How to Delete Secret Files Permanently From Your PC


Data residue is an issue that bothers everyone, but only some are aware of it. This is why restoring deleted files is possible through data recovery software. Knowing this for a fact is excellent.

However, this information can bother you when you want a specific file permanently deleted. Fortunately, deleting data forever is possible, and it is possible using third-party software like Advanced System Optimizer. This post explains how you can do it. Keep reading to know more.

Recovery is a great feature until you have access to your PC. However, if you are to sell your PC? Or are you planning to give your PC to your sibling without deleting data forever? It is a bad idea. Thinking why? It is because if there are personal folders and files you do not want to share with anyone else, they are recoverable. Therefore, you need to delete these files permanently.

Note : The following techniques will delete your data inevitably. Hence, ensure you only imply these if you are OK with removing data permanently, as trying these on data you may require in the future is not advised.

Best Ways To Delete Secret Files Permanently From Your PC

Since people are into selling or exchanging their older devices, permanently deleting files has become one of the major concerns. This means deleting the files will not do the needful. You need to wipe your drive to erase data from it completely.

However, there is a difference between deleting a file and wiping data. When you delete a file, the shreds of the file are still available in the drive and can be undeleted. When you wipe the hard drive, all the data evidence is gone.

There are only two ways to wipe data entirely from your hard drive.

Method 1. Erasing data using System Recovery on Windows

The System Recovery option on Windows has a dedicated feature called Resetting this PC. It wipes all the data from the core and makes your PC ready to sell. It is not 100% permanent, but it makes recovering files more difficult. This means an individual would require a highly effective and complex data recovery tool to recover data from a reset PC.

Use the below steps to initiate the reset –

1. Click on the Start menu and navigate to settings.

2. In the settings, look for Recovery options and click on it.

system apps

3. Here, you will find an option to Reset the PC.

4. Click on it to initiate the process.

app recovery option

5. You will now get a pop-up asking about the data. Click on Remove everything. This will wipe all personal files and data.

reset this pc option

6. After choosing the Remove, everything option, follow the instructions.

With that, you’ve reset your PC and re-installed Windows while wiping the data from your PC. You might wonder, how is it more effective than simply formatting your hard drives? Well, for starters, the data recovery works on fragments of your drive.

If you have deleted something, the data is available in the fragments until overwritten with new data. Resetting the PC formats your hard drive and re-installs the Windows, overwriting data on the deleted drive. This process may take hours, but it is undoubtedly effective.

Method 2. Permanently Deleting Data Using Secure Delete Feature

The above method is helpful when you are sure you will no longer use the PC. But what if you only want to delete a few files permanently? In such a case, there are better solutions than resetting, and Advanced System Optimizer, the best PC cleaner software, provides the Secure Delete feature.

Unfortunately, for such situations, Windows does not offer an internal feature.

What is Advanced System Optimizer?

Advanced System Optimizer is a full-system solution that offers multiple modules to keep your PC optimized and your data safe. It has a dedicated Secure Delete feature that allows you to wipe selected files permanently from your computer, leaving no shreds.

Here’s how to use the Secure Delete feature of Advanced System Optimizer

If you have the Advanced System Optimizer on your PC, initiate the application from the Start menu. However, if not already installed, you can download the application from the given button.

Compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7

Advanced System Optimizer

1. Launch the PC optimization software.

2. From the options available in the left panel, click on Security and Privacy. On the right side, you will find the Secure Delete option.

security and privacy

3. Click the Select Files button to pick the files and folder to delete permanently.

wipe file and folder

4. Use Add File or Add Folder button and navigate to the file/folder location. Add them.


select file for delete

Note:- Using the Change option, you can select from the different wiping options.

secure delete_options

5. After selecting the options > click Continue to proceed.

6. Check the box next to the added files and folders you want to delete permanently.

7. Click Next, and you are ready to remove the file.

select file for wiping

8. As the final step, input the numbers shown, and voila! It’s done!

file is wiped

This is how Secure Delete permanently removes selected files/folders from your PC.

Final Takeaway

You have both options; one offers complete PC data wiping, while the other offers flexibility. The choice is yours to make. If you ask me personally, the ability to remove individual or selective files permanently is convenient. Hence, I recommend downloading Advanced System Optimizer and using the Secure Delete feature.

That’s all for this blog, and I hope you find the helpful information. Good Luck!


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