How To Recover Raw Photos From Your Camera’s Memory Stick


“Oh, no.”

Those are the first two words you’ll yell when you realize you’ve accidentally deleted photos from a memory card, or you have mistakenly formatted the Camera’s memory stick. This is a common scenario and everyone in their lifetime faces it. Fortunately, there are ways to recover deleted photos from your camera’s RAW memory stick.

To recover recently deleted images, you’ll need a card reader, a desktop or laptop, the memory card in question, and Systweak Photo Recovery, the ultimate image and video recovery software.

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Tips to Keep in Mind To Make Photo Recovery a Success

1. Stop using the memory stick – This is important because if the data is overwritten, chances of recovering deleted photos are reduced. Remove the card and stop using it.
2. Recover the data on another storage device – Never restore data on the same driver from which data is deleted. This minimizes the chances of data recovery.
3. Always use a recovery tool that shows a preview giving you a choice to decide which files to recover.

Best Tool To Perform RAW SD Card Recovery

RAW SD Card Recovery

Different types of SD cards supported by Systweak Photos Recovery

SD cards

To scan the SD card and recover RAW photos, you need to use an adapter to read it and connect to the computer. Once the memory stick is detected, and readable, follow these steps to perform RAW photo recovery.

Step 1: Download and install Photos Recovery software.

Step 2: Launch the media file recovery tool to recover individual photos.
Step 3: Insert the Memory stick into a suitable adapter. Connect with the PC via a USB port.
Step 4: Next, since we want to recover lost RAW photos, click the Gear icon > Settings.

recover lost RAW photos
Step 5: After that, click Filter Options from the left pane > check the box labeled as RAW Photos under Scan Option.

select scan options
Step 6: Confirm the action by clicking Yes.

clicking Yes
Step 7: Click APPLY to save settings.
Step 8: To scan the camera memory stick, click the Removable Drive tab. Select the memory card and choose Deep Scan. We recommend performing the Deep Scan as it is thorough and results.

select deep scan
Step 9: To start the scanning process, click START SCAN and wait for the process to complete.
Step 10: Preview scan results and select the lost photos you want to recover.

select photos you want recover
Step 11: To get a detailed view of the folders, click on the Tree Mode.

click on Tree Mode
Step 12: After selecting the photos, click on the RECOVER button.
Step 13: Select the destination folder to save your recovered photos. Make sure it is not the same drive that you are scanning.

select drive
Step 14: Wait for the recovery process to finish. When done, you will be able to view recovered RAW images in the folder you selected to save lost images.

photos recovered

Using these simple steps, you recover deleted individual or batch of images.

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Why Use Systweak Photo Recovery Tool?

Until deleted photos are in the Recycle Bin, recovering them is easy. But when they are deleted by pressing Shift+Delete or Recycle Bin, it is emptied then using Photo Recovery can easily retrieve deleted photos and videos. It doesn’t matter whether the media files are deleted from internal or external storage Photos Recovery scans hard disk, SD card, and memory stick.

Here are some of the outstanding features of Photos Recovery

Ease of Use – the best part of a tool is its simplicity; the more straightforward a tool is to use, the better it performs.

Accurate Results – Systweak Photo Recovery lets you recover different media file formats, including RAW photos.

Robust Scanning – To help the user recover a maximum number of deleted videos and photos, Systweak {Photos Recover offers two scanning modes- Quick & Deep Scan.

Customizable Options – Systweak Photo Recovery allows the user to decide which file format the scan should be performed.

Preview Scan Results – Unlike other recovery tools this best photo and video recovery tool lets users preview scan results and select the files to recover. This saves time and effort.

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The Final Word

Several photo recovery tools offer separate options to recover RAW images from the camera, but Systweak Photo Recovery gives you the choice of which file format to scan and which type of scanning to perform. Also, using it, you can directly encrypt the BitLocker drive. This gives Systweak Photos Recovery an extra edge and makes it one of the best RAW photo recovery tools.

We hope you will give it a try. Share your feedback in the section below. For any product-related queries, you can send an email to


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