How To Recover Deleted Photos After Running Disk Cleanup


If you’ve lost your photos after running Disk Cleanup, don’t worry, we’ve your back. This post explains how you can recover lost or deleted photos after running the Disk Cleanup utility with the help of Systweak’s Photos Recovery software.

Everyone once in their life falls victim to accidentally deleting important photos, videos, or audio files. Surprisingly this happens most unexpectedly. For instance, when you try cleaning junk files using Disk Cleanup, you delete some of your old photos and think photos are lost forever. But this isn’t entirely true, as using a powerful recovery tool, you can get back lost or deleted photos.

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What is Disk Cleanup Utility?

Let’s learn a few things about Disk Cleanup. Built-in Windows operating system, the Disk Cleanup program helps eliminate useless data from PC. It thoroughly scans the selected partition or the whole hard drive, deleting files that haven’t been used in a while. This includes – temporary internet files, junk files, data in Recycle Bin, etc.

This is why, after you run Disk Cleanup, the PC’s speed is slightly improved, and you see some amount of freed-up disk space. The software is a preferred way of organizing PC data automatically. However, Disk Cleanup has its share of problems.

Risks associated with Disk Cleanup

Though helpful, it still has a disadvantage. The directories where it deletes old files sometimes have important data, and Disk Cleanup erases that without notice. If you don’t have a backup of these files, you might face problems due to data loss.

You’re in luck if you’ve read this article before running Disk Cleanup. Quickly grab an external hard drive, backup photos, and use the utility afterward. However, if you have used Disk Cleanup and lost files, use Systweak’s Photos Recovery to recover lost files. Below, we explain how to use the excellent photos recovery tool & get back lost pictures, audio, and video files.

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos after Running Disk Cleanup Utility?

Download Photo Recovery Software (Windows) to reclaim deleted photos lost after running the Disk Cleanup utility.

This powerful photo recovery tool helps retrieve images and other multimedia files like videos and songs from all internal & external drives & memory cards. Additionally, it helps recover RAW photos, preview scan results and restore only the required files.

Note: To increase the chances of data recovery, as soon as you realize that the data is deleted, stop using the drive. This will eliminate the possibility of overwriting data. Also, never save data on the save driver that you are scanning for deleted photos or media files like video and audio.

Here’s how you can use this tool to recover deleted pictures:

1. Download, install and launch Systweak Photos Recovery.

2. Select the drive, or storage media, scan type & then scan the PC to recover photos.

Scan the PC to recover photos
3. However, before clicking the START SCAN, if you want, you can customize the file formats to be scanned. For this, click the cog icon > select Settings from the drop-down menu > click Filter Options > select the file formats you wish to scan the PC for and the file size.

Select Settings

Select the file formats
4. Click, Apply. Close the Settings Window.
5. Next, click START SCAN to start the scanning process.

Start the scanning process
6. When scanning is done, you will get a dialog box with the message ‘Scan completed and the number of deleted files found. Click Got it to close the window.

Scan completed
7. Next, click the file name from the left pane of the main window and preview the recovered image.

preview recovered image

In addition to this, if you want to see all folders click Tree View. Remember Tree view works only when you have not paused the scanning in between.

Click Tree View
8. If the required photos are not detected in Quick Scan, go for Deep Scan.
9. Select the desired files > click Recover > choose the location where you want to save the photos.
10. To confirm, go to where you saved the recovered deleted photos.

This is how using Systweak Photos Recovery; you can recover deleted photos without any trouble. After running Disk Cleanup, the software is a trusted, reliable, and safest bet to retrieve deleted pictures.

Concluding Words

It doesn’t matter how your photos got deleted; Systweak Photos Recovery will retrieve deleted pictures in no time. The best way to keep your data protected and save yourself from this problem is to keep a regular data backup if you plan to use Disk Cleanup, Backup your files first.

When you face a data loss scenario, Use Systweak Photos Recovery at any given point in time. For any product-related queries, you can send an email to

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