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When we try to keep each memory intact, we often click pictures and use a computer hard drive or an external drive to store those precious memories. However, the problem arises when these photographs are lost/deleted for any reason.

If you are looking for a solution to get back those deleted photos, we can help. Here we will discuss how to recover deleted photos from the formatted hard drive using an efficient image recovery tool – Photos Recovery.

But before that, let’s discuss a few important questions.

Why formatting a drive is important?

When a hard drive gives you trouble or malfunctions, formatting returns it to its original state. This means the file system is set, and the operating system can be installed.

What does formatting a hard drive do?

Formatting a hard drive wipe cleans it and prepares it for re-use.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Formatted Hard Drive Using Photos Recovery?

If you want an instant solution, use professional software to recover the deleted photos for your computer. Although various software are available, we recommend using Photos Recovery by Systweak Software. It is a great tool when it comes to retrieving deleted photos. It helps get back images lost or formatted from a hard drive, USB, memory cards, and smartphones. The tool is available for Windows and Android & even helps recover pictures that have been deleted due to any of the following reasons-

  • Virus infection.
  • Data loss due to human error.
  • Losing pictures during transfer.
  • System failure.
  • Formatted drives.

Let us learn how to recover deleted photos from the formatted hard drive. For the preliminary steps, stop using the device from which the photos have been deleted. This makes recovering files easily because the task becomes difficult once other files are overwritten on the file’s location.

Understanding this and sorting things out, Photos Recovery comes with two modes of scanning – Quick Scan & Deep scan. Using either of them, you can easily recover media files.

Quick Scan is for quickly recovering recently lost photos due to accidentally deleting them.

Deep Scan helps recover photos from the formatted disk. It performs a systematic scan, and this is how it finds deleted photos on your formatted drive. Start with the following steps to use Photos Recovery-

Instructions to Use Systweak Photos Recovery

Step 1: Download and install Photos Recovery on your computer.

Step 2: Complete the installation by running the setup file downloaded and following the instructions on the screen.

Step 3: Launch the Application.

Step 4: Select the location for the scan; in this case, we select the C drive. If it is a removable drive, move to the section of Removable in the tool’s home screen and select the one you desire to scan.

Step 5: Select Deep Scan, increasing your chances of recovering the deleted photos from the formatted hard drive.

Photos Recovery_Scan Types

Step 6: Now, click on the START SCAN button. Scanning can take a while to process the entire hard drive before showing the results. Not interrupting the scan by clicking on the Stop button is recommended. The scan time depends on the amount of storage on the formatted hard drive.

Step 7: The scan results will be shown in the tool. Preview them and select the files you want to recover.

Step 8: Once you have selected all images to be recovered, click on the Recover button.

Photos Recovery

Note: As you restore the images, select a new location suitably on another drive, so it does not overwrite files on the path you are scanning.

This is how you can quickly restore deleted photos using Photos Recovery.

Photos Recovery process


Q1. What happens if I format my hard drive?

When the hard drive is formatted, all the stored data is erased, and the space is created for new data and file systems.

Q2. Can a hard drive be reformatted without losing data?

If you want to change the file system from FAT32 to NTFS, it can be done using the command line without losing data. However, formatting a hard drive will erase data but can be restored using a data recovery tool.

Q3. How to know if my hard drive is damaged?

If you notice the following common signs when using the hard disk, you know it is failing:

1. Sluggish Performance.

2. Clicking sound or unusual noise.

3. Increase in the number of corrupted files

Q4. Is Formatting the Same as Wiping?

No,  formatting is quickly emptying a disk and resetting the file system. While wiping is erasing all files from the disk.

Picture Recovery from Formatted Hard Drive

If you have been troubled by lost photos on a formatted drive, now you know the method. Photos Recovery is a fantastic tool for recovering lost memories from USB flash drives, memory cards, or formatted hard drives. This is the simplest method to use when trying to restore any deleted photos on your computer or Android device. With this blog post, we hope you have learned how to retrieve deleted photos from your formatted hard drive on your computer. Get Photos Recovery for your Windows PC now.

Download Photos Recovery

Photos Recovery is also available for your Android device; get it now from the Google Play Store.

Click Here

Try it now, and let us know how you find this method for recovering deleted photos in the comments. Also, read how to get back deleted photos using Photos Recovery for a USB drive. For more information, visit the official website.

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