How to Fix Gameloop Emulator Keeps Crashing Error on Windows

Gameloop Emulator Keeps Crashing

The Gameloop emulator is one of the most preferred emulators used by gamers to play mobile games on PC. It helps emulate a smartphone-like environment making running mobile games on a PC easy. While the utility of this emulator is massive for gamers, there have been incidents where the Gameloop emulator keeps crashing while playing games. 

The crash can result from multiple factors like an outdated graphic driver, low system resource availability, admin rights, firewall blocking, etc. Due to all these issues, gamers’ experience is compromised. 

The good news here is though the errors significantly affect the overall performance, they can be fixed. In this post, let us take a look at some of the fixes you can implement to stop the Game Loop emulator keeps crashing error on Windows. 

Let’s jump right into the fixes!

Ways to Fix Gameloop Emulator Keeps Crashing Error on Windows (100% WORKING)

Fix 1 – Run the Emulator With Admin Privileges

The first one is the most common issue that any third-party application faces on the latest versions of Windows. The Gameloop emulator application requires admin permissions, and the best way to handle the error is to run the application with admin privileges.

Here’s how you do it – 

  1. Go to the shortcut for the Gameloop emulator > and right-click on it. 
  2. In the right click, you can find the option to Run as administrator.  find option to Run as administrator
  3. Run the application and see if it crashes now.

If the application does not crash, this means it was the admin permissions that were causing the crash. But you can not always perform the three steps to launch an app. If running the app as an admin solves the problem, follow the below steps to make these changes permanent. 

  1. Right-click on the application and go to its Properties 
  2. In Properties, look for compatibility. 
  3. In the Compatibility options, look for the privileges section.
    tick mark Run this program in compatibility mode
  4. Simply tick mark the Run this program in compatibility mode.
  5. Save the changes. The next time you run the application, it will run with admin rights.

Fix 2 – Clear Background Process Before Running

There are times multiple applications are already running before launching the emulator. Since it is a resource-sensitive application and creates a different environment for a game, it is suggested to close the running applications. This will help manage the resources. However, if you are on a high-end PC facing the same problem, remember high-end PCs can also lag if the resources aren’t managed properly.

Here’s what you can do – 

Before launching the application,

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.
    open the Task Manager
  2. The most important resource is your RAM/memory. Hence click on it directly to sort the applications based on the amount they are using.
    sort applications based on the amount they are using
  3. Click on most RAM-intensive applications and end them right away.    try launching Gameloop emulator

Once around 50-60% RAM is available, try launching the Gameloop emulator. Crashing issues can be easily minimized through this technique. You can also use this trick for almost every other heavy game application you wish to run. 

Fix 3 – Disable Hyper-V on Your PC

Any emulator you find, including the Gameloop, works on virtualization. It creates a virtual environment to support mobile games on a Desktop. Now, Hyper-V on Windows is its native virtualization software. It does not allow you to run any other application properly. Hence the Gameloop emulator keeps crashing on Windows. To fix the error, you need to disable Hyper-V.

Here’s how you do it – 

  1. Press Windows + R to open Run. 
  2. In Run, use the command appwiz.cpl
    type command in run search bar
  3. This will open the list of programs and features on your PC. 
  4. From the left-hand side, find the option to Turn Windows applications On or Off.
    Turn Windows applications On or Off
  5. Click on it to open. This will bring up a list of Windows applications.Select Windows hypervisor platform
  6. Scroll down, and you will find the Windows hypervisor platform. 
  7. Uncheck it if it is checked, and you are done. Click on OK to save the changes. 

Try running the Gameloop emulator now; it should work completely fine on your PC. In case the error persists, move on to the next fix.

Fix 4 – Update Graphic Drivers

The graphic drivers help any display-intensive application to run smoothly, More importantly, they enhance the experience. One of the most common reasons behind the Gameloop emulator crashing on Windows is the outdated graphics drivers. 

Understandably, these drivers often go out of date as there is no inbuilt automated way to update them regularly. If there are multiple drivers to update, the entire process is manual. People keep searching for ways to update drivers on Windows without the hassle.  

Well, not anymore!

You can avoid all the hassle of updating your graphics drivers. Here’s how the tool works – 

  1. Install the application on your PC. Simple process (Download the application from the link below).        
  2. In the application, you can scan the PC for outdated drivers. Run the scan.

    click on start scan in advanced driver updater

  3. Let the scan finish. It will screen all the devices and drivers related to them.
  4. Once the screening is done, you have all the drivers that are outdated on your PC, right in front of you.
    list of outdated drivers found
  5. Click on Update all and wait while the tool updates each of them one by one.

It is hardly a 3 step process if you remove the one-time installation and downloading steps. The tool is capable and will instantly update graphic drivers for you to run the Gameloop emulator. 

Bust the Loop of Crashing With These Fixes!

Use the fixes mentioned above, and you will surely see significant improvements in the overall performance of the Gameloop emulator. Usually, emulators are used to supporting the game. However, issues like crashing may occur when all the factors are not accounted for. 

Don’t worry, these fixes can help out! If you are not confident about what issue is causing the error, start updating your graphics driver, as it is the most common issue while launching an emulator on a PC.

Use Advanced Driver Updater for the process, and let us know in the comments about ways that helped you overcome the issue. That is all for this post! Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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