Fixed – Loadlibrary Failed With Error Code 87 : The parameter is incorrect


Loadlibrary failed with error code 87 – The parameter is incorrect is a common problem that appears due to misconfiguration of graphics drivers on a PC. Devices with an AMD graphics engine are more prone to the issue. However, the problem is not limited to it. 

The error Loadlibrary failed occurs while trying to launch a graphic-intensive game or application. A corrupt graphics driver and outdated driver definition are the most common reasons why the problem appears. 

You can easily solve the error code 87, the parameter is incorrect, by updating the existing graphics driver or rolling them back to the previous version. Other than that, you can also rename the atig6pxx.dll file, which serves as a dedicated graphics driver module. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can resolve the Loadlibrary failure with error code 87 – the parameter is incorrect issue on your PC.

Ways to Fix Loadlibrary failed with Error 87

Fix 1 – Restart Your PC

When the Loadlibrary failed error appears on your PC, it makes the system useless. While the error is lethal, it often turns out to be just a temporary glitch that can be resolved with a restart. 

The only issue is you will have to force shutdown and then restart the PC, as after the error appears, you will not be able to navigate to the restart option.

To force shutdown and restart the system – 

Step 1 – Press and hold the power button on your CPU for 8-10 seconds.
Step 2 – The system will shut down completely with little clunk noise.
Step 3 – Once the PC is off, you may press the power button again; this time, it will just be a quick press.

The PC will now start, and there will be no error. Try using the PC for a while and check if the issue reappears. If it does not, it was just a glitch, and you can continue. However, if it does not, check out the next set of fixes.  

Fix 2 – Rename atig6pxx.dll File

This file is commonly found in devices that use AMD graphics cards. Hence, if you have one and are facing the Loadlibrary failed with error code 87 issue, renaming the file might greatly help. 

Here’s what you need to do –

Step 1 – Press Win+E to bring up the Explorer window.
Step 2 – In the address bar on the top, copy and paste the following path and hit enter to reach there. 


Windows Drive

Step 3 – Once you have reached the location, copy the following file name and paste it into the search bar of the opened window. This will take you straight to the file. 


Atig6pxx.dll file name

Step 4 – After you have found the file, rename it by adding the .bak extension to it. The changed name of the file will look like this – 


After making the changes, it is recommended that you restart your PC and get over with the process. Once you have changed the filename, the issue should no longer be a problem. However, do not worry if it persists, as we have other fixes. 

Fix 3 – Manage Your Graphics Drivers

You might have to do multiple things to fix the Loadlibrary failed error on Windows. The core problem with the error is that it appears due to malfunctioning graphics drivers on your PC. Hence, you need to ensure that everything is sorted with these drivers. ( If anyone is using AMD Radeon Vega 3 Get a solution here. )

Three problems may be causing the error – 

  1. Outdated Drivers 
  2. Bugs in the Latest Update
  3. Corrupt Drivers on Your PC

To fix the error code 87, the parameter is an incorrect prompt. You need to ensure that none of those mentioned above issues appear with the drivers. Here’s what you can do to manage your drivers. 

Fix 3(a) – Update Graphics Drivers

To update the drivers, we recommend you use the Advanced Driver Updater. The tool is easy to use and finishes the job in just a few minutes. There are only three steps involved in the update process – 

Step 1 – Download and Install the application.

Step 2 – Run a Scan to identify outdated drivers.

start scan using advanced driver updater
Step 3 – Click on Update All to initiate the updates.

Click on Update all

That’s how easy the Advanced Driver Updater makes updating the driver. You can try it out today by downloading the tool from the link shared. 

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Fix 3 (b) – Roll Back the Recently Updated Drivers

If the drivers you are using are already updated, and the issue persists, chances are that the latest release has bugs. Not all updates are perfect. Hence you should roll back the driver to a previous version with no errors. 

To rollback the driver – 

Step 1 – Press Win + X to open the quick access menu.
Step 2 – Click on Device Manager from the menu.

device manager
Step 3 – Navigate to display adapters and find the buggy graphics driver. display adaptersStep 4 – Double click on the driver to open its properties.

driver properties
Step 5 – Next, navigate to the driver tab and find the rollback option. 

The only downside is that the option is not always available. To make this work for you, we recommend using Advanced Driver Updater to create backups of drivers on your PC. This way, when such issues appear in the future, you can easily roll back the device drivers from the application. 

Fix 3 (c) – Uninstall and Reinstall Graphics Driver

If none of the above fixes help, probably the PC has a corrupt graphics driver installed and running. The best way to deal with it is to uninstall the drivers from your PC and reinstall it. 

Here’s how – 

Step 1 – Use steps 1,2,3 from fix 3(b) to find the driver.
Step 2 – Right click on the driver to find the uninstall option.

uninstall device
Step 3 – Click on uninstall and follow the instructions on the screen to finish the process.instructions on screen to uninstall device
Step 4 – Next, once the uninstall finishes, you can go to the device manager again, and from the top bar, click on the Action button.In Action tab select scan for hardware changes
Step 5 – In the Action options, click on scan for hardware changes to auto-direct the graphics card. This way, the device will re-install the driver automatically. 

If the scan for hardware change does not work, you can always go to the manufacturer’s official website to download drivers. 

You should only follow the steps if you are tech-savvy and know how to play around with settings, as a single wrong move might cost you a lot. 

Besides these three fixes, you can always scan your PC for corrupt system files using the SFC and DISM scan. Use the following commands in the command prompt to ensure no issues. 

Reinstalling the application triggering the Loadlibrary failed with error code 87 might also help. 

LoadLibrary Failed Error Fixed Successfully!

Try all these fixes and let us know what helped you the best. Thanks for reading the post, and we hope you find a perfect solution to your problem. Do not forget to download and install the Advanced Driver Updater on Your PC, as it can significantly help you avoid such issues in the future. 

Good Luck!

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    Had AMD FirePro W2100 driver from AMD installed. Removed it…did Windows update (this is Win 11 Pro). It found an AMD FirePro driver…auto installed it…same problem. Renamed the atig6pxx.dll per above. THAT fixed the problem. 🙂
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