Dell Docking Station Not Working- How to Fix


A docking station adds a lot of usability and flexibility to a laptop. It is a hub of external ports often missing from a laptop due to its mobile nature. Popular brands like Dell, HP, etc. make dedicated docking stations for laptops so that every user who needs all the mainstream ports of a PC can get them even on the laptops. However, there are incidents that people have shared about their Dell docking station not working.

Since it is an accessory, there can be multiple reasons that it does not work on your laptop.

In this post, let us understand why the Dell docking station has stopped working and how to fix the issue.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Ways to Fix Dell WD19 Docking Station Issues on Your Laptop

If the docking station was working fine before and has suddenly started showing some issues, use the following ways to rectify the problem. Let’s go through them one by one to learn ways to fix the docking station not working issue.

Check the Integrity of the Docking Station

If your Dell docking station has stopped working; there is a significant chance of hardware failure. Therefore, before you try fixing it using your laptop, ensure you have a working docking station.

Now how can you be sure that your docking station is working fine? Well, there are a few steps you can take –

Check 1 –After connecting the docking station to your PC, look for the power light. If the light is still off, there can be an issue with the power supply used in the dock. You should contact the service center for the same.

dellCheck 2 – Make sure you use the original chord to connect the docking station to your laptop. Sometimes, the error lies in the connection and cable too. If you have replaced the cable by chance, make sure you have the original one.

connection and cable

Check 3 –Try out the docking station on a different laptop. If the docking station is working fine on a separate laptop, you know whether the problem lies in the docking station or your laptop.

Try Resetting the Docking Station

Once you have checked the integrity and there’s nothing wrong with your laptop or the device, try to reset the docking station. Resetting the docking station is simple. All you have to do is  –

  • Remove the docking station from your laptop.
  • After removal, wait 15 seconds for the docking station to lose power completely.
  • Connect the device again.
  • Go to Device Manager on your Laptop. Press Windows + X to find the Device Manager option.

device manager

  • In the Device  Manager, double-click Universal Serial Bus controllers to find Dell WD 19 docking station.

Universal Serial Bus controllers

  • Right-click the device name and select Uninstall device. This way, your laptop will have no pre-installed drivers that might have malfunctioned.

uninstall device

  • Now plug in the device again to install the USB drivers.

This should reset the Dell docking station and rectify the not working situation. If you cannot make it work after you have reset the device, move on to the following technique.

Update the Drivers for Docking Station

When the installed drivers for your docking station are outdated, you face a problem. Since you still face the problem even after reinstalling the driver, there is a solid chance that the driver will require an update.

Updating your docking station drivers can be both easy and hectic, depending on what way you choose for it. There are two easy ways to approach the task, the manual way and the automated way. The manual way goes as follows –

  • Open the d Device Manager using the Windows + X shortcut (as shown in the previous section.)
  • Go to find the device. If it is connected to the Thunderbolt port, it might be listed as an unknown device.

device manager controllers

  • Right-click on the device and select Update drivers.

update driver properties

  • This will give you access to Windows Driver Updater.
  • There are two options to update the driver manually. You can let Windows look for driver updates or can update the driver using the setup file.

search driver automatically

  • Choose the desired option and follow the instructions to update the drivers manually.

On the other hand, Advanced Driver Updater, is a dedicated tool for updating all sorts of drivers. It offers an automatic solution  all you have to do is –

  • Download and install the application on your laptop.
  • Run the application and instantly search for missing drivers by clicking on the ‘Start Scan Now.

advanced driver updater

advanced driver updater scan process

  • Once the software is done scanning, you can click on ‘Update All’ and wait for it to finish.

update all outdated driver

update outdated driver

  • Restart the PC once the process is complete. Try reconnecting the docking station, and it should work properly.

That is how easily the Advanced Driver Updater updates your outdated device drivers.

Update BIOS on your Dell Laptop

The latest version of BIOS is necessary to support the latest devices you connect. Devices like Dell docking stations work integrally with the laptop; thus, having the latest BIOS version is necessary.

Here’s how you can install the latest BIOS version.

  • Open the Windows Start menu and search for msinfo. This will take you to system information.

open system information

  • In the system information, look for BIOS information such as version number, mode, etc.

bios version

  • Once you have the date, open CMD to find the serial number for the same. You can open CMD using the start menu.
  • Use the Command – wmic bios to get serialnumber in the command prompt, which will fetch the serial number.

command prompt

  • You can find the serial number mentioned here. Now simply log on to the official website of Dell to download the latest BIOS version.
  • Identify your device by using the required information in the search box available on the website.

check product

  • From the available downloadables, find the BIOS and check if a better version is available. If yes, download it instantly.

Note : Please ensure that you only download the BIOS from the official website, as playing around with the BIOS settings can be hazardous to your computer.

Once you have downloaded the file, double-click on it and follow the installation instructions.


Once the drivers and BIOS are updated on the laptop, the Dell docking station should run smoothly. In case none of those mentioned above techniques could fix your problem, you should consider replacing your product or getting help from the service center.

We hope the blog helps you troubleshoot your Dell docking station not working error. Good luck!


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