5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using a Free VPN Today!

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Using a Free VPN

Using a VPN is a common practice. Still, most users are unaware of the multiple types of VPNs and the other benefits VPNs offer. They use them to avoid geological restrictions, enhance protection, and protect against cyber attacks. Moreover, only a handful of users pay for VPN service, while others prefer using the free one, which isn’t right because a free VPN is like Pandora’s box. 

This blog explains five reasons you should avoid using a free VPN and how harmful it can be. Without delay, let’s begin!

What is a VPN? An Overview

You must live under a rock to learn what a VPN is and how it functions. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and helps keep our online activities confidential. When you connect to a network, your device has an IP address that becomes a source of recognition online. Any user who wants access to your information can easily trace your details using your IP address. 

To keep this information from getting stolen and your internet activities from getting traced, you can use a VPN. It masks your current IP address with a different one that traces back to another country or server. 

Governmental restrictions on content and other websites can also be bypassed. You can opt for a server outside your country, where the content is available for consumption, or a website is not banned. 

VPN opens many doors for you, provided you use a reputed VPN. There are so many upsides to using a VPN. Unfortunately, most users end up having a poor experience with VPNs. It is because they had opted for a free service provider. 

Check out the next section to understand why you should not choose a free VPN.

5 Solid Reasons Why Using a Free VPN Can Be Harmful?

Reason #1 – Unnecessarily Aggressive Ads

The first thing that you may notice when using a free VPN is the nature of the ads you get. You see, you become the product when you get something for free! The same goes for using a free VPN. It may look like you are getting a free service, but in return, your VPN service provider is selling you out to the highest bidder for ads. 

Unnecessarily Aggressive Ads

The Advertisement market is the most significant income source; hence, these ads get centralized attention. Since there is no limit to who can fund a free VPN, you might see some advertisements that are not fit for you or are explicit. 

Reason #2 – Data Logging & Illegal Data Sharing

Data logging refers to your ISP or VPN service provider keeping your data to themselves. By data, it means your online activities. Since a VPN is your service provider, they have all the information related to the server you are connected to, what websites you have visited, and what the last original IP address was before you shifted to the VPN.

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Data Logging & Illegal Data Sharing

A free VPN provider logs all your browsing data and sells it on the black market, making you a victim of unsanctioned surveillance. The shared data is a gold mine for those who want to track you down for customer acquisition or make you a scam target. When you use a paid VPN service like Systweak VPN or any other, you get assured that there are no data logs. 

Sadly, the no logging assurance is unexpected with a free VPN.

Reason #3 – Uninvited IP Leaks

IP leaks are common with free VPN services. When you opt for a VPN, you should always look for the service’s infrastructure and whether it can handle your requests. Paid VPNs always have a solid backup for IP tunneling and leaks

IP leaks with free VPN services

For those unaware, IP leaks refer to giving away your original IPs at some websites without you realizing it. It completely defeats the purpose of using a VPN. More importantly, there are no ways you might detect that the VPN is going through IP leaks. The IP leaks are also called DNS leaks, where IPv4 and IPv6 can be deceived.

It is also why many experts have said that using a free VPN is sometimes more lethal than using no VPN on your PC. 

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Reason #4 – Exposure to Unnecessary Malware

There is a reason your internet service provider forbids some websites. A free VPN has no web security measures engaged, as you are not paying anything. This means you might encounter multiple ads and pop-ups that may attach malware to your PC in no time.

Security is a big concern for VPN users; sadly, a free VPN cannot deliver the expected protection. 

Exposure to Unnecessary Malware

Not to mention, some of the free VPN applications themselves have been marked as malware. Many users fall prey to these viruses when they look for a free VPN application. If you are looking for a VPN, ensure you do not end up downloading malware instead of a VPN client.

Reason #5 – No Regulations of Practice

Free VPNs have no regulations of practice. Usually, these free VPN services originate from weak security spots like Russia and China. Both countries have had their share of data-stealing cases; thus, these circulated VPN clients do not fall under your regulation policy.

No Regulations of Practice

For instance, your internet service provider ISP has to follow several guidelines. These are related to what you can access, what they can access, and how controlled or liberated your internet experience should be. 

Unfortunately, these regulations do not apply to a free VPN client. They can do anything they want, change their user policy anytime, without letting you know, which is quite a threat to your online privacy.

Using a Free VPN is a BIG NO. Opt for Systweak VPN Instead!

Other than these, simple reasons, poor internet speed, interrupted experiences due to unnecessary disconnections, and a limited number of servers are other reasons to avoid a free VPN. It is you who has many options to keep yourself safe online!

If you are looking for an affordable VPN that provides you with a premium experience, you can opt for Systweak VPN. It has hundreds of servers, no data logging policy, and, best of all, solid internet stability. Download it from the link below and try it out yourself.

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We have reached the end of this post. These will help you make a better decision. Always remember your protection is in your hands! Check out Systweak VPN!

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