How to Download and Update Audio Driver for a Dell PC (All Versions)

How to Download and Update Audio Driver for a Dell PC (All Versions)

Are you using a Dell PC and facing audio issues? You might have a missing or outdated audio driver on your computer. 

To fulfill the sound requirements, support the speakers and other accessories audio driver is the basic requirement of any PC. This means if audio drivers are unavailable for any reason, you can face sound issues. Here are the best ways to fix dell audio not working problem. 

Why is It Important to Download and Update Audio Drivers on a PC?

The Audio driver is the backbone of any PC for sound output and input. Your PC cannot output sound without a driver.

Drivers ensure that the connection between their commands and the audio peripherals is smooth. If no drivers are involved, your audio devices are junk. Using Audio drivers, you can overcome multiple issues on your PC, such as – 

  1. No Audio Output Available Error.
  2. Unable to Load Sounds Error.
  3. No Audio, and the Device Cannot Start Error. 

How to Download and Install Dell Audio Drivers

Dell PCs usually use Realtek HD audio drivers that can be easily found on the device manufacturer’s official website. All you have to do is log on to the Official website  scroll down and find the download button for the drivers.

dell official website 

Once you have done that, simply unzip the downloaded file and execute the driver setup. It will automatically install the Realtek HD drivers on your PC. Make sure you have saved all your files and progress on the PC, as it will require you to restart the PC once you have installed the drivers. 

As soon as the drivers are installed, and you have restarted your PC, you can experience the sounds again. Sound drivers by Realtek are robust and easy to configure. Make changes as per your requirements, and you are good to go. 

Note : You might get many confusing results when you search for audio drivers on Google. The best way to do it is to look for your manufacturer’s official website else; you might end up downloading malware. Stay safe!


How to Update Dell Audio Driver in Windows PC

Downloading any driver is a one-time task. However, keeping the drivers updated keeps the device going without any errors. If you are facing issues with your PC audio, despite proper drivers, it may be time to update them.

The system drivers are updated automatically with Windows updates. Thus, everything is fine. This is also why other important drivers, like the Realtek HD sound drivers, need to be updated. 

There are two ways to update the drivers on your PC – 

1. Manually Using the Device Manager

  • Press Windows + R on your Windows PC to open the Run search box.
  • In Run Search, type devmgmt.msc and hit enter to open the Device Manager. device manager
  • In the Device Manager, look for your audio inputs and outputs
  • Right-click on the drivers and then click on the Update driver.device manager
  • This will bring up the driver updater.
  • You have two options: Search automatically for drivers or manually find the driver update saved on your local hard drive. update drivers
  • Select the first option.  searching for drivers
  • Follow the instructions on the screen until the process is over!

Once you have updated the drivers, restart your PC, and your audio errors will be resolved. 

2. Update the Drivers Using Advanced Driver Updater

It is an application that allows you to fix errors with minimal effort. All you have to do is run a scan on your PC, and all the outdated drivers are listed there. You can update all of them in a single click.

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  • Download the application from the link below and install it on your PC.
  • Run the application. You can find the Start Scan Now option on the home screen of your application. Click on it.  advanced driver updater
  • The scan usually takes 5 minutes to complete. driver scanning results
  • Once it is over, you can find the list of all the outdated drivers on your PC. find list of outdated drivers
  • Click on the update all button to initiate the update process.

Let the software do the trick and install updates on your computer. It finds, fetches, and installs all the driver updates without you having to raise a nail. 

Once the installation is complete, you can restart your computer, and voila! You are done. 

Stop Worrying About Audio Driver Issues with Advanced Driver Updater!

Downloading and keeping your audio drivers updated are two different things. If drivers need to be added to your Dell Windows PC, download them from the official website. 

However, if drivers need to be updated, use any of the two methods mentioned above. Advanced Driver Updater gives you an extra advantage over the manual way as it is convenient and practical. The most significant advantage is that it fixes all the issues quickly!

Fix your Dell audio drivers and make the most of the available audio peripheral devices! That’s all for this post. Catch you at the next one! 

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