Google Suspicious Sign-in Attempt Prevented Email Scam – Everything You Should Know


Have you ever received an email in your inbox that says a suspicious sign-in attempt was prevented? Usually, when such mail is received, users panic and are curious to identify precisely what is happening with their accounts. While the idea behind such emails is to let the user know that their account is being tampered with, many online scammers try to use it as the ultimate way to trap users. 

What appears to be a non-harming false alarm can become a severe cyber attack on your personal information. The infamous Google suspicious sign-in attempt to prevent email scams is getting worse daily, and it is time to take it seriously.

So how does it work? What to do after you have received it? And most importantly, what should you do to minimize its impact? We will answer these questions so that if you come across such situations in the future, you know what to do.

Without further ado, let’s begin by understanding how the suspicious sign-in email scam works.

Google Suspicious Sign-In Attempt Prevented Email Scam: How it Works?

The idea behind this scam is to let the user believe their account is compromised. This creates an alarming situation so the user makes a mistake, and the scammer can capitalize.

Google Suspicious Sign-In Attempt Prevented

An email that looks exactly like the scammer designs the authentic suspicious sign-in email by Google to deceive the user. Some users go to the extent of using the closest possible user name for the sent email so that it appears genuine. 

The basic structure of such scams includes – 

  1. You receive an email that appears identical to Google’s suspicious sign-in attempt.
  2. When such an alarming situation presents itself, you end up clicking on the links in the email, looking for a way to identify who did it. 
  3. The link you open is designed to trap your personal information or induce malware on your computer.
  4. There are no initial repercussions to the file downloaded, or the link opened. Hence a user lets it go as just a case of spam email. 

Through such emails, the attention of the user is garnered. And then, it depends on the attacker whether he wants to induce a virus on your computer or gain access to the email account for data. 

Sometimes, attackers do it to gain personal information that they can use as an alias or sell on the dark web. 

What To Do After You Have Received a Suspicious Sign-In Email?

After you have come across such an email, the first thing you should do is identify if it is false. The best way to do this is to realize whether someone else can access your Gmail password. Not to mention, Google’s identification engine is competent, and in the prompt, it even shows the device used to sign in to your account. google account linked

Check if you are familiar with the device prompt shown. Most importantly, look for the source of the email. This will help you clarify whether it is a legitimate alert or a scam. Some of the important preventive measures to take care of – 

  1. Do not click on any file attached to the email, whether named user log or anything else. Official Google emails do not have an attachment involved.
  2. If there’s a link attached to the alert email, avoid following it, as it may lead to a scam. If the urge to click takes over, make sure you at least use a reliable VPN before opening the link. 
  3. Never share any of your passwords with anyone, including Google itself. 
  4. If the email address from which you have received the email appears to be a red flag, then avoid any interactions with it and trash it right away. 

With the help of these assistive measures, you will be able to skip getting scammed. The whole purpose of such spam emails is to create an alarming situation where a user is panicking enough to take the wrong step. 

“I Accidentally Opened the Scam Google Suspicious Sign-In Mail, What Should I Do Next?”

If you have fallen into the trap and have interacted with the attached files or links in the false Google Suspicious Sign-in Attempt Prevented Email, there are chances that your system has been compromised. Usually, these files have no initial impact, but as soon as they find their way into your PC, they start affecting its performance.

If you have opened a link on your PC, you first need to get rid of the cache and cookies of your browsers. Most of the time, attackers enter the browser cache as all the information is usually available there. 

Check out ways to clear your browser data in this detailed guide on clearing cookies on any browser.

However, if you accidentally opened or downloaded a file attached to it, there are chances of malware on your computer. The ideal solution to handle this situation is a 360-degree security solution for your PC. For instance, you can download and install T9 Antivirus.

scan pc with t9 antivirus

T9 Antivirus is the No.1 solution for removing malware and other harmful components from your computer. Simply download the app from the link below, install it, and run a quick scan to get rid of any harmful files on your computer. 

Google Suspicious Sign-in Attempt Prevented Emails Scam is Nothing to Worry About!

When you have all the preventive measures in place and know how to deal with the situation, nothing can scam you. The best part about such a scam is that it can be easily identified as a false alarm, provided you stay put and do not get alarmed after reading such fake emails.  

The scams are getting out of hand. Hence it is advised to take all the precautions necessary. Needless to say, the first two things to do are to get an antivirus program like the T9 Antivirus and install a VPN for online safety. 

That said, taking things into your own hands and staying updated with information on such scams is also important. Stay tuned to Systweak Blogs, as we keep de-bunking such scams regularly. That’s all for this one. Catch you in the next one!

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