How to Recover Deleted PSD Files


Be it RAW, JPG, BMP, or any other file it can be deleted, and Photoshop files aren’t an exception. But the question is what to do when PSD files go missing?

Worry not, this article will answer the question. Here you will find out:

1. What are PSD files
2. Reasons for PSD files getting lost
3. Best Tool to Recover PSD files

What are PSD files?

psd file

Designed for Adobe Photoshop, PSD file format allows users to edit images in layers. Once edited PSD files can be converted into TIFF, JPG, and other formats. But if you think you can do the reverse conversion, sadly that is not possible. This means if you lose or delete a PSD file, and you don’t have a backup, you will be in a great mess.

Understanding this, in this post, we will explain how to recover PSD files.

Reasons for PSD files getting lost

PSD files getting lost 1. Accidentally deleting files is the most common reason for losing PSD files.
2. Formatting the hard disk without taking a backup.
3. System errors
4. Power fluctuations
5. Improper shutdown

All these reasons lead to the loss of PSD files from a Windows PC.

Now that you know what a PSD file is, what are the reasons behind its loss? You must be thinking, is it possible to recover the PSD file?

Luckily, yes, using a recovery tool like Photos Recovery, you can easily recover photoshop files. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind: –

1. Avoid performing any action on the device from which the file is deleted.
2. Never recover files on the same drive from which you are recovering data.

Performing any of these actions leads to overwriting of data. Consequently, making recovering Photoshop files impossible. Therefore, keep these points in mind and avoid unnecessary problems.

Best Tool to Recover PSD files from Windows PC

If the above points are kept in mind and Photos Recovery is used, no one can stop you from restoring and deleting PSD files. Designed to recover deleted files, Systweak Photos Recovery is the best and simplest way to undo deleted files. The trial version of the application shows only the scan results, to recover files you will have to purchase the full version.

Do you not like this? Well, let me tell you, unlike other recovery tools that don’t even show scan results, Photos Recovery gives a complete idea about the recovery to the user. Hence, I would say with almost 99% accuracy, this tool is just the best image recovery tool for Windows.

How To Recover Deleted PSD Photos From Windows?

Certainly, there are manual ways also but many times either the feature is disabled, or the file is not there. In all such scenarios, Photos Recovery comes to the rescue. Here’s how to use this tool and recover Photoshop files after a crash.

Steps to use Photos Recovery to perform PSD Recovery

1. Download and install Systweak Photos Recovery..

2. Launch Photos Recovery to recover Photoshop files after recovery.
3. Click the settings options (gear icon) and select Settings

Photos Recovery
4. From the left pane, click Filter Options.
5. Here, checkmark the box next to Raster Photos > APPLY.

Photos Recovery scan
6. Exit the setting window
7. You will now be on the application’s home screen. Select the drive that you wish to scan for deleted PSD images.

Photos Recovery scan start
8. Select the scan type, though time-consuming for better results, we suggest using Deep Scan.

photos recovery quick scan option
9. Thereafter hit the START SCAN button and wait for the scanning to finish. As explained Deep Scan will take time and it will depend on the disk size and data to be scanned.

Please be patient when running Deep Scan.

scanning process

Note : If you run a Quick Scan and no deleted PSD files are identified, Photos Recovery will prompt you to switch to Deep Scan. Click Yes to proceed.

phots recovery scan

10. Wait for the scan to finish.
11. Preview detected PSD files, and select the ones you want to restore.
12. To recover Photoshop files, click RECOVER.
13. You will now see a new box asking to pick a location to save retrieved PSD files. Select the location, make sure it is not the same one.

select folder to recover
14. Hit Select Folder and wait for the process to finish.
15. You will now get the image recovery status.
16. To confirm, visit the location where you saved the images and check.

Note : Using the above steps, you can recover deleted photos from HDD and SD cards.

Wrap Up

Using these simple steps and this extraordinary recovery tool, you can get back PSD files. However, if you want manual steps too then, here you go.

Photoshop File Recovery with Autosave

By default, to deal with sudden app crashes, Photoshop keeps the Autosave option enabled. This means when you reopen Photoshop, you will be able to see the PSD file. But if this does not happen, you must enable Autosave to deal with such situations in the future. To enable it File > Preferences > File Handling > File Saving options and enable Automatically Save Recovery Information.

Alternatively, you can search for deleted Photoshop files by going to the following directory : C: \ Users \ **** \ AppData \ Roaming \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 \ AutoRecover.

**** username and C is the drive on which the OS is installed.

Alongside using Photos Recovery, using these manual steps for photoshop file recovery will also help. We hope you will give the methods a try.

If you plan to give Photos Recovery a try remember, it comes with a money-back guarantee and supports all types of files formats and drives also.

Once you use the recovery utility, share your feedback in the comments section. For any product related query, you can contact the support team at

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    To retrieve lost or deleted images you can give Photos Recovery tool a try. To know more about how it works you can read –

    Note – If the device from which the images were deleted have been used then the files might be overwritten. In such cases you should run Deep Scan as it will be able to find and help restore maximum number of files.

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