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What will you do when your computer’s CD or DVD drive stops working? Luckily, we have got you covered. In this post, we will discuss how to fix the inaccessible DVD drive issue. Generally, due to outdated, missing, and corrupt drivers, you can face the problem. To troubleshoot the issue, updating the CD ROM driver for Windows 10 is suggested. Here we will discuss the best ways to update CD and DVD drivers on Windows 10.

What Causes The Issue with CD and DVD Drive?

The issues with CD/DVD drive on Windows 10 usually occur due to the following reasons:

1. Scratched or a bad disk.
2. Wrong disk type, this means you are trying to play a DVD in a CD-only drive and a Blue-ray disk in a normal DVD drive.
3. You haven’t installed the correct playback software.
4. Faulty Windows update. If soon after a Windows Update the CD/DVD drive stops working, try uninstalling the update. (Press Windows + I > Windows Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View Update History > Uninstall Updates.)
5. Corrupt, missing, or problematic driver.

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How To know if there’s is a problem with the Driver?

If you have run all the checks like –

Checked the disk

Installed the right software, and

Using the correct disk type still, Windows isn’t reading your CD/DVD drive it seems there is a problem with the device driver.

A device driver helps the PC communicate with the hardware device. When it is outdated, missing, or corrupt the device stops working and is not readable.

To know if it is driver related problem, follow these steps:

1. Press Windows + X to launch Device Manager
2. Double click DVD/CD-ROM drivers to expand the category.
3. If there’s a problem with the device driver, you will either see a yellow triangle with a black exclamation point (!) inside or will see a red “X.” This indicates the device is physically available however the driver is installed due to which it is disabled.

In such cases updating the device driver is the best solution to fix the issue.

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Best Ways to Update Your CD/DVD Driver

By updating the driver for your CD/DVD drive, the problem can be solved. This can be done manually or by using a driver updating tool like Advanced Driver Updater. Additionally, drivers can be downloaded from the drive manufacturer’s website. Here are different ways to update CD/DVD driver on your Windows 10.

Method 1 – Updating CD/DVD Driver through Manufacturer Website

1. Visit the manufacturer’s website.
2. Look for Downloads” or the “Drivers & Support” section.
3. Search for the model number of the peripheral you are using.
4. Download the latest driver as per the operating system and bit you using.
5. Double click on the setup file and follow on-screen instructions to install the update.
6. Restart the computer to apply changes.

Method 2 – Updating CD/DVD ROM Driver through Device Manager

1. Press Windows + X > launch Device Manager

device manager
2. Expand the DVD/CD-ROM section by double-clicking on it > right-click your device.

cd dvd driver
3. Update the Driver

update driver
4. Click Search automatically for drivers.

search driver automatically
5. Wait for Windows to look for an available update. If available it will be automatically installed and updated in the background.
6. Restart PC to apply changes.

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Method 3 – Update CD ROM / DVD Driver Automatically (Recommended)

We understand that the above two methods are manual and can be time-consuming. Also to update drivers, manually you need technical knowledge, time, and patience. Moreover, the manual method is risky. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy and effective way to update drivers use Advanced Driver Updater. Using this driver updating tool in just a few clicks you can update outdated drivers. Also, to use the tool you don’t have to collect any information nor need technical knowledge. Advanced Driver Updater will automatically detect device information and will show the latest and most compatible drivers.

You can use either the FREE or registered version to update drivers. However FREE version allows updating one driver at a time while the registered version allows updating all outdated drivers at once. To use Advanced Driver Updater, follow these steps:

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.

2. Run the tool to scan the system and update outdated drivers

Advanced Driver Updater
3. Click Start Scan to perform scanning.

Advanced Driver Updater scan
4. Wait for the scan to finish. Review scan results and update the driver. If using the FREE version, click Update driver to update the driver. However, if you are using the registered version, you can update the driver by clicking Update All.

update outdated driver
5. Restart the system to apply changes. Now try to use the CD drive you should not face any problem.

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Wrap Up – DVD Drive For Windows 10

Getting CD ROM to work after updating drivers is just an example of why keeping device drivers is important. Likewise, you can fix other errors like BSOD, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more by updating drivers. You can use Advanced Driver Updater to update drivers and can schedule driver scanning using the tool. The best driver updater will scan the system for outdated drivers and update them without hassle. We hope you will give it a try to update the CD ROM drive on Windows 10. Please share your feedback about the post in the comments section.

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