Why Is The Oculus Air link Not working on Windows PC


Oculus Link comes in handy when you are in the mood to play VR games without wires. However, getting frustrated is obvious when it stops working across the Quest platform. If you are also experiencing issues with Oculus, this troubleshooting guide is for you.

Here, we will explain ways to fix Oculus Air Link not showing up, not connecting, loading, and stopping working issues. So, without wasting time, let’s learn ways to fix Oculus Air Link not working problem.

Reasons for Oculus Air Link Not Responding

 There are different reasons for Oculus Air Link not working, and below, we mention the common causes:

  • Outdated USB and graphics driver.
  • Too many devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi channel as Oculus Air.
  • Some third-party applications running in the background conflict with the Oculus.
  • Oculus Air Link is not rightly configured.

Apart from these, there can be other reasons but don’t you worry. The fixes explained below will help fix worst-case scenarios.

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How To Fix Oculus Wireless Link Not Working

Here are the fixes you can try to resolve the issue.

Before you attempt to try them, restart Air Link and the headset. Also, check your PC to know if it meets the least compatibility requirements for Oculus Link or not.

  1. Relaunch Oculus software from Task Manager
  2. Update corrupt device drivers
  3. Update operating system
  4. Make changes to the Wi-Fi channel
  5. Exit conflicting programs
  6. Use the Oculus Debug Tool
  7. Factory reset Quest

1. Relaunch Oculus software from Task Manager,

The easiest way to fix Oculus Air Link stopped working is to close all the processes related to Oculus and the Oculus software. Once that is done, relaunch Oculus software.

  • Press Windows + X > select Task Manager
  • Click the Processes tab > select and right-click Oculus processes > End task.

task manager

  • Reboot Oculus software and try to use the Air Link. If this method doesn’t help, move to the next fix.

2. Update Corrupt Device Driver

When the GPU and USB drivers are outdated, you face issues with Air Link. Hence to avoid facing issues with Oculus Air Link connectivity, keep drivers updated. You can visit the manufacturer’s site to update the driver manually. You will need to know the exact module and have some technical knowledge. You can update the driver in just a few clicks with Advanced Driver Updater.

Advanced Driver Updater is a driver updating tool that detects outdated drivers and shows compatible and latest driver updates. For this, you don’t need to provide any information, nor do you need to risk downloading an incorrect driver. So, without overthinking, use Advanced Driver Updater to update the driver in the easiest and fastest way.

  • Download and install Advanced Driver Updater
  • Run the driver updating tool and click Start Scan Now.

advanced driver updater

  • Be patient and let the scan finish.

advanced driver updater scan process

  • Examine the scan results the update the GPU and USB driver.
  • The trial user can update one driver at a time using the Update driver link. However, registered users can update all outdated driver using Update All button.

update outdated driver

  • Restart the PC, save changes, and then use the Oculus Air Link. You should not face any problems.

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3. Update Operating System

Alongside updating the device drivers, consider updating the Windows. To check for updates, follow these steps:

  • In the Windows search bar, type Check for updates. Select the best search result.
  • Click check for updates and let Windows look for updates.
  • If you get the message, You’re up to date; there’s nothing more to do. However, if you get the Download and install button, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install the updates.
  • Restart your computer to apply changes, and then try to use the Oculus Air Link.

4. Make Changes to the Wi-Fi Channel

The Air Link’s performance is impacted when the Wi-Fi channel has some issues or too many devices are connected. To avoid this problem, use routers with dual-band connections (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

dual band router

  • Use the 5GHz band for setting up Quest / Quest 2 and 2.4 GHz to connect to others.
  • If possible, use an ethernet cable to connect your PC or laptop to the router.
  • The router and headset should be nearby.

Even after trying these tips, if you still face the problem, no worries, we’ve other fixes.

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5. Exit Conflicting Programs

There might be conflicts when you run two programs simultaneously on the PC. Therefore, if you are facing Oculus Air Link not connecting issue, close the following programs if they are running:

Asus GameFirst V
Geforce Experience
Lenovo Nerve Sense
Lenovo Vantage
McAfee, Avast / AVG / ESET Norton antivirus
MSI Afterburner
NordVPN, Bitdefender VPN, PIA, Proton VPN
Razer Cortex
Riots Vanguard
Steam VR
TeamViewer application
WebRoot, MalwareBytes
Windows Xbox Game Bar.

Restart the PC after exiting these applications. The Air Link should be working.

6. Use the Oculus Debug Tool

If the above fixes haven’t worked for you, try using Oculus Debug Tool (ODT). It is an advanced tool that helps check g.ame configuration and game performance. To use it, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + E to open File Explorer.
  • In the address bar, paste the following link: C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics
  • Double click OculusDebug Tool.
  • Ensure that the Encode Dynamic Bitrate is set to Default and Encode Bitrate (Mbps) to 0. If not, change them.
  • Restart the PC; this should work.

7. Factory Reset Quest

If the Debug Tool didn’t help either, the final step is to factory reset Quest. Doing so will wipe all game data but will get the Air Link to work.

  • Press and hold the Power and Volume buttons.
  • You will not get the Factory reset option; select it using the Power button.
  • Using the power button, choose Yes, erase, and factory reset.
  • This will reset the device. Now try to use the Oculus Air Link. It should work.

Wrap Up

We hope you were able to fix the Oculus Air Link not loading, not connecting, and not showing up the issue using the steps explained above. If nothing worked for you, contact Oculus support for help.

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