How to Completely Remove Roblox Virus


Are you confused about whether Roblox is a genuine game you play or is it a virus? 

Want to know if your system is infected by the Roblox virus or not?

Looking for ways to delete Roblox? 

If you are struggling with such questions, this post will answer all your queries. 

Here we will discuss what is Roblox and how to uninstall Roblox. 

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What is Roblox? 

Released in 2006 for PC, followed by Android, iOS, and Xbox platforms Roblox is a popular multiplayer gaming platform. With approx. 164 million active users, this popular platform allows both, creating and playing games designed by others. With an option of in-game purchase via Robux virtual currency, Roblox is free to play games. 

Due to its increasing popularity, Roblox is a cybercriminals favorite place to spread malware. Most importantly, since its user base is kids ranging 13-17 years, it is easy for attackers to manipulate them and make them install the malware on their device. 

Is Roblox a Virus?

Used by millions globally, Roblox is an authentic platform. However, hackers have been taking advantage of its name to infect machines. Therefore, to stay safe from such threats we recommend downloading Roblox from official sources like Google Play Store, App Store, or from Roblox’s official website. In case you have downloaded it from any other source then, you might be at risk. But this doesn’t mean whosoever has downloaded from an official source is saved. 

Hackers know how to infect genuine downloads, below we explain how that is done.

What is Roblox Virus?

As discussed Roblox game is free, but it comes with some in-app purchase that can be purchased via Robux, virtual currency. If you go to official store to purchase Robux it will cost $5 for 450 Robux, $10 for 1000 and so on.

buy robux

But not all like paying, due to this some gamers try to get it for Free and this is what cybercriminals wait for. When they find that someone is looking for ways to get Robux for Free they launch fake ways via which Robux can be earned for Free. The common method used so far is Robux generator, a phony application (malicious) that claims to be a trick to give away Robux for free. To get Robux via Robux generator here they don’t have to pay anything. This approach is lucrative and most gamers looking for ways to get Robux for free, fall for it.

Once they fall for it, instead of getting the virtual currency, what they give is a gateway for the Trojan virus called Win32/OnLineGames. In greed of getting Robux for free, gamers download the fake Robux generator > login to their Robux account when asked for > and their hackers steal their existing Robux. The things don’t end here. This malware is capable of recording data like keystrokes, saved login password, history, etc. Also, it provides cybercriminals with remote access to download and install other malware. 

Signs of Roblox Virus

  • Once access to the Robux generator is granted, if you don’t get any Robux signs, the app you downloaded is surely a fraud (potential malware.)
  • If an unusual process starts running in the background without your knowledge, it is a hint your system is infected.
  • If a rise in internet consumption is noticed, it means trojan is collecting and sharing data. Never ever ignore a sudden spike in data consumption.
  • Roblox account gets locked

How to Remove Roblox Virus?

To delete Roblox virus, follow these steps:

Step 1- Whenever you doubt that your system is infected, the first you need to do is disconnect from the internet. This will disconnect the virus from the master and will stop further data transfer.

Step 2– Since here, we are talking about Roblox virus, we suggest exiting from the Roblox application and its related processes. To do so follow these steps:

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc, this will open Task Manager

Look for Roblox processes. When found select it > right-click > End task

end task

Keep repeating this step to kill all related processes.

Step 3 – Once this is done, we suggest uninstalling Roblox. For this in the Windows search bar type Roblox > right-click the search results > Uninstall.


Step 4- Follow on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Step 5- Now that Roblox is uninstalled run Systweak Antivirus and scan the system for threats. We suggest running Deep Scan to thoroughly scan the system.

To learn how to use Systweak Antivirus click here.

Step 6 – Click Protect Now to clean detected infections and that’s it. Roblox will now be deleted. 

How to Prevent Roblox Virus?

As Roblox is becoming popular, it is gaining recognition among cybercriminals. Hence, it is necessary that you stay protected of Roblox virus. For this, keep following points in mind:

1. Download Roblox only from trusted sources
2. Never fall for free Robux coins offers. Remember there’s nothing called as free lunch.
3. It is not possible to cheat in the game, so never try for it.
4. Keep OS updated and run an updated antivirus with real-time protection like Systweak Antivirus

By keeping these points in mind, you can stay safe from Roblox. Moreover, using Systweak Antivirus you can easily delete Roblox. We hope we were able to answer how to remove Roblox virus. If there is something that we missed, do let us know. Also, if you know of any other way share the same with us. Your feedback is valuable to us keep sharing your thoughts. For any assistance related to Systweak Antivirus, you can contact technical team at 

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