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The range of HP printers has changed the way people perceive printing. Gone are the days when one had to rush to shop for getting printouts. Today, every household can afford a printer. Believe it or not, HP printers changed things.

This is why it bothers the users when an HP printer stops printing, stops working, or doesn’t print correctly. If you are struggling with a similar problem and wondering why your HP printer is not printing even when it has ink, you are at the right place. 

In this post, we will help you identify and fix these errors for good. 

Why Is My HP Printer Not Working Properly?

Before we get into details and learn ways to resolve printing issues with HP printers, let’s try to understand the reason behind the error. 

  • HP printer is not set to default.
  • Too many print jobs.
  • Faulty connections. 
  • The printer status is offline.
  • There is an issue with the configuration
  • The printer driver is missing or outdated

Due to these reasons, users face the following issues with HP printers. 

  1. HP Printer Unable to Connect – The most common issue users face is connectivity. The printers appear to be plug-and-play enabled but often lose connectivity when used.
  2. Not Printing Properly – Many users have shared that they keep giving the print command, but the printer is not giving the output. Even if there’s an output, it is not up to the mark
  3. Printer Not Responding – Another common error is the not responding nature of the HP printer.  Have you also experienced a lag where your print utility Window is stuck and does not respond when you try to use the printer? Well, you are not alone!
  4. HP Printer is Stuck – As referred to by hundreds of users, the printer neither connects nor disconnects. The error makes the attached device useless and may require professional assistance.
  5. HP Printer Won’t Print Despite the Ink – Many users have reported that their output is not as expected despite the printer having proper ink and everything. Though only a few users have reported this error, it is still a serious concern for many. 

If any of the issues mentioned above are taking over your experience, you need to troubleshoot. Check out the next section to fix the issue yourself. 

5 Ways to Fix HP Printer Not Working Properly

Way #1 – Perform Basic Checks

Before getting into technical troubleshooting, you must always perform basic hardware or software troubleshooting. As it can save you a lot of time and trouble. The preliminary checks and troubleshooting include – 

  • Check the cable connection. If you are using a Wi-Fi printer, check the connectivity. 
  • The printer must be turned ON properly and there should be no power supply errors. 
  • Examine the vents of the top cartridge for blockage or obstruction.
  • There should be paper in the tray and no paper should be jammed or stuck. 
  • There should be ink in your printer.

Once the basic troubleshooting is done, you should run a Windows troubleshooter to check for software-side errors. 

Way 2 – Run Windows Troubleshooter

To run Windows built-in troubleshooter, follow the given instructions.

Step 1 – Press Windows + I to open Windows System Settings.
Step 2 – In Windows System Settings, look for Troubleshoot option.

Open the Troubleshoot options
Step 3 – After opening the troubleshooting window, click on Other Troubleshooters.

Click on Other Troubleshooters
Step 4 – In Other troubleshooters, you may find a dedicated troubleshooter for the Printer. Click on Run to start the process.Select Other Troubleshooters to fix Ethernet Does Not Have a Valid IP Configuration Error
Step 5 – Follow the instructions on the screen for troubleshooting. If there is anything wrong with your printer, this should identify and fix the problem for you. 

Way #3 – Cancel all the Pending Print Jobs

Sometimes, when there are multiple printing jobs pending, the printer may become unresponsive. In such situations, the best solution is to clear the queue. To do so, follow these steps – 

Step 1 – Press Windows + R to open the Run search utility.
Step 2 – In the Run, type Control and hit enter to open the Control Panel.

type Control command

Step 3 – Change the Control Panel view to Small Icons from Category. view to Small Icons from Category

Step 4 – Now, you can find an option that says Devices and Printers. Open it.

device and printers

Step 5 – Right Click on the available HP Printer and click on See What’s Printing.

Right Click on available HP Printer

Step 6 – When the Window opens up, you will have the Printer option on the top bar. Click on it.
Step 7 – In the available options under Printer, click on Open as Administrator.
Step 8 – After allowing User Access Control (UAC) Cancel All Documents option will become clickable.
Step 9 – Click on the option, and you will be prompted to cancel all jobs in the queue.

select cancel all documents

Step 10 – Confirm your actions, and you will have cleared the queue. 

Once you are through with the process, check whether your HP printer is working. If the issue persists, try the next fix to resolve the HP printer won’t print. 

Way #4 – Check if the Printer is Set as Default

If you tend to use multiple printers on your PC, there are chances that the print command is not going through the HP printer. This may be because the printer is not set as default. 

Set HP Printer as default using the following steps – 

Step 1 – Press Windows + R to open the Run search utility.
Step 2 – In the Run, type Control and hit enter to open the Control Panel.

type Control command

Step 3 – Change the Control Panel, find Devices and Printers, and open it.
Step 4 – All the printers will be listed there, Select HP Printer.
Step 5 – Right click on it to find the Set as Default option.
Step 6 – Confirm your choice by clicking Yes on the available prompt.
Step 7 – Now, you’ll see a green check sign on the listed HP printer. This marks the end of the process. 

Once you have set it as default, try printing a document, the HP printer should not be printing the document properly. 

Identifying if Your PC Drivers Need Updates! Is there a Way?

Way #5 – Update Printer Drivers

If there are no hardware issues or setting issues, the only thing left to check is the printer drivers. These drivers often cause problems. Issues are so complex that the printer will not print despite the availability of ink. 

Check out our thorough guide on updating HP printer drivers for Windows. If you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to go through the linked guide, we recommend downloading Advanced Driver Updater, as it is the easiest way to update drivers for your PC. 

The tool offers an easy 3 step process to update all the outdated drivers. All you have to do is –

1. Scan your PC for outdated drivers using the scanner in the tool.

start scan using advanced driver updater

2. Track the available updates to identify if your printer drivers are included.
3. Update all the outdated drivers, including your HP printer drivers instantly by using the update all button.

That’s it!

Once you are done with all these fixes, you can make the most of your HP printer. This brings us to the end of this post. We hope this helps you well with your HP printer not printing issues.

Thanks for reading. Good luck!

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