How to Download and Update Canon Maxify MB2720 Driver

How to download and update canon maxify mb2720 Driver

Canon Maxify MB2720 is a wireless printer that can help print, scan, copy, and send fax easily. It is one of the most commonly used devices with a robust wireless connection. The only downside is that when the drivers for Canon Maxify MB2720 are outdated, it might not function to its peak potential.

Moreover, you may encounter issues like the printer is not responding wirelessly, unable to connect, not printing in a single command, and others. The easiest way to avoid facing these issues is to keep Canon  drivers updated.

In this post, we will discuss how to download and update Canon Maxify MB2720 drivers on your PC. 

Ways to Download Canon Maxify MB2720 Drivers on Your PC

When you want to download the drivers on any PC, you have two options, either go to the official website to update the driver or use a plug-and-play device. The best way to download the Canon Maxify driver is to look up the device model on Canon’s official support website and update the driver.  

Here’s what you can do – 

  1. Go to the official Cannon support page or visit the direct link – Canon support page
  2. Select the device from the list. As we are Maxify MB 2720 drivers, we will select the printer from the available choices. Select device to download Maxify MB 2720 drivers
  3. After choosing the device type, enter the series number. Since we are using a Maxify MB2720, look for the same. Click on Maxify to move ahead.   select device
  4. Select the series as Maxify also has two more series other than the MB series called the GX series & iB series, respectivelySelect Maxify series
  5. That’s it, select your Operating system version from the available option, and choose from the downloadable driver solutions that appear. select operating system version to download Canon Maxify MB2720 Driver

Download the drivers as per your requirement. If you are confused about what files to download, you might want to look for the full installer package available in the list. It looks something like this –Download Canon Maxify MB2720 Driver

This is the best and easiest way to download the Canon Maxify MB2720 drivers when the auto installation is off. The Plug and Play feature usually makes downloading and installing the drivers easier as the device installs them for you. But then again, you have to update the drivers regularly. 

Now you might be wondering how to update existing Canon Maxify MB2720 drivers. Well, do not worry, as we have covered that too! Check out the next section!

Ways to Update Canon Maxify MB2720 Drivers

If you have already installed the drivers for your printer, but a few glitches remain, chances are you need to update your current drivers. Updating the drivers helps use updated features and increases the product’s life. 

There are three ways to update your drivers –

  1. Update the drivers from the official website. 
  2. Update using Windows Update Driver Wizard
  3. Update Using Advanced Driver Updater ( Recommended)

Method one is the same as downloading the drivers from the official website. Go to the website and look for the latest version available. Download and install it over the existing drivers and it will refresh and update your drivers. 

The other two ways are explained below – 

1. Update Using Windows Driver Update Wizard

To update your drivers with Windows Driver Update Wizard, you need to follow the given steps – 

  • Press Windows + r to open the run search.
  • In the Run, search for devmgmt.msc Type command in run search bar to open device manager
  • It will open the Device Manager for you. 
  • Look for the already installed drivers for your Canon Maxify MB2720.
  • Once you have found the device, right-click on it and click on the Update driver.  update canon maxify MB2720 drivers using device manager
  • This will open the Windows Update Driver Wizard.    Choose the search automatically
  • Choose the search automatically and then keep following the instructions.

This way, you will be able to update the drivers easily. The process is tried and tested by thousands of users however, it is slightly typical for new users as not everyone is familiar with the Device Manager. 

2. Update Canon Using Advanced Driver Updater (Recommended)

Another easy way to update drivers is by using a dedicated driver updater application. What it does is find, fetch, and install the latest driver updates on your PC in just a single click. All you have to do is – 

  • Download the application on your PC. (use the link below)
  • Run the application and use the Start Scan Now option.  list of outdated drivers found
  • Click on it to initiate the scan. It will search for all the outdated drivers.
  • Once the scan is complete, you have a list of outdated drivers on your device.  list of outdated drivers found
  • Click on update all and let the software update your outdated drivers for Canon Maxify MB20720 printer and other devices. 

Once the Advanced Driver Updater finishes the update, restart your PC to bring all the updates into effect. It is the easiest and fastest way to complete your driver updates. 

Download & Update Canon Maxify MB 2720 Drivers Easily!

The driver support for Canon Maxify MB2720 is strong. It is easy to find and download the drivers, and with the help of applications like Advanced Driver Updater, things become more accessible. Simply search for the driver updates from the convenience of your desktop—no need to download any file or anything. Just scan and install! Smooth, isn’t it?

Download the application today and make the most of it instantly! That is all for this post. Let us know in the comments how you found the most suitable way to download and update Canon Maxify MB2720 drivers on your PC! 

Good luck!

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