaround time are satisfactory.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

What’s New:

  • Quickly find lost partitions
  • Improved scanning
  • Minor bug fixing

    EaseUS Data Recovery_What's New

Key Features:

  • Allows specific folder selection for undeleting files.
  • Retrieve data from crashed PC.
  • Offers NAS Recovery, which is a great plus for many users.

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Pros –

  • Repair feature to repair corrupted videos, pictures and documents.
  • Allows sorting and filter deleted files for recovery.

Cons –

  • Can preview files smaller than 100 MB

4. Wise Data Recovery

Best for restoring data from FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, HFSX, Ext2, and Ext3 file systems.

Rating – 8.5/10

Latest Version – 6.1.6

File Size – 11.8 MB

Price – $39.97

Money back guarantee – 60-day

Wise Data Recovery is the tool for you if you have encountered an issue with your disk volumes and file systems. It supports multiple file systems and allows you to recover deleted files from FAT, NTFS, etc. file systems quite quickly. Also, the tool goes beyond other tools by offering a portable version. This can be helpful if the file you want to recover lies on the same drive where your applications are installed, avoiding overwriting.

Wise Data Recovery

Key Features:

  • Offers a wide array of files that can be recovered, including document types like help files.
  • Multiple sorting filters.
  • Portable web version.

Pros –

  • Preview pane to simlify recovery process.
  • The Portable version makes the entire process super-fast and gives it a cutting edge over other tools.

Cons –

  • Windows and Mac version are different.

5. Wondershare RecoverIt

Best for recovering files deleted using the Shift+Del command.

Rating – 8.3/10

Latest Version – 12.0.19

File Size – 1.2 MB (Online Installer File)

Price – $69.99

Money back guarantee – 7-day

Wondershare RecoverIt is another good data recovery software that you can try. It gets the job done and can be an excellent option for IT professionals. If you use a virtual space on your PC with Linux, this tool can also help you recover lost data and undelete files. Using Wondershare RecoverIt can be a great experience if you are well-versed in using your PC and have some technical knowledge.

Wondershare RecoverIt

What’s New

  • Support right-click “Scan,” optimizing the scanning process for specific folders.
  • Preview and repair for DXF type images.
  • Recover surveillance videos/driving recorder videos.

    Recoverit_What's New

Key Features:

  • Corrupt video repair allows you to recover and repair broken video files.
  • Dedicated mode to restore data after system crash.
  • Recover deleted files from Disk Image.

Pros –

  • Best for retrieving deleted photos and videos.
  • NAS and Linux recovery for professional users.

Cons –

  • Push notifications of other Wondershare Products are annoying.

6. Advanced File Recovery

Best for recovering batch and individual files.

Rating – 8.3/10

Latest Version –

File Size – 22.8 MB

Price – $69.95 (Single User License)

Money back guarantee – 60-days

It is the most popular choice when choosing data recovery software for undelete files. It offers a neat user experience with all the features easily accessible from the home screen. Thanks to advanced sorting algorithms, the tool can generate results based on the type of file you have chosen to recover. You can easily scan internal, external, and removable drives based on specific formats for lost files. Also, you can preview scan results, which helps make informed decisions.

Advanced File Recovery_Home Screen

Key Features:

  • Supports retrieving data from different file formats.
  • Offers two scan modes for dedicated scenarios.
  • Allows you to recover almost all file types from different storage devices.

Pros –

  • Faster scanning speed with zero lags in the process.
  • Works in the background so it does not affect other tasks.

Cons –

  • The free version does not allow file recovery.

7. AnyRecover

Best for recovering data from social apps and PCs.

Rating – 8/10

Latest Version – 6.0.1

File Size – 4.2 MB

Price – $ 99.99 (lifetime Single User License)

Money back guarantee – 30-days

A multi-platform data recovery tool, AnyRecover justifies its name. It supports Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS devices. However, this negatively impacts the tool as it is more focused and efficiently works on restoring data from mobile devices and social media platforms than PCs. The application for Windows is quite functional and gets the job done. However, the efficiency can be a concern as it takes longer to scan the drives for deleted data and recover them.


Key Features:

  • Restore deleted files from the Recycle Bin, hard drive, SD card, etc.
  • Quick scan and preview data.
  • Restore unsaved Word documents, Microsoft, Excel, PDF, and other formats

Pros –

  • A one-stop solution for all your devices. You need not look for other tools.
  • Has an added photo clarity tool to make recovered files worthy.

Cons –

  • You need to download some features externally as they are unavailable by default.

8. OnTrack EasyRecovery

Best for BitLocker data recovery.

Rating – 7.9/10

Latest Version – 15

File Size – 334 MB

Price –  $59.99 (Single User License)

Money back guarantee – N/A

OnTrack EasyRecovery software for Windows is a good tool for recovering media files. It is undoubtedly a feature-rich tool that allows you to do much more than restore data. It effectively scans deleted files and performs accurate file retrieval lost through deletion, reformatting, and several other data loss scenarios. You can restore and repair damaged and corrupt photo and video files if you have deleted media files.

