How to Fix Wacom Tablet Connected but Not Working Issues in Windows

Wacom Tablet Connected but Not Working Issues in Windows

These days, Windows users, especially those about the design industry have various input devices to use. One such device is the Wacom Pen-Tablet. It is a multitouch support input device that helps users give their art a digital shape.

While the device is really helpful, it has been observed that it keeps disconnecting while in use making users report the Wacom tablet not connecting properly. Sometimes it is connected by not working and sometimes, it keeps disconnecting. 

If you are also facing the same problem, then this blog is definitely for you. In this post, let us address the reasons why the issue occurs along with the best ways to fix the error. 

Shall we begin?

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Wacom Tablet Connected But Not Working: Why?

Since it is an external input device, there can be many reasons behind its malfunction on your PC. From establishing a connection to using it on the screen there are a bunch of steps involved. If there is a discrepancy in any particular step, Wacom no device connected error might pop up. Some of the most common issues that cause the error is – 

  1. Improper Device-PC Connection: When establishing a physical connection, issues such as loose cables, damaged ports, unsupported cables, etc. can cause hindrances in the connection.
  2. Outdated Drivers for Wacom Tablet: If you have used the device on your PC and the problem has recently started, chances are that the drivers for your tablet are outdated.
  3. Error With Wacom Services: When you connect the device to PC, Wacom services are initiated in the system. If the service faces an error, the Wacom tablet might keep disconnecting. 

Other than these issues, there is always room for hardware issues. If there are hardware-related problems, you might need to book an appointment with the service center. However, for the listed issues, you can find the solution in the next section!

Ways to Fix Wacom Tablet Not Connecting Error on Windows

Before getting started with the technical fixes, make sure you have checked the tablet-PC connection. Make sure you use the original cables and working ports. In case the device is not working properly, try using a different port on your PC.

If that does not work, move ahead with the following methods – 

Method 1 – Restart the Wacom Services on Your PC

  1. Press Windows + R to Open the Run Search Box.
    Open Run Search Box
  2. In the Run Search Box, type Services.msc to open Running services.
  3. In the list of services, look for the tablet service Wacom.
    look for tablet service Wacom
  4. Right-click on the service and click on restart. 

That way the service will restart and all the issues that it was facing might reset to neutral. You can also try to connect and disconnect the device after restarting the service. 

Method 2 – Update Drivers for Your Wacom Pen Tablet

Another way you can restore the proper functioning of your tablet and resolve the Wacom no device connected error is by updating the existing drivers for your pen tablet. Drivers are a crucial component of any connected device. Without these drivers, the PC is unable to interact with anything properly. 

There are two ways you can update the device drivers –

Manual Way (Using the Device Manager)

  1. Press Windows+R to open Run. 
  2. In Run, type Devmgmt.msc to open the Device Manager.
    open device manager to Update Drivers for Your Wacom Pen Tablet
  3. Look for your Wacom Pen Tablet in the input devices.
  4. Once you have found the device right-click on it to find the Update driver option.
    find option to update driver in device manager
  5. Click on the updated driver and Windows will ask you whether you have the updated package or not.
    Select Search Automatically for Drivers
  6. Click on Search Automatically for Drivers to continue the process.
  7. Use the instructions shown on the screen and it will update the device drivers for you.

Automatic Way (Using the Advanced Driver Updater)

Opening the device manager, manually checking whether the device needs driver updates or not, and then fetching the drivers is a lengthy process. The Advanced Driver Updater is a tool specifically designed to auto-detect outdated drivers on your PC and install the updates accordingly. Sounds simpler already.

Here’s how it works –

  1. Download the Application for the link given below.   
  2. Run the application. From the home screen, click on Start Scan Now to initiate the scanning.

    click on start scan in advanced driver updater

  3. The scan searches through all your drivers for those that are outdated.
  4. All the outdated drivers are shown in a list for you to update.
    list of outdated drivers found
  5. Click on Update All, and voila! The process is automatically finished in the background!

Using Advanced Driver Updater provides an easy solution to the outdated device problem. The best part is you can schedule driver scans for your PC so you do not face issues related to outdated drivers with any other device/application. 

Wacom Tablet is Now Connected & Works!

Use any of the methods mentioned above and forget about the Wacom tablet that is connected but not working issue. Mostly, these issues related to the pen tablet occur due to outdated drivers only. So make sure you download and install the Advanced Driver Updater. 

Keep in mind updating the drivers might fix the issue for now, but it will arise again when they go out of date. With Advanced Driver Updater, you can update almost every other device on your PC hence it can resolve similar issues for your multiple devices! 

With that, we have reached the end of this post. I hope you found the fix you were looking for. Do let us know if you have any other queries related to Wacom tablets not connecting on your PC. Leave your queries in the comments below!

Thanks for reading. Good Luck!

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