How To Fix Printer’s “Driver is Unavailable,” Error


When you try to print and encounter the “Windows printer driver is unavailable” error, it means either your system cannot find the right driver or the printer driver is outdated, and you can’t print documents. So, in this case, what can be done?

The workable solution to fix the driver unavailable problem is to update the printer driver. In this post, we will explain how you fix the problem and get your printer working.

Easiest Way to Update Printer Driver

When the PC displays a “Driver is unavailable” error, the first thing you should do is update the driver. However, not all can do it manually. Therefore, to simplify things, we suggest using Advanced Driver Updater. It is one of the best driver updating software for Windows that scans your PC and detects outdated drivers. With the help of this tool, in just a few clicks, you can update missing, corrupt, or problematic drivers.

Before updating the drivers, the tool takes a complete backup of drivers, and the registered version comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can download the tool and update the printer driver by clicking the button below.

What does Windows 10 Printer Driver is Unavailable mean?

So, what precisely does the driver is unavailable mean? The error message explains an issue with the printer driver, preventing it from operating correctly. To fix it, you will need to update the problematic printer driver.

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5 Ways to Fix Printer Driver Unavailable Error?

There are several ways to fix drivers not available for printer errors. Below we explain them one by one. You don’t have to try them all. You can stop following the other fixes as soon as you have the fix.

Method 1 – Change UAC Settings

User Account Control (UAC) will inform you when Windows tries any system modifications. These modifications involve user or administrative permissions. Configure your UAC settings so that they won’t prevent you from installing printer components and drivers.

1. Log in as Administrator.
2. Type Control Panel in the Windows search bar.

control panel
3. Select User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings.


user setting
4. Set the slider on the third level, where it says:

“Notify me only when apps try to make changes to my computer (default)”  & “Recommended if you use familiar apps and visit familiar websites.”

control panel setting

5. Click OK > Yes

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Method 2: Manually Update Printer Drivers

1. Press Windows + X to launch the Device Manager.

device manager
2. Scroll through the list and double-click click the Printer category.
3.  Right-click on the problematic driver > Update Driver.

update driver
4. You’ll now get two options > Choose Search automatically for drivers

search automaticaly

Wait for the Device Manager to look for the update and install the update in the background. In addition to this, if you know the printer’s make and model, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and can update the printer driver from there.

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Method 3 : Automatically Update the Printer Driver & fix Windows 10 Printer Driver is Unavailable

The latest printer driver version can be downloaded from the official website, or if you are short on time can try Advanced Driver Updater, the driver updating utility.

Advanced Driver Updater scans the PC for outdated drivers and shows the latest update. You don’t need to know your machine’s operating system to use it. The driver updater compares old drivers to driver updates and displays the most recent and compatible updates.

You can use the FREE or the registered version to update the driver. The registered version offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and updates all outdated drivers simultaneously, while the Trial version allows updating a single driver at a time.

Follow the instructions to use the tool:

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater.

2. Run Advanced Driver Updater and scan the PC for problematic drivers.

3. After reviewing the scan results, update the battery device driver.

ADU Scan
4. If you are a registered user, Click Update All. On the contrary, free users will click on Update driver.

update all driver
5. Restart your computer to save changes.

For product-related issues, contact

Method 4 – Automatically Reinstall Printer Driver

If updating the printer driver didn’t help with the driver not available issue, try reinstalling the printer driver. Doing so will fix the problematic files causing the “Windows printer driver unavailable” error.

For this, we will again use Device Manager.

  1. Press Windows + X and select Device Manager.device manager
  2. Expand the Print queues category by double-clicking on it. Select Uninstall device.print queues uninstall device
    3. Check the box next to Delete the driver software for this device and select Uninstall.delete driver software
    4. Unplug the printer > restart the PC > and plug the printer back into the PC. Follow the instructions you get and reinstall the printer driver.

This should help fix the driver’s unavailable problem.

Method 5 – Install Generic Printer Driver

To prevent users from facing any issues due to printer drivers, Microsoft offers generic printer drivers. To fix “Driver is unavailable,” you can temporarily use this driver.

  1. Press Windows + X and select Device Manager.device manager
  2. Expand the Print queues category > select your printer and select Update the update driver option to update mantra MFS100 driver using device manager
    3. Select Browse my computer for drivers.browse my computer driver
    4. Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

    click Let me pick from a list of available drivers on this computer5. Select Generic software device > click Next.

    generic software device6. Restart the PC and check the issue must be fixed.

Method 6 – Fix Corrupt System Files

Corrupt Windows files can also cause a “Driver is unavailable” issue. To fix follow these steps:

1. Open the elevated Command Prompt.

Found option to run as Administrator2. If you get a User Account Control prompt, click Yes.

3. Copy and paste the following command – DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Enter RestoreHealth command

4. Let the command run. Now, copy and paste – sfc /scannow and press Enter to let the command process.

sfc scanWait for the tool to find and fix faulty system files. In addition to this, we also suggest updating Windows.

After performing these steps, try to use the printer. You should not face the driver not available error.

Quick Ways To Make “Unavailable Driver” message go away

The Printer Driver is an Unavailable error that temporarily makes the printer nonoperational. However, once you follow the steps explained above, the underlying problem should be fixed. To avoid facing the problem and keep drivers updated, use Advanced Driver Updater. We hope you found the post informative and can print all your documents hassle-free.

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