Top Features to Look for in an Antivirus Program

Top Features of an Antivirus Program

Antivirus programs have been around for the longest time. When no security measures were introduced in Windows, antivirus programs were the go-to option for PC security. Windows has a solid Defender that does the job, but this security software can no longer survive.

A collection of features can help maintain your PC’s integrity with added security. What are these features? Are you relying on an antivirus program? In this post, these questions will be answered.

Let us look at modern features every user should look for when buying and using an antivirus. 

Do You Need an Antivirus?

Yes, having an antivirus program is a must, even if you use Windows Defender Security. Why? Because ideally, Windows Defender and Firewall are only there to help you with system issues and security. Sure, you have manual options to run a scan, but a professional antivirus program can greatly help with functionality and added security. 

With internet connectivity being necessary for every PC user, web security and online protection are significant points of concern. The internal security mechanism is reliable when it comes to offline protection. However, you can not depend solely on it for online assistance. 

An antivirus program is not limited to scanning your USB drives and PCs but goes beyond that. This modern security software offers a lot of added layers of protection against malware, intrusion, and viruses and proves helpful, even after so many years!

Features to Look for While Opting for an Antivirus

It all boils down to the choices you make. There is antivirus software that is still doing the same thing it did a few years ago, and then there are some that have evolved. When choosing any antivirus, users often look for the best prices, while ideally, they should look for the best features. If you are looking for an antivirus but need clarification about which one to opt for, here is a list of features that can help you!

1. Realtime Protection

It is an essential feature of any antivirus. However, the definition of real-time protection keeps changing from product to product. Realtime protection never means that your PC should detect an inserted USB and scan it. It is more than that. Realtime Protection in antivirus softwareRealtime protection refers to continuously scanning through every process you do on your PC and ensuring nothing is harmful. When you work online, malware and trojans find their way easily through bad servers. 

For instance, real-time protection by T9 antivirus gives you excellent protection with a working shield that is always on and never misses out on any threats. It also gives you an account of threats on your PC. 

2. Intrusion Detection & Safety

One of the most significant points of concern in using the internet on your personal computer is the fear of intrusion. Digital ads, pop-ups, unnecessary link redirection, etc., are dangerous. They can quickly help malware intrude into your system. 

An antivirus with intrusion detection comes into play in such situations. However, many antivirus sellers say real-time protection is the same as intrusion detection, which is invalid. Intrusion detection saves your browser from unnecessary ads and pop-ups.startup manager Hence, when looking for a security application, ensure the antivirus application has an ad blocker or integrated intrusion-blocking mechanism.

3. Startup Performance Analyser

Gone are the days when antivirus software was only used to scan and quarantine harmful files. Today, these have become performance booster programs that can help make the most of the available resources. The antivirus software you install should ensure that your PC has the best performance, from when it boots up until it’s shut down. startup performance analyserOne of the main reasons behind your PC’s poor performance and slow startup speed is the applications that run at boot time. Your antivirus should be able to analyze which applications are not behaving correctly and which are causing a slowdown and accordingly manage them for you.

4. Exploit Protection

Many antivirus programs skip the vulnerabilities of a PC, leaving room for zero-day exploits. Thus, getting a security program with Exploit Protection is necessary, especially if your PC is regularly connected to the internet. exploit protectionThere are many reasons why Exploit Protection is a must-have on your antivirus program. Today, it is easy to find malware that might take advantage of loose ends. An Exploit Protection shield on your PC helps you stay secure and deal with such malware without exposing any vulnerabilities.

Other than these, having custom scan options is also a great thing to add. This feature is useful when you don’t have enough time to scan your entire PC. 

These features define a perfect antivirus protection plan for any PC. As you can observe, today’s antivirus programs should be more dedicated to online protection and the intrusion of unnecessary files on your computer. This is because the world uses PCs mostly for internet usage only. 

Choose Your Antivirus Wisely!

The average PC use has evolved. Hence, your antivirus needs should also move in parallel. All the features mentioned above are a must-have if you are ready to invest in an Antivirus else; you are also good with the default Windows Defender. If you ask me for suggestions, I have referred to T9 Antivirus that I use. 

If you are looking for an antivirus, here’s a link to T9 antivirus. Feel free to share your experience with the same in the comments below. Also, if you feel any other feature is necessary, share it in the comments to help other readers! Let’s make the comments section count. 

That’s all for this post. Good luck!

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