OnTrack EasyRecovery

What’s New

  • New file formats have been added to the preview.
  • Preview recoverable video files with the ability to see the video in full-screen mode.
  • Preview recoverable content in ZIP and Archive Files
    4K sector support.
  • Dual monitor support.

Key Features:

  • Helps recover folders, files, and emails.
  • Ability to select all data types or a particular one for simplification
  • Start and stop the data retrieval process.

Pros –

  • Choose a specific format to undelete lost files.
  • Provides ease of pausing and resuming the scan.

Cons –

  • Has a limited number of formats supported.

9. UndeleteMyFiles Pro

Highlight – Dedicated filters allow you to find specific deleted files so that they can be recovered. Suitable for individual file recovery.

Rating – 7.7/10

Latest Version – 3.1.0

File Size – 1.3 MB

Price – Free

Money back guarantee – N/A

The only free software to recover data that made it to our list is UnDeleteMyFiles Pro. It is a program offered by folks at SeriousBit. It has amazing features such as media retrieval, file rescuer, etc. It has dedicated modes to assist you with the type of task and recovery you want to perform. Not only this, it also has added utility features such as Files Wiper, Emergency Disk Image, etc.

UnDeleteMyFiles Pro - Free Data Recovery Tool

Key Features:

  • File Rescue Wizard to quickly restore deleted files.
  • Deleted file search option to find specific deleted information
  • Mail Rescue model.

Pros –

  • Free to use with all the features unlocked
  • Quickly finds recently deleted files on NTFS partitions.

Cons –

  • No technical support is available.

10. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Highlight – Allows you to preview files before restoring them, even in the free version.

Rating – 7.5/10

Latest Version – 11.8

File Size – 2.2 MB (Online Setup file)

Price – $69

Money back guarantee – 30 days

The software offers one of the most crucial features, file previewer, even in the free version. You can view the file, check if it is exactly what you wanted, and recover it. The file types supported are about 100+, which is comparatively less than other tools in the list. Besides the free version features, hardly anything helps it stand out, so it has found the 10th position on our list.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Key Features:

  • Divide existing locations into logical and connected devices.
  • Configurable scan settings for user-required results.
  • Path-based data recovery is available.

Pros –

  • Highlights all the features on the home screen.
  • Has added a utility section to suggest more features and related tools.

Cons –

  • Also shows system hidden partitions that may cause errors in the system.

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11. DMDE

Highlight – Offers additional features such as disk images and clone creation, RAID constructor, etc. It also supports raw recovery, which refers to retrieving data by file signatures.

Rating – 7.2/10

Latest Version – 4.0.6

File Size – 3.48 MB

Price – $20

Money back guarantee – N/A

This is more of a complex, undelete software requiring proper data recovery experience. The tool works based on thorough search and analysis. The disk drives are examined to create file structures to recover the deleted file. It takes a more detailed approach; hence, the time can be long. Overall, the tool is a decent fit for someone looking to recover lost data they deleted long ago.


Key Features:

  • Extensive recovery tools with high-level customization
  • Added modified partitioning for advanced volume recovery
  • Different data search modes based on different file systems

Pros –

  • Efficient software to restore data.
  • Gives better insights on getting back data in Windows.

Cons –

  • Requires technical knowledge to identify correct options.


Q1. What is the best method of data recovery?

Advanced Disk Recovery is one of the most effective data recovery software that helps restore deleted files of different formats from hard disks, partitions, and removable drives.

Q2. How can you improve the chances of data recovery?

  1. Avoid downloading and installing a program on the computer, device, and partition from which data is deleted.
  2. Do not perform read and write operations on the disk or device.

When you download or install a program on your computer or on the device from which the data is deleted, it overwrites the data you’re trying to recover, causing data loss and minimizing the chances of data recovery.

Q3. How to manage data backup?

  1. Use an external hard drive or USB flash drive to take data backup
  2. Use optical media
  3. Use cloud storage
  4. Use an online backup service. …
  5. Use a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Device.

Q4. Why is data recovery software important?

Regardless of the reason for data loss, when you want to restore deleted data, data recovery software is required. As these software are designed to read hard disks and retrieve data, they are required to restore data lost due to hard disk failure, human error, power outage, or any other reason.

Your Hunt for the Best Data Recovery Software to Undelete Files Ends HERE!

After running all the modules manually and checking every feature for a week, we have curated the abovementioned list. If you have any other name in mind that must be on the list but is not, please let us know via the comment section.

You can pick any tools from the list of best recovery programs to get back deleted data. To simplify things and help you choose better, we have also shared quick insights we gained from our usage. So choose wisely.

With that being said, we have reached the end of this post. Stay tuned for more detailed analyses of top tools that make your life easier. If you are still confused, download the Advanced Disk Recovery tool and easily undelete files.

Thanks for reading, good luck!

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