How to Update Hp Printer Driver For Windows 10


Whether you have got a new HP printer or are facing problems with your current printer. Whatever the case may be, here are some easy and effective ways to update HP printer drivers.

HP offers robust printers for all Operating Systems. But that doesn’t mean they are not prone to issues. HP printers too need driver updates to run flawlessly. With that said, if you are facing any issues with HP printer drivers here we explain how to get HP printer driver updates for Windows 10.

Outlined below are the best ways to update HP drivers without any problems.

Short on Time?

Try this Automatic and Recommended method to update HP printer driver – Windows 10.

Download and install Advanced Driver Updater. This excellent driver updating tool will help save time and deal with irritation you go through when updating a printer or any other device driver.

This driver updating utility automatically detects outdated drivers and shows the compatible driver update. Most importantly you don’t need to collect information about the operating system and device you are using.

Best solutions to download and update HP printer driver

Tip : To avoid facing issues that might occur when downloading and updating drivers manually, try the automatic way. Using a driver updating utility like Advanced Driver Updater, you can identify and update outdated drivers in no time. Also, you can take backup of old drivers and can add incompatible drivers to the exclusion list.

Method 1. Updating HP Printer Drivers Using Device Manager

1. Press Windows + X > Device Manager

device manager
2. Look for Print Queues or Printer category.
3. Double click to expand it.
4. Select the HP printer > right-click >  Update Driver

update driver

Note:- In case you don’t see the HP printer listed, check the hardware connections and refer to the user manual.

5. Select Search automatically for drivers, and wait for Windows to look for driver updates. (If any available it will be installed in the background).

Note: If the driver running on your Windows is up-to-date, you’ll get a message, “The best drivers for your device are already installed”.  If that is the case, click Search for updates drivers on Windows update. You’ll now be redirected to the Windows Update window. Click Check for Updates, if an update is available download and install it. Afterward, click View optional updates. Double click Driver updates > if you see an update for HP printer driver, select the box next to it > Download and install.

windows update

6. This will help get the latest HP printer driver updated manually.
7. Restart the system after downloading and installing the update. This helps apply changes.

Tip : You can also visit the manufacturer's website to check if any update is available and can download and install it from there.

Download HP Printer Drivers Manually from the HP support website

Note: To download the HP printer driver from the website you need to collect information like-

  • Device model number
  • Version & bit of Windows operating system

Gathering this information is essential as it helps get the correct driver update downloaded. In addition to this make sure you are logged in as an administrator.

1. Once you have all the information, visit the HP support website.
2. Look for the Printer Drivers section.

hp sustomer supprot
3. Thereafter, search for the model number of the HP printer driver.

hp driver download
4. After this look for the correct HP driver installer package compatible with your Windows Operating system. Possibilities of finding multiple downloads like – Firmware,  Software-ePrint, Utility-Diagnostic Tools, are there. You need to look for the Driver packages.
5. Select the correct driver, download it on your computer.

However, if this is not your cup of tea try Advanced Driver Updater.

6. Double click the .exe (executable) file and follow on-screen instructions to install and update the HP printer driver.
7. Restart your computer and that’s it.

Method 2. Updating and downloading driver for HP Printer Automatically

If the above method seems complicated or you are not familiar with the device model number, details about the operating system, try Advanced Driver Updater. This time-saving, automatic way is the easiest way to update all outdated drivers at once.

To use Advanced Driver Updater and get HP printer driver updates, follow the steps below:

1. Download and install Advanced Driver Updater

2. Run the driver updating software
3. Click Start Scan Now and wait for the scanning process to finish

Advanced Driver Updater
4. Once done, look for the HP printer driver update and download the driver for the HP printer by clicking the Update driver next to it.

update all outdated driver

Note:- If you are using the trial version of Advanced Driver Updater, you will have to update each driver by clicking the Update driver next to it. However, if you upgrade to the Pro version, you can update all outdated drivers at once by clicking on the Update All button.

Also, note the registered version of the product comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and an option to backup and restore old drivers.

5. After installing the HP printer updates for Windows 10, restart the system.

This will help get the HP printer driver updates.

Fix – HP printer updates for Windows 10

Using any of the steps explained above, you can download a driver for HP printers and can fix printer-related issues. Also, if you know about the device model number and operating system you are using, you can use the HP printer driver installer. However, if manual steps sound too much work or they are a hassle for you, try using Advanced Driver Updater.

This best driver updating utility helps detect and update drivers in no time. Also, to use it you don’t need to collect information about the device or operating system. This professional tool to update drivers does that on its own.

We hope you will give it a try. Do let us know which method works best for you in the comments section.

If you find the guide helpful, share it with others. However, if you have any product related questions you can contact the support team at

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