Difference Between Proxy & VPN – What Should You Choose

Difference-Between-Proxy & VPN What Should You Choose

Are you looking for a way to secure the way you access content? If yes, you might have come across both VPN and Proxy servers. People often use these interchangeably as they can hide your location and IP address online & are related to securing your internet connection. However, certain factors draw the line of differentiation between proxy and VPN. 

This post will discuss all the significant differences between Proxy & VPN. By the end of this blog, not only will you understand the differences, but you will also be able to make a better decision about choosing one of these two. 

What is a Proxy & a VPN? An Overview

Before we begin the comparison, let us look at these terms.

Proxy: An Inbuilt Security Measure

A Proxy server can be defined as an intermediary between your PC and the internet connection. It works with a single application and allows you to mask your IP address behind the proxy IP.  It creates a gateway between the user and the content online, which helps maintain anonymity while using the services. 

For instance, while browsing a website unavailable at your location, you can simply create a proxy server for that location, connect your PC to that location, and the website will open. It is because once you are connected to a proxy, your IP changes to the IP of your proxy server. This means all the information the website requests will be from the host server, not your original location.

It is a great way to keep your online activities anonymous. You can easily set it up on a Windows PC as the option is directly available at Windows Settings→ Network & Internet→ Proxy.

create a proxy server

However, it might slow your internet, depending on the server you are connected to. 

VPN: What is it & How to Set it Up?

A virtual private network, commonly known as VPN, is a hybrid version of a proxy server. It has dedicated online servers in almost every region you want to connect. There are so many applications and service providers that offer VPN as a product. 

It takes a better infrastructure than a simple proxy; hence, a solid VPN connection comes with a subscription model. It’s similar to a proxy but more efficient. A user’s most significant advantage is data encryption. A VPN encrypts all the data you access using it.

This means your data is secure, your private information is intact, and you have no limitations or restrictions while using the internet. The entire VPN model works on strengthening the privacy and security of your internet activities. 

There are applications like Systweak VPN that you can use to establish a strong and secure VPN connection. Establishing it is easy. All you have to do is download the application and sign up. 

systweak vpn

Differences Between Proxy & VPN – Which is Better?

After glancing at the definition of both Proxy & VPN, you might have understood that the basic difference lies in security and encryption. However, there are other differences that you might find. 

Three of the crucial factors that differentiate the Proxy & VPN from each other are – 

1. Pricing

Both VPN  & Proxy servers have their paid and free service providers.

You will have to pay more for a solid VPN when paying for the services. Proxy servers are easily available for free you can set them up yourself using the above path on your PC.

Price is the Differences Between Proxy & VPN

There are free VPNs available in the market that you can download and use, but the security and reliability of these services could be better. So yes, you might have to pay for a quality proxy client; however, in a VPN, you should pay a subscription to have complete security.

2. Quality of Internet Connection

By quality, we mean speed, responsiveness, and online security. When you use a VPN, there is no effect on the internet speed or responsiveness as it simply superimposes the current network you are using. Sure, when you use a free VPN, the servers are overcrowded, and hence you may experience a degradation in speed. If you are using a paid version, you are good!

On the other hand, if you are using a proxy server, your internet speed may take a hit as it is rerouting your IP through a computer situated in the region you want to access. It slows down the entire process, so the responsiveness is compromised.

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3. Data Protection & Security

This big difference between the two is a deal breaker for many. The data protection on using a proxy is limited to the application or browser that you are currently using. There is no encryption available, so the chances of data leaks are higher.

What it means is when your device is connected to the internet, the entire system is exposed online. However, while using a proxy, only the application accessing the internet through your proxy, be it a web app or the browser, is secure. The rest of your data is exposed to the ISP.

Data protection security is the Differences Between Proxy & VPN

On the other hand, VPNs protect your data completely. Even if you are using a free VPN, there is encryption aligned with it that can help you keep your data safe. VPNs offer complete protection to your data and hide it from both the website you are using and your ISP so that the experience is 100% anonymous.

Paid VPNs take this security a step ahead, deploying protective algorithms while establishing a connection. This means you are safe from cyber attacks like phishing, data theft, etc.

Proxy vs. VPN – Which is Better? Final Verdict

By looking at the comparison, it is clear that you should choose a VPN over a proxy server any day. One more thing you can infer from the comparison is that a paid VPN is always better than the free one in terms of security, speed, and other aspects. 

So if you need clarification about which is better, VPN is always a better choice than a VPN due to these factors. 

With that, we have concluded the post. The comparison is clear enough to help you make your decision in choosing between a proxy and VPN. If you are considering a paid VPN and want to try the benefits first, download the Systweak VPN and start your free trial TODAY!

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