How To Capture Screen In Windows 11,10


Launched in the 1980s, Windows has had screen printing capabilities. However, the interest in screenshots has recently spiked. To be precise, Pandemic has changed things. Now, everyone, including the students, professionals, and parents, all like taking screenshots for some or other purpose.

Hence, here we bring for you the best way to capture screenshots – the very same thing when you take the picture from a computer or mobile tablet or record the item displayed on the screen.  The screenshot is usually stored in a graphical file and can be used for various purposes.

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So, here are the best ways to capture screenshots in Windows.

Built-In Ways to Take Screenshots.

Use the PrtScn button/ or Print Scrn button to Take a Screenshot of the Entire Screen:

When using any version of Windows, to capture the full screen, press the Print Screen button (located in the top right of the keyboard).

To paste the captured screen, open the document in which you want to paste and press  Ctrl + v.

To edit the screenshot, you can paste it in paint and use different options to edit the screenshot before pasting it in another document.

Using the Windows Game Bar

windows game bar

Using the Game Bar, you can take a screenshot on Windows.

1. To open the Game Bar, press Windows Key-+ G.
2. Click the camera in its Broadcast & capture section.

This will help grab the screen.

How To Take Screenshots Using TweakShot?

1. Download and install TweakShot – screen capturing tool for PC.

2. Launch TweakShot.

launch tweakshot
3. Go to the screen or web page you want to take a screenshot of.
4. Right-click the TweakShot icon present in the system tray > select from the list of screen capturing options.

color picker
5. If you want to capture a specific area, mark it. Alternatively, if you’re going to capture a complete screen, use the Capture Full-Screen option.
6. Once done, the captured screen will automatically open in the TweakShot image editor.

TweakShot image editor
7. If you want, you can edit the screenshot using the tools given in the left pane or can simply save it or upload it on Cloud Storage.

edit screenshot using tool
8. That’s it, using TweakShot and these simple steps, you can capture screenshots of your choice on PC.

In addition to capturing the screen, you can use TweakShot to  Capture Youtube Video Screen.


We believe using these steps you can capture screens in Windows 11, 10, and older versions. TweakShot is an advanced screen capture tool that offers additional functionality to record screens and edit screenshots. Loved by all this screengrab tool has everything one would ever want in a screen recording software. Furthermore, you can use it to upload screen capture on cloud drivers and can edit images to create presentations and more. With TweakShot screen capturing and screen recording just gets easy.

We hope you will give the tool a try. If you have any questions or need any further help, contact the support team at

